Kakashi frowned. This was the second time this week. But the man never seemed to target any of the nins that were currently part of any villages. Nope, it was just the missing-nins and criminal-nins that had been dying randomly. He glanced around the clearing where several bodies lay. Gaara was there as well, kneeling beside what used to be the corpse of a missing Sand nin, it was unrecognizable now. He grimaced before turning around to take a clear look at the clearing. Shardigan whirling around, he let his eyes roam over the damage of what used to be a pristine clearing in the middle of the woods. Blood was splattered on the trees, and three men were lying dead in the middle. They had been moved from their original positions so that the med-nins could check them. Sakura had taken one look and confirmed what he already knew. They were all dead. Whoever had done this had been deadly and fast. He glanced at the dead nins again. One from the Sand, one from the Rock and one from the Mist. The Rock nin's head was still attached to the trunk of a tree by a sharp blade, but know that Kakashi looked closer at it, he realized that this was an ANBU blade. Not one that he knew though. Looking closer, he noted the Leaf symbol that had been slashed through. Whistling lowly, he called Tsunade over to see it. Her eyebrows went to her hairline.

"I don't recognize the blade..."

"Neither do I." Both heads snapped up to see Ibiki. He sighed and gestured to the sword. "It's well made, but unfortunately, it's not one I've seen before. The owner must have been careful to not use it around us." Kakashi turned around.

"This isn't good." He walked slowly to the other end of the clearing and touched a blood splattered tree. "It's the third one in the last week. And still no clue as to whoever's doing this." Tsunade sighed as well, Ibiki just nodded. This was becoming a pain. Life had been difficult ever since Iruka had left, and Tsunade was still pissed at him. She had been mad enough to punch him straight through several solid walls. He'd felt that one for several days after and Genma still refused to talk to him. Not like he cared though. Kakashi thought back to when he had taken care of Iruka after Tsunade had turned him into an eight year old. It had been an interesting experience none the less, but not one he was willing to have a repeat of. A strangled shriek from Sakura made him whip around.

The girl was on the ground with a brown-haired man standing at her feet. He was wearing a green tunic, brown fur pants, and boots. On his face was a multicolored mask. He glanced at them, black eyes meeting Kakashi's own. A strangled noise wrenched its way from the Copy Nin's throat when he caught sight of those eyes. Moving quickly, the man ripped the blade from the tree —ignoring the head as it hit the ground— before turning around.

"My thanks for not removing this, Shinoubi." His voice was a low purr, mainly so that they couldn't recognize his voice. "As thanks, I'll tell you my name. It's Hiroki." A pause. "Hiroki Uchila." Sasuke let out a strangled noise.


"Fuguku was my uncle. I'm your cousin Sasuke..." He snickered softly. "Shocked?" Sasuke could only nod dumbly, staring at the Shardigins' spinning lazily behind that mask. Now, if you asked Kakashi later, he would deny it. But in the heat of the moment, he couldn't help but stare at the man's ass. It was a damn good one too... Shaking his head slightly, Kakashi frowned. It was visible even through the familiar mask he wore. When he looked up again, Hiroki was gone. Damn.

They had all decided to meet in Tsunade's office. She was pacing back and forth when they had gotten there, and she was still doing it now.

"Enough dammit! You're giving me a headache!" She jumped before shooting Kakashi a nasty glare, then settled for sitting in her chair at her desk.

"Well, we know who is doing it, but we don't know why."

"Wait. Who is doing this?" Genma spoke up. Right he hadn't been there.

"Tsunade sighed. "He said that his name was Hiroki. Uchila Hiroki." Genma gaped silently before sputtering.

"But I thought all the Uchilas except Sasuke were dead! You know, gone?" She nodded.

"That's what I thought. But that's what name he gave us."

"How do you know he isn't lying?"

"...That's the thing." She sighed. "I don't."

"He's not lying." All eyes turned to Kakashi.

"And how did you know that?"

"He had the Shardigans'." She raised an eyebrow. "In both eyes." Finally understanding, Tsunade nodded. Only members of the Uchila family could have the Shardigan in both eyes. He was obviously one of them."I didn't see what form he had, but it wasn't the basic ones." Kakashi sighed. "I miss Iruka. He would be able to make the entire room brighter." He fell silent and everyone knew that he meant it. Kakashi wasn't one to incorrectly describe someone, so when he said it, it was certain to be true. The man hung his head. He was so tired. This wasn't how he had expected this week to be. A hectic mess, and damn did he need someone to cheer him up. It was such a shame that this certain person was no longer around to do so. And it was his own ignorance that had cause this problem in the first place. Kakashi sighed again, placing his head in between his knees and closed his eye. Obito's eye had stopped crying a few days ago —no longer able to produce any more tears— and Kakashi couldn't help but wish that he hadn't messed up his only chance at having a happy life with the tanned Sensei. But knowing himself, he probably already had. Yup, life officially sucked for Hatake Kakashi. And if you don't believe him, you can ask to see his signed certificate.