"I-I-I'm WHAT?" Hiroki clamped his hands over his ears when Itachi's voice hit the breaking point. Kisame's jaw was currently lying on the ground and Sasori was bug-eyed. Well, this was interesting.

"You're pregnant." repeated the doctor. "Now lie down, shut up, and eat the damn soup. I'm going to tell Rikodo about this." Itachi snapped his mouth shut and slumped down, too shocked to really do anything else.

"I-I. . . I'm pregnant. . . . . . . I really am." He jumped when Kisame laid a hand on his belly. It was just beginning to become round, and Itachi could see the light of happiness in his lover's eyes. They had what he'd always been wanting. A family, him, Kisame, and a little girl or boy. Itachi let his head hit the pillow and closed his eyes.

The months passed by quickly, and Itachi was soon in his eighth one. It had been getting harder for him to do things, and they had confirmed the sex of the child. It was only one, but he didn't really care, he would have been happy either way. Though the strange thing was, Hiroki had been really jumpy lately. You could always find him looking towards the mountain, and Itachi had never been able to figure out why, until now. One of the Nins out on recon duty had spotted six Kohona Shinoubi headed this way. They had made it over the mountain. And as Hiroki had expected, it was Bee, Rat, Lupine, Kitsune, Feline, and Hound.

Itachi just sat outside and stared at the sky, why did they have to come now? He was perfectly comfortable living here, and in fact, he had completely forgotten about his former life in the Akatsuki. The others had all adjusted as well. For some strange reason, Deidara had also gotten knocked up, though he was only four months along. But the fact was, they were scared. Scared that they would be taken from their home, from the people they loved. It was horrifying and Itachi severely hoped that the Kohona Shinoubi wouldn't be cruel and heartless.

Kisame had tried to help him inside, but Itachi had been stubborn. He wasn't going to move, in fact, he wanted to be right there when they arrived. So Kisame had given in (not without Itachi threatening to take away all forms of intimacy for the next three months) and had helped Itachi set up a bunch of pillows that said man was currently lounging in. Hiroki was nowhere to be found, though the Uchila figured that he'd be watching from the trees.

When the Kohona Shinoubi stepped into the village, they were shocked. The village did exist, and there was a purple haired man headed their way.

"Mmmm. . . I'ma Rikodo. Who da fuck ar ya?"

"I am Hound from Kohona."

"I got tat frum ya plate. Whatcha want?"

"You have some fugitives that we want."

"Umm. Lemme thank. Nope, ain't got any."

"But that's Uchila Itachi sitting behind you."

"Nope. I ain't seeing nobody. You'll just hafta leave empty handed."

Feline lunged at Itachi, determined to bring him down, but his blade was blocked by Kisame. The shark snarled and immediately moved to Itachi's side. He lifted the now obviously pregnant man up and turned around.

"Kisame! Put me down!"

"No. I refuse to put you and my unborn child into danger." And with those words, he disappeared with Itachi into their home. Sasori, who had been leaning out of his window, snorted.

"Leave the pregnant man alone, ANBU brats."

"Pregnant? My brother is pregnant?" Feline's voice hit an all time high that could only be described as hysterical.

"Feline, even I could see that." Kitsune piped up, almost immediately getting smacked over the head. "Oi! What the hell was that for?"

"For being a smart ass." Feline's voice was soft, he sounded tired. Hound however, didn't look amused.

"We need to return to Kohona with them. Hand the members of the Akatsuki over."

"No." First the first time, Hiroki spoke up. He dropped from the tree that he had been sitting in, and stood up to his full height; two inches shorter than Hound.


"Because they're happier here. Itachi and Deidara are both pregnant and they need their lovers to stay with them. You will not jeopardize their lives." His voice was silent and serious, it was clear that they would fight them all if he had too. Lupine stepped forward.

"As much as I hate to admit it, he had a point, Hound-sama." Lupine's voice was cold.

Hound shook his head, and drawing his sword, he slid into position. Hiroki's own blade came out of its sheath, and he froze, waiting for Hound to make the first move. Hiroki didn't have long to wait however, and Hound vanished, teleporting behind the Uchila, determined to cut him open. Hiroki however, was quick on his feet, and the blades bounced harmlessly off of each other. The ANBU captain tried again, a quick slash, but the other man danced away from him. Damn, Hiroki was good at this. But he seemed slightly distracted, and Hound took the angle. His sword slashed upward, and Hiroki jerked back, the sound of broken porcelain hitting the ground filled the air. Hiroki Uchila skidded backwards a bit, his face looking down. Kakashi couldn't see a bit of it due to the hair that covered it. The man's sword had flown backwards as well, but Hiroki made no move to get it. In fact, he made no move at all. Quickly Hound moved again, his blade coming up fast. Hiroki flipped over backward, landing silently on the other side of the fighting zone. He took a step forward, feeling the insane grin cross over his face. He flipped his hair out of his eyes, giving everyone a clear look at his face. Hound sucked in a breath, stumbling backwards. This wasn't possible. He choked out the name of a person who had been missing for far too long.

"Iruka. . ."

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