By the time that the Jounin from the Leaf had figured out where their missing teacher was and had arrived to save him, Itachi was sure that he had gone insane. This kid was driving them all nuts, and he wasn't sure how the Shinoubi from Kohona had survived it. Although, it was a great way to get their vict- err, enemies to talk. Actually, Itachi had made a deal with Iruka only a few hours earlier. He would let the boy terrorize the prisoners if his hair was returned to normal and then he was left alone. Surprisingly, the former Chuunin had agreed to it, and moments later the boy could be heard skipping down the hall towards the cells. An hour later, he had returned with some interesting information about the Rock. Apparently the boy had broken the Nin; that they had spent three weeks trying to get to talk; in less than two minutes. Deidara had been there to see it, but the others didn't believe him. Not until they had been shown the recording of the session.

In it, the prisoner had been seated at the table in the center of the room. He was alone, no guards per Iruka's request; occasionally looking around nervously. When the child had entered, the man had paled drastically. Iruka just grinned and hopped up onto the table. None of the members could hear what he said, as it was whispered, but with each word, the man grew whiter and whiter. Eventually he looked like he was about to cry. It was very interesting actually, and proved some things to the Akatsuki. First of all: Iruka was definitely not who he seemed to be. From what they could see, the boy had connections. With who however, was another question. One that they didn't know the answer to. Not that they wanted to find out in the first place. Actually that was a lie, a big one too. But Itachi wasn't going to admit to that one. It would be a shameful thing to do. After all, he was one of the main members of the Akatsuki, and sanity be damned if he would admit to his own curiosity. Such a shame though, it was something that he would love to do.

With a soft sigh, Itachi leaned back into his chair and thought back to the days when he was still a part of Kohona. To be honest, he missed those days, he missed spending time with his younger brother, and he missed wearing the forehead protector. Itachi thought back to the day that the Sandaime had told him to slaughter the other members of his clan. There was one exception though, he was allowed to save the person he cared the most about. In a single moment of thought, Itachi had chosen Sasuke, though now he was wondering if he had made a mistake. Saskue had become extremely unstable, and had even joined the Akatsuki; much to Itachi's horror... There was one thing that he really did want though. And that was for Saskue to fall in love with Naruto. The cheerful boy was good for his younger brother. It might remove some of his 'emo-ness' as Iruka liked to call it.

When Kakashi and Gai had burst into the room, he had blinked in shock before moving forward and burying his face into Gai's chest and bursting into tears. The other nins had stared at him for a moment before looking at each other. Pulling away from Gai, Itachi whirled around.

"Deidara! Bring him here!" The blond hurried into the room, carrying a sleeping Iruka. Kakashi's uncovered eyebrow went up at the sight of the man's orange hair. "Take him. Please. And don't let him come back to us..." Itachi sounded tired, and he took a shaky step away from the Leaf ninja before turning around and disappearing into the depths of the building. Shrugging slightly at each other, Gai and Kakashi turned around and hurried back to the village. It was about time that the Sandaime explained a few things to them. Especially with the way that Itachi had looked at the boy; a gaze that spoke of understanding and love. It wasn't a look that they had seen on the man's face before and it kind of worried them. Not that they would have much to worry about, right?

As soon as they had returned to Kohona, Iruka had been placed on the couch in the Sandaime's office. The elder man swallowed nervously at the looks that the Jounin were giving him before getting up to place a blanket over the sleeping child's body.

"Does Iruka have any living relatives?" The Third froze, suddenly looking extremely guilty.

"How much do you know?"

"What do you mean? I'm worried about the look Itachi gave him." Tsunade suddenly looked interested. This was part of Iruka's past that she didn't know about. The Sandaime sighed.

"Keep in mind, this is confidential information that Iruka should tell you himself. But I can tell you this much. Every time I look him directly in the eyes, I see wisdom far beyond what a 26 year old adult should have. He always looks so old at times, and it scares me to think that he might know something that I don't. At times I feel as if he is older than I. But I don't know much about his family, but I do know that his uncle is the Mizukage of the Mist. Iruka is also a lot stronger than he looks. This man could easily be an elite Jounin. Three times have I requested to elevate him to Jounin, three times I have been refused. This child is interesting, but I don't know why." The entire room was silent. None of them had ever heard about this. Kakashi however, eyed the sleeping child with a blank mask on his face. He wasn't sure what to think. Though to be honest, Kakashi kind of liked Iruka. The man had a temper, and he wasn't afraid to tell someone off. That was the nice thing. A sudden scene played in his mind, and Kakashi stiffened slightly. Him and Iruka snuggling under a tree in the Hatake family home with twin boys running around the garden pond. It was perfect, and for once, he actually hoped that it would come true.