What the heck?


Dear Rachel,

Sorry about the first letter. I know it was a little…shocked, but you can't really blame me. Imagine what it was like when I trudged in my cabin, completely exhausted from a long day of fighting monsters (we've been having a problem with the empousa lately) and I see this letter on my bed. Mom had gotten it to Chiron. (Don't ask me how. She has her ways.) And Chiron got it to me.

What the heck? I'm pretty sure you took a solid ten years off my life with that stupid letter of yours! I even got a gray hair from it! My heart was having spasms the way it would speed up, dip, and then completely stop. I swear you almost killed me where Kronos failed. Go ahead and feel talented.

Well, I'm glad you survived your little adventure, and I guess I'm happy that you now have a little extra protection. I thought you'd be safe at Clarion Academy, but I was obviously wrong. At least, you're packing a little fire power now in case something else happens, gods forbid.

I asked Chiron about your pet dragon, and he cleared up some questions. Apparently, Gaea, the mother of all monsters, sent Delphyne to protect the Oracle of Delphi - the original Oracle. This happened in the times of Hercules and all the heroes we thought were just myths. Apollo killed her, and she's one of those really slow reformers. Like so slow, she's only just now come back.

In other words, the Delphyne is completely safe and won't eat you in the middle of the night. Yay!

Look, I really need to get going. I'm sorry I have to cut this short, but things at camp have been crazy lately. If I don't catch a few hours of sleep now, I probably won't get a chance until tomorrow night.

But stay safe! I hope to see you soon, and take good care of Delly. Good luck feeding her.

Love and luck,