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The Time Jack Lost His Stick

By: CL

Chapter I
Temper, Temper

Jack Frost crept slowly up the rooftop, his movements controlled and careful. He could hear voices, conversing quietly. He couldn't see the speakers—they were on the other side of the house—but they couldn't see him, either.

Which was good.

Cautiously he peeked over the apex of the roof, his icy blue eyes narrowed watchfully, searching the yard below.

And he saw them.

His grip tightened on his staff, frost creeping slowly up its smooth surface. He moved it in a barely noticeable swirl, tracing subtle circles in the air with its crooked tip, trailing light. Delicate white snowflakes gathered, forming a weapon of mass chaos that served as the boy's trademark.

The weapon dropped into his waiting palm. Jack went very still, watching the inhabitants of the yard below. They still hadn't seen him. That was good.

Slowly, he rose from his crouch, preparing to launch the weapon.

Jamie had no warning save for a slight whistling sound. Then, in an eruption of icy cold—a snowball shattered against the back of his head.

"Ha!" Jamie shouted, whirling around and pointing at the now-visible form of Jack. "Found you!"

"Found you, found you!" his sister, Sophie, sang happily, giggling and popping up from where she had been checking under a rock for their elusive friend.

Jack swooped down from the roof, kicking up a spray of snow and twirling a happy circle. "Yeah?" he challenged, pausing momentarily in front of the boy. "Well, now you gotta catch me!" He looped away, circling the base of a tree and then flying up into the branches. Moments later, Jamie and Sophie found themselves pelted with more "weapons of mass chaos"—perfectly formed snowballs.

"Snowball fight!" Jamie shouted, picking up one and throwing it. Jack grinned and dropped down from his perch, two more icy balls already in hand.





"Watch it!"




"Look out below!"


The final explosion of snow, courtesy of Jack dropping into a big drift from several stories up, buried all three of the children. There was a moment of expectant silence, and then three heads poked out of the otherwise-flawless snow. They all looked at each other for a moment—and then burst out laughing.

Chuckling, Jack shook off the snow and helped Jamie and Sophie free themselves.

Jamie clutched at Jack's hand even after he'd brushed all of the heavy snow from his clothes and steadied himself. "Caught you," he announced with a devious smile.

Jack grinned. "Aw, man! Now I'm It, huh? Okay." He covered his eyes, still grinning. "One…Two…Three…"

His grin widened as he felt the small hand clutching his fingers abruptly disappear, and heard the two kids tromping across the snow to find a hiding place.


"Hey, Jack?"


All three of them lay in the snow where they'd collapsed after an exhausting chase through the yard, now staring peacefully up at the sky. Jamie looked over at the blue-eyed boy.

"When are you going to bring First Frost this year?"

Jack thought about that. He realized that he probably should decide, and soon—it was already late October, and soon he'd have to spin a real snowfall for a large portion of the world, instead of just travelling and bringing random snow days wherever he went.

"Well, when do you want me to bring it?" he asked eventually.

"Tomorrow?" Jamie asked hopefully.

Jack laughed. "As much as I'd like to, I'm pretty sure the fall fairies would vow revenge if I even dared to touch their trees this early in the season."


Jack let out a low whistle. "Now that's just way too far away. Do you want any snow this year?"

Jamie frowned thoughtfully. "Then…what about Halloween?"

Jack felt a devious smirk playing on his lips, but he forced it down. Halloween. A night of fear and evil spirits…and this kid was all but asking him to completely crash it with a good frost. It was still a little early, but…

"Sure," he said happily. "I promise, on Halloween Night, you'll have snow up to your ears. I'll even wave at you."


Still glowing from his happy afternoon with Jamie and Sophie, Jack couldn't help being in a good mood as he flew back to the North Pole. In fact, he was in such a good mood that he couldn't see letting his unshakable cheer go to waste.

"Hello!" he greeted a yeti as he flitted through the workshop. The yeti glared at him briefly and went back to his careful painting of the toy in front of him.

Jack gasped in mock horror. "Oh no! No, no, that's all wrong! Look, I was just in to see the big guy himself, and he was very clear: those have to be green."

The yeti stared at him uncomprehendingly, and then looked at the giant stack of red trains he'd already painted.

"Well, see ya 'round! Good luck!" Jack flew away quickly, leaving the yeti alone to rage.

He went on a spree—freezing feet to the ground, messing up the production of presents, icing the floors and banisters, freezing elves and even, on one occasion, a yeti. At one point he gave the elves faulty instructions on how to work the workshop's power source, sure that something would happen eventually. He apologized to the yeti he'd misled about the color, telling him that the trains really were supposed to be red…but he didn't tell him that until the yeti had repainted the whole stack a cheerful pine green.

And then Santa Claus arrived.

The door opened with a bang and North tromped in, shaking snow off of his boots. He muttered something under his breath, looked up—and found his gaze met with utter chaos.

Jack gasped and flitted behind North's giant replica of the Earth, hoping that North hadn't seen him.

"What is going on?!" he heard North bellow, his voice easily recognizable thanks to a very thick Russian accent. Jack had to repress a snicker as he imagined what North was thinking, looking around at the slick floors, icicles, light-entangled elves, furious yetis, overturned tables, and clumps of frozen elfsicles. Deciding to add one more element to the mix, Jack waved his staff, melting all of the ice.

Almost instantly, everything became soaked. Elves that had previously been frozen collapsed, and began to stagger around the room, moaning and shivering.

And then, to Jack's elation, the lights finally fizzled out. Everything run by the shop's power source sputtered to a stop, plunging the whole building into semi-darkness.


"Oh, look at the time," Jack muttered, pretending to check his watch-less wrist and quickly flitting out the door, brushing past North too swiftly to be caught.

Time to make his getaway.

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