A New Mission:
What Is Lord Death Thinking?

Maka was a model student. She made straight A's, studied every night, and always did exactly whatever Lord Death told her to. She didn't have a rebellious bone in her body. At least…that's what she thought.

But this was simply ridiculous! How could Lord Death ask this of her? It was cruel and unusual and uncalled for and cruel and mean and ridiculous and cruel, and Maka was so distressed that she couldn't even think straight! What had she done to deserve this punishment? Was it because of that last test she had taken? True, she should have made a one hundred, but she had stayed up the entire night fighting a Kishin egg, and a ninety-nine wasn't so bad, right? Oh, no, it was! Now Lord Death was giving her this assignment to punish her!

Soul sensed the frenzy of emotions in his meister and instantly felt the urge to wrap his arms around her. He wouldn't do that, of course. That would be uncool…but not as uncool as this assignment was. The very thought of it made Soul tremble with anger.

The two partners were in the Death Room, personally summoned by Lord Death himself. At first, Soul was honored to be hand-picked by the grim reaper, but that feeling quickly died when Lord Death began to explain their mission.

Their target was a serial rapist by the name of Ted Bundy. This in itself was not particularly interesting. There was no end to rapists whose souls had turned into Kishin eggs and needed to be reaped. Normally, Maka would take him down with a swift swing of Soul's blade and be done with it, but that wouldn't work with this one.

Bundy was a law student and a very clever one at that. He wouldn't come out in the open long enough for a fight. He preferred to work in the shadows where the police and the Academy couldn't get to him. Still, there was a way that they could destroy him anyway.

Bundy was known for seducing pretty young girls with his good looks and charm when they were all alone on dark nights. With a few sweet words and manipulative tricks, he would lure them to where he could rape and then murder them brutally. He'd get rid of the body, and no one would ever suspect good law student Ted Bundy of such a crime.

The only way to defeat this guy was to outsmart him…and Maka made the perfect bait.

No one could deny that Maka was a pretty girl – especially when she wore her hair down. With the proper clothing and makeup, she could become exactly the kind of girl Ted Bundy would target on a deserted city street. All Maka had to do was play the part, get him alone, and then take him down. It was foolproof.

It was an awful idea.

How could Maka put herself right in a rapist's hands? What if Soul couldn't follow them fast enough and he didn't get there in time? Maka couldn't fight on her own like Kid and Black Star... What if she really was…raped?

This was suicide!

But Maka was a model student, and she wouldn't say no to Lord Death. Soul, on the other hand, was not a model student, and he wasn't exactly okay with Maka's roll in the mission either. She was his meister, and it was his duty as her weapon to protect her.

"Lord Death, I don't think Maka's the right girl for the job. I mean, she has no curves. Shouldn't another team do this one?" Soul pointed out. After all, he wasn't known for his eloquence.

"Oh, no, you two are the only ones for the job!" Lord Death protested. "I would only trust my top three meister-weapon pairs with this mission, and both Black Star and Kid are on other missions."

Soul felt something tighten in his chest. He couldn't agree to this. He wouldn't dress Maka up like a prostitute and dangle her in the streets as bait. That was totally uncool…

"We'll do it, Lord Death."

Soul turned to Maka, eyes wide. Surely, she hadn't actually agreed to this ludicrous mission…but his partner had determination written all over her face. He wasn't exactly a perfect student, but she was.

Maka always obeyed orders.