So this was made for Kurogane7's BLxHalo Challenge...but I've left out the skill tree and possibly the action skill...Let me know if this is still good or not, sorry for not following the specifications all the way but let me know what you think. Hope you like!

Update: Nothing major, just a number correction, thanks for letting me know Anon!

John looked around the train car he was riding in, taking in the faces of the 'Vault Hunters'. Riding along in the train car was a female with short hair and light blue tattoos; a younger girl with red hair in pigtails and a mechanical arm; and a man with short brown hair who looked confident and ready, militarized even.

'Different location, same problems.' John thought to himself as he recalled the event that brought him here.

"Master Chief!" Cpt. Lasky called out, "I'm sorry to bother you, but we need you to ride with some scientists who are going to test out the new slip-space system in the Pelicans for protection should something go wrong and they end up somewhere else."

"Yes sir." John replied.

"Good, report to hanger nine when you're ready." Lasky commanded. John nodded and headed for the armory, picking up an Assault Rifle, a .50 Pistol w/ scope, four grenades, and a few spare mags before heading for hangar nine.

"Wait, why do we need a Spartan?" one of the scientists asked as he saw John approaching.

"You know the rules," a second scientist replied, "All experiments must be done with a Spartan nearby in case something goes wrong."

"What could go wrong?" the first scientist asked as everyone took a seat in the Pelican.

"This is Pelican Gamma 3.1.6, we're ready for takeoff." the pilot commented into his headset.

"Gamma 316, you are clear for takeoff." came a voice on the radio.

"Experiment 316, Slip-space in light vehicles," one of the scientists commented into a recording, "We are starting the experiment and it is...2100 hours with ten at this time. The Pelican hovered up and gained a bit of altitude before firing its thrusters to send it out into space.

"2100 hours with fifteen, we have left the hanger and are at," the scientist paused to look at his watch like device, "800 meters from minimal safe distance. Distance will be achieved in thirty."

"Doin' alright back there with those nerds Chief?" the pilot joked and John nodded.

"Minimum safe distance achieved." the second scientist reported.

"2100 hours and fifteen with forty five, we are clear for test." the first scientist recorded, "Go ahead pilot."

"Entering slip-space." the pilot reported as he pushed a few switches and a portal like white circle appeared ahead of the ship. A loud bang caused everyone to stop their movement.

"What's wrong?" John asked.

"I don't know, we-" the pilot was interrupted by another bang and the ship speeding up, "Damn, the controls are malfunctioning! I can't control it!"

"The coordinates have changed!" one of the scientists shouted before the ship disappeared through the portal.

The Pelican emerged at its new location, but it didn't slow down.

"I can't slow it down!" the pilot shouted as they headed straight into a planet, "Mayday, mayday, Pelican Gamma 316 is going down! Repeat, Gamma 316 is going down!" The pilot managed to level the Pelican before it hit the ground, but the landing was rough. John held on tight to the sides of the Pelican, but the impact was still too much and sent him tumbling around in the ship until everything went dark.

John awoke to blurry surroundings and fire. His eyes slowly adjusted to reveal that one of the scientists was impaled on a piece of equipment they brought, the second scientist was dead from blunt force trauma by the impact and the pilot...his head was all over the dashboard. John made his way to the radio.

"This is Spartan-117 to Infinity, do you copy?" Static. "117 to Infinity, respond." More static. John picked up his Assault Rifle and punched his way out of the back, causing him to be temporarily blinded from the sunlight. Placing his gun on his back, John made his way north.

John walked for hours until he reached a town. Though it seemed deserted, the citizens were actually hiding from robots that were walking though the area.

"Unauthorized civilian." one of the robots commented upon spotting John, "Lethal force, authorized." John didn't hesitate and quickly pulled out his rifle and opened fire on the robots, aiming in between the armor. Within minutes, all the robots fell and some of the townspeople emerged.

"W-who are you?" one of the townspeople asked.

"I am Spartan-117 of the UNSC. I need to use a radio to contact my superiors." John replied.

"Good luck with that." the man replied, "Nothing here goes beyond the planets limits except for a Hyperion beacon,"

"How do I get in contact with...Hyperion?" John asked.

"You just arrive?" the man asked.

"...kinda." John replied.

"Well, no one ever contacts them unless it's to sell out others." the man continued, "Trust me, you don't want to get involved with those Hyperion goons. Those robots you destroyed belonged to them!"

"Then how will I contact my superior?" John asked himself, "I need a ride out."

"What about that vault?" another asked, "I heard that it's not only filled with treasure, but technology that would make Hyperion look like primitives discovering fire. I saw a flyer that said that they were looking for it and are accepting Vault Hunters. They may be bad people, but they will pay anything to anyone who can get them to it." This peaked the Chief's priorities.

"Where do I sign up?" John asked.

"So are we just going to sit here in silence or do you guys want to know each other?" the girl with the pigtails asked, clearly annoyed from the blank stares given to her from the others...or most.

"Well little girl, my name is Axton," the militarized man replied, "and this is my lady." the girl looked puzzled as she looked at the girl with short hair, failing to notice Axton pulling out a container that transformed into a turret.

"Name's Maya." the girl with short hair replied, "And yours?"

"Gaige." the girl replied, "So you and him?"

"Huh?" Axton asked as Gaige made a motion with her finger, indicating her assumption of Maya and Axton dating, "Oh, no. We don't even know each other."

"But you just called her-" Gaige was cut off by Axton bursting into laughter as Maya pointed at the turret. Gaige face palmed.

"So how about you, armored wonder?" Axton joked.

"Spartan-117, Master Chief." John replied.

"Got a real name?" Gaige asked.

"...I'd rather not say." John replied.

"So Chief then?" Maya asked and the Spartan nodded. A small silence followed until Gaige broke through.

"Ok, quick summery of why you're in the hell hole of the galaxy, GO!" Gaige commented like if it were a game.

"I uh...was sentenced to death because I disobeyed orders that could have cost the life of I disappeared and came here." Axton replied then turned to Maya.

"I'm here to learn about the history of my lineage, the Sirens." she replied, "What about you Gaige?"

"I kinda had to hide here as well since my robot, Deathtrap, exploded one of my class mates when he defended me after she pushed me." Gaige replied.

"What happened to your arm?" Axton asked.

"Oh, well I was working with a saw one day and I wasn't really paying attention," Gaige explained, "the saw went halfway through then a split second thought hit me, 'I could remove the saw and bandage myself up now, or I could cut off my arm and replace it with a mechanical one that will allow me to digistruct Deathtrap anywhere.' So I cut the rest off and the blood spilled everywhere! I was like 'ow!', and my dad was like 'bleehhh!' and that's what happened." Axton and Maya looked at her in horror and John simply let it sink in.

"Pretty tough for a girl your age." John commented.

"Yep, so what about you, why are you here?" Gaige asked.

"Slip-space test went wrong, I'm trying to find a way back." he replied.

"Well they say that the vault has everything you could dream of, it should have something you need." Maya replied.

"Or our employer, Hyperion owner, Handsome Jack." John replied. Just as he finished, the back door of the cart blew open and several robots entered and began to shoot at them. Axton tossed his turret which began to unload on the robots, Maya trapped a few with her Phaselock so that the turret could get a cleaner shot, and Gaige sent out Deathtrap to back them up.

John could hear the thump of more bots landing on the roof and quickly opened a side door to pull himself up. Once on the roof of the car, John pulled out his Assault Rifle and fired in between the armor, at the wiring, causing them to fall apart.

Gaige and the others inside the car made their way to the next car and released the latch on the previous one.

"Hey, where's Chiefy?" Gaige asked. A shatter caused them to turn to a window father down the car to see John making his way in.

"Show off." Axton joked, however John didn't catch it as the faint and constant sound of something ticking caught his attention and if anyone was taught anything, it was that ticking was never a good sign. Quickly turning to the door that led to the next car, he forced it open to reveal the car filled with dynamite and in the middle was a chair that spun around slowly, revealing a Handsome Jack dummy with a timer attached to dynamite. No one hesitated as John forced another door open for the others to jump through. Axton jumped off first, but he accidentally tripped Maya, taking her with him, Gaige followed closely with John jumping of right behind her, but before any of them could hit the ground, the tnt exploded and everything went dark.