Two for one! This is kind of...well...filler as its folling the BL2 story...I felt it was necessary, but nonetheless I tried to make it like the previous chapter. Hope you like!

"Report in an hour or sooner if you get the voice module." John ordered through the com as they entered Slab Town.

"Got it, over and out." Lopez replied through the com.

"So, what do you guys think this 'Slab King' is like?" Maya asked.

"Well, Roland said he brutally murdered a Hyperion employee, so I'm guessing we'll have to be real careful.

"Nothing this baby can't handle." Gaige said as she raised her rifle.

"Careful with that, its an anti-material rifle." John warned, "It's powerful, but the recoil might tear your arm off if you don't use it correctly." Gaige simply shuddered in pleasure as the words powerful and anti-material were said.

"GRENADE!" Axton shouted as he tackled Maya behind a wall before a sudden explosion sent him flying into another. Gaige had taken cover behind John and John's shield had been depleted.

"Axton, you ok!?" Maya shouted and Axton's hand could be seen giving a thumbs up through the hole he made in the wall. Doors around them suddenly flew open and bandit after bandit ran out to beat the living shit out of anything that wasn't them. John quickly fired his AR, Maya Phased the biggest of them and shot everything she had at him, while Axton covered her as he got out of the rubble. Gaige spotted a bandit with a sniper rifle on a tower a ways away so she quickly took aim, taking a few steps back, then pulled the trigger allowing the rifle to state its presence with a deafening boom and demonstrate its power with the obliteration of the bandit's head and the rifle's own kick as it sent Gaige backwards, causing her to fall off a cliff. She felt herself fall for about two seconds before feeling the wrath of physics as she suddenly came to a painful stop with a metal platform and dented slightly like permanent memory foam and everything went black for a moment. Gaige struggled to get up after that impact and was also torn between being hyper excited about the power of her rifle, and being furious about the fact that she made a fool of herself by falling off the cliff because of her rifle after she was warned about its kick.

"Gaige, where the hell are you!?" Axton asked through the ECHO.

"Gaining thirty years." She replied as she stretched her back, "I'm on my way."

"Finally! Don't move, just tell us where you are!"

"I'm not letting you guys take them all!"

"That's just it, we're already outside the Slab's arena! You've been radio silent for about thirty minutes!"



"I'm here, just…a little surprised."

"I warned you." John's voice said from behind her, causing her to jump.

"Damn it, don't do that!" Gaige snapped.

"We're on our way." John said to Axton through the com.


The Slab's arena, was what you'd expect…a dump.

"So, looks like you have gone through a lot to come here. You must be new recruits." The Slab King commented, "Have at them boys!"

"Bandit after bandit came down from the second floor, trying to overrun the VH's. Gaige quickly sent out Deathtrap and fired her rifle at a few bandits that happened to be in a row, sending the dead bodies flying backwards, John fired his AR at the bandits while hitting them with the butt of his weapon if they got close, and Maya and Axton were taking out bandits left and right, back to back. The last enemy left was a Goliath that had gotten stronger from taking out his own teammates in blind rage, its sausage thick fingers balled into a fist sent Maya and Axton across the room before it tried to do the same with John, but John was prepared and caught the fist with both hands causing him to skid back a bit before Gaige took advantage of the opening and sliced the Goliath's stomach with her bayonet, spilling its guts onto the floor before the rest of it followed. Everyone turned to look at the Slab King who only stood up before speaking.

"That, was, AWSOME!" he said as he removed his helmet grabbing a war hammer and jumping down in front of them, "So what you want?"

"Roland wants to call in a favor." John replied, "We're going to steal the Vault key from Hyperion and we need your help."

"Roland huh?" he asked, "…alright then, name's Brick by the way. I'll get my guys ready, let me just get the door." The ECHO suddenly screeched to life.

"Sir! Hyperion is invading! AAAAGH!"

"Slab!" Brick shouted. He quickly opened the door to reveal chaos, Slabs fighting against large numbers of Loaders and motor fire landing everywhere, "We need to get rid of Hyperion, or else you can say goodbye to your reinforcements." Everyone quickly went to work, destroying Loader after Loader. Brick laughed the whole time, enjoying himself as he tore a Loader in half with his bare hands and used it to beat others until it fell apart and he began to use the remains as brad knuckles. Gaige once again steadied her rifle, prepared herself, and took fire, but the recoil still knocked her on her ass while the bullet tore through three Loaders and tore off another Loader's arm. Gaige cheered as she got up but only savored her victory for a few moments before John tackled her as something exploded.

"MOTOR FIRE! STAY OUT OF THE TARGETING CIRCLES!" Brick shouted before John and Gaige were targeted again.

"MOVE!" John shouted as he pulled Gaige along.

"Hey, there's a targeting beacon over there!" Axton shouted as they all ran.

"I'll take down the shield!" Brick replied as he approached and broke through the Beacon's shield in three charged hits, but caused him great fatigue. Maya quickly tossed a grenade and took down the beacon, "Two more!" Brick informed before their coms gave out a screech and a voice came through.

"Chief, we're here!" Lambda reported as the Pelican emerged from behind some buildings in the cliff-side and fired at the second beacon, taking it down with its shield, before turning to the last beacon, taking out the shield with the fifty, and allowing Gaige to finish it with her rifle. Lambda mowed down the last of the Loaders with the Pelican's .50 before landing in No Man's Land to drop off Claptrap and the Marines.

"Gaige, you have the upgrade?" Axton asked.

"Right here." Gaige replied as she approached Claptrap while waving the upgrade.

"Minion! How have you been?" Claptrap asked before Gaige forcibly grabbed him and jammed the upgrade into him, "Minion!? What are you do- do- do- Whooaaahoho! Minion! I'm invisible! High five! …oh, right." Axton and Johnson laughed at the remark.

"Say, something's been bothering me." Maya interrupted, "Why don't we just fly over with the Pelican?"

"AA's in the area, the Pelican's too big of a target." John replied, "The Slab's Buzzards have a better chance at getting through. Now let's get going, every second we waste here is another second for Jack to get closer to the vault." Everyone nodded in response and readied up while Lambda began to take off.

"Lambda, I want you to stay close by so that you can cover us when we take down those AA's." Lopez ordered.

"Affirmative." Lambda replied, "Good lu-"

"R,P,G!" Johnson shouted before a rocket impacted against the side of the pelican and sent it out of control and the cabin aflame. Gaige quickly turned and found that a Loader was still crawling around without its legs and shot it with the last rifle round in her mag.

"Lambda get out of there!" Parker shouted.

"I- almost…have it!" Lambda replied as the pelican disappeared behind the cliff and was followed by a boom.

"Lambda! Lambda!?" Lopez shouted, "God damnit, answer me!" Silence. "FUCK!" he shouted as he kicked the remains of a Loader next to him.