Today I was sick and to cheer myself up I watched some really good movies for the first time. One such movie was the US version of 'Funny Games' – if you want you can check the trailer for the set up – basically two young men who enter a family's home and force them to play some psychotic 'games'. I don't want to ruin the movie or imply that this fic will follow the plot fully, but I will say that if you already feel you do not like the sound of it PLEASE do not read. It will get violent. It will get sexual. In this fic I've tried to keep characters true to their TV natures but Blaine and Sebastian have been based on the characters from the movie. They have to be like this so I just hope you like it anyway.

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Breadstixs was heaving; a typical Friday night. One by one, each customer was led through the maze of booths, chairs and 'Wet Floor' signs to their tables and not one of them managed it unscathed.

'Ouch…' Carole moaned empathetically as she watched one particular lady slip on a small puddle of spilt spaghetti sauce and land with a thump on the tiled floor. Her husband of one year, Burt, sat across from her in their booth. He slurped up some more of his pasta carbonara and gave his wife a questioning look. 'Another one bites the dust.' She explained, nodding across the restaurant where the fallen lady was being helped to her feet by a sea of waiting staff.

Burt pulled a face. 'This isn't exactly the romantic night I promised you, is it?' He sighed, downtrodden. 'So much for our first anniversary being special.'

Carole smiled and took his hand. 'Don't be silly, honey, this is amazing.' Burt didn't look convinced. 'Do you know how many years I spent coming to places like this on my own before I met you? Good food only exists with loving company.'

Burt's well-used grin began to resurface. 'Didn't you eat out with Finn when he was growing up?'

'Of course not!' Carole laughed. 'Once he began school he wouldn't be caught dead with me in public. It was always 'Ugh, mom, no way!'.'

The couple laughed just thinking about the seventeen year old football star back home. 'I guess I was lucky with Kurt,' Burt mused. 'The perk of having a gay kid is that he'll never say no to two tickets to whatever musical show was in town.' They laughed even more, squeezing each other's hands fondly. Their gazes shared the same sentiments: they had both been lucky parents of two very special sons. They had also been lucky to have found each other when they did, and lucky to have merged two single-parent families into one solid loving unit. That, after all, was the real reason they were out that night: they wanted to celebrate their love and luck. Sadly, the initial plan to have Finn and Kurt with them failed to launch as both teens refused to see a sappy rom-com with their parents even if a free dinner had preceded it. With that thought in mind, Burt glanced at his watch. Their flick started in just over forty minutes and they had a twenty minute walk between Breadstix and the movie theatre. Carole had been the one to suggest leaving the car at Breadstix so they could both have wine with dinner, but to make the movie they would need to start being time-conscious. Just as he was about to voice his suggestion of finishing their meals quickly, though, Burt noticed his wife rummaging through her handbag for something. 'What is it?' Carole pursed her lips and pulled out her cell phone. All this talk of their sons had stirred up her motherly instincts. Burt immediately shook his head. 'Oh, no, no, no. You promised me you wouldn't worry about-'

'Oh, honey, I have to check on them. We've been out of the house for over two hours now; something might have happened. I can't exactly call them when we're at the movies, can I?' Carole almost whined. 'I just want to call and double check that they're still alright.'

'Carole, no.' Burt shook his head and shut her cell shut as she attempted to dial home. 'They're fine. You know it, I know it. Kurt and Finn are good kids – if there was any trouble they could take care of it or have enough sense between them to call us. Don't worry about-'

'-I am so sorry to interrupt.' Said a voice from behind Burt. Both Burt and Carole turned their heads to see two young men staring back in the adjoining booth. The first – the one who had spoken – instantly caught their attention with his bright hazel eyes framed by thick dark lashes and locks of silky ebony hair. The second boy sported a coif similar to Burt's own son – something Kurt had always insisted took time and effort to perfect – and held a slender fingered hand up to his thin face. The first boy tilted his head and continued. 'Did you just say Kurt and Finn? Are you their parents by any chance?'

Burt smiled, having been caught off guard by the sudden interruption before now. 'Yup, that's us. Mr and Mrs Hudson-Hummel.'

The boy grinned and seemed thoroughly pleased. He nudged his companion, who then mirrored his grin. 'That's so awesome, they're friends of ours.'

'Oh?' Carole perked up. 'From glee club?'

Without missing a beat, the first boy nodded. The second once again copied his actions a second later. 'Yes ma'am.'

Burt frowned as the waitress placed their bill on their table. 'What did you say your names were?'

'We didn't.' The first boy replied before motioning to himself. 'I'm Blaine, and this is Sebastian.' The other boy – Sebastian – gave a nod hello.

'Wait a sec,' Burt hummed, causing the boys and his wife to stare at him curiously. 'I'm pretty sure I know all the members in that glee club and I don't think I've ever heard either Finn or Kurt mention you guys.' His suspicion was evident, causing his wife to look embarrassed. Carole might not have had Finn barking in her ear about every aspect of New Directions' ins and outs, but Burt had with Kurt. If there was one thing he knew concerning Kurt's life – it was glee club.

'Well, honey,' Carole's smile flowed through her warm tone, 'Maybe they're from another club? Almost every school has one, right boys? Are you maybe from that one in Westerville, the Warblers?'

Both she and Burt looked over to the next booth where Blaine was already confirming her theory. 'Yeah, that's the one. The Warblers. We actually met Finn and Kurt a couple of year's back at a competition show – such a pleasure to finally meet their parents. Are you celebrating something tonight?' The subject change was brought on as the young man took in the couple's attire: a cocktail dress and a suit. Burt and Carole smiled tenderly at each over. 'Let me think…anniversary?'

Burt let out an amused chortle. 'Right first time. Speaking of which, boys, I'm afraid we'll have to cut this meeting short. My fine lady and I have a date with the big screen and a large bucket of popcorn.' Carole giggled and moved to put on her coat. 'We can stop for some candy on the walk over.'

Blaine looked between them and slid up from his seat. 'You're walking? Sir, isn't the movie theatre far from here?' Burt shrugged as he paid his bill. Blaine looked to his companion and then back to the couple. 'We can drive you. We were about to leave, anyway.'

Burt placed a hand on the young man's shoulder and shook him gently in thanks. 'That's nice of you to offer, kid, but if you take the right streets you can make it there in twenty minutes.'

But Blaine persisted. 'Please, sir, it's no trouble at all. I personally would feel a lot better giving you a ride this time of night. It's actually on our way, right, Sebastian?'

Sebastian agreed. 'It's not even a minute out of our way and it would save your wife dirtying those shoes of hers.'

Burt especially was not one to accept rides from anyone; an issue of pride picked up working at the car shop for so many years. If he was in a car he wanted to be the driver and that was that. Yet, looking over at his wife he knew he'd have to suppress his passenger phobia this once as she was glancing down at her high-heeled shoes which would no doubt cause her pain if she were to walk for an extended period of time. With a resigned sigh, he gave a nod. Both Blaine and Sebastian looked pleased with his decision, as did Carole.

Exiting Breadstix, the couple followed the young men into the car park and up to a Grand Cherokee. Blaine held open the backseat door and helped Carole inside like a gentleman as Burt admired the vehicle. 'Very nice. Where'd a guy as young as you get a beauty like this?'

Sebastian offered the front passenger seat to him as he responded. 'Birthday gift from my parents a couple of years ago.' Burt nodded with a smile but the smile froze in place the more the considered his response. This model wasn't even a year old, he knew, and, even if he was mistaken, if this guy was the same age as his son, why would his parents buy him such an expensive car when he wouldn't have been old enough to drive it. He glanced into the backseat where his wife was explaining the plot premise of the movie they were going to see. Neither of these kids looked like they were still in high school; both looked to be in their early twenties. He pushed the uneasy feelings away as he hopped in beside Sebastian. They pulled out of the parking lot and hit the road.

'So, Mrs Hudson-Hummel, I was wondering-' Blaine started, drawing the couple's attention.

Carole swatted him lightly, a little playful from the wine she had been drinking earlier, and said 'Honey, please, call me Carole.'

Blaine gave a small grin and corrected himself. 'Yes, Carole, I was wondering if you guys still lived at the same address. I heard that you might have moved recently?'

Carole shook her head. 'No, still at the corner of Whitman Avenue. Such a nice area – I don't think we'd ever leave.' Blaine hummed in response, never taking his eyes off her. Carole tried to pass off his interest as friendliness but she could shift the nervous feeling which came upon her under his gaze. It was so intense – searching. She decided to look out the window and check where they were. She didn't recognise the street they were driving down, which was odd considering she knew most of the roads this side of Lima and that the route from Breadstix to the movie complex was a relatively simple one. 'Uh, Sebastian, do you know where the movie theatre is?'

'Of course, Carole.' Sebastian said with little to no emotion. His eyes were dead set up ahead.

Burt himself checked out the area and she could see from his reaction in the mirror that he too did not know where they were. Carole could still feel Blaine's eyes examining her, running up and down her body. She knew she wasn't the most attractive woman of her age, especially after squeezing her pump frame into an admittedly unflattering cocktail dress, so the attention was both unwanted and suspicious. 'Blaine…what glee club did you say you boys were involved in?'

'Hmm? Oh, the Wibbers.'

'You mean the Warblers.'

Both Blaine and Sebastian laughed at her tense tone, and Blaine let out an amused 'oops' to which Sebastian laughed even harder at. Both Burt and Carole had an uneasy feeling there was some secret joke they weren't privy to. They caught each other's eyes in the passenger side mirror and could tell immediately that there was something very off about the boys

'Listen guys, I think Carole's right.' Burt tried to play it cool, 'This doesn't look like the place. I think we should stop.'

Blaine reached over and patted Burt's hunched shoulders. 'Don't worry, Burt – may I call you Burt? – You can trust Sebastian. He doesn't ever get lost.'

The smirk that was now etched on the driver's face was unmissable and it drove Burt to slam his hand on the dashboard. 'No, I said stop and I mean stop!' Carole's hand flew to her mouth as both Blaine and Sebastian grew silent.

Finally, after many uncomfortable moments, Blaine spoke up in an oddly respectable voice. 'You heard the man, Sebastian. He has requested we stop.'

Sebastian replied in an eerily similar manner as if Burt and Carole were not sitting there. 'He could have said please.'

Blaine nodded. 'You're right. He wasn't very polite, but we can't help that. Would you be so kind as to pull over?'

'Of course.'

Both Burt and Carole watched in amazement as this little conversation led to Sebastian turning off the road and slowing the car to a gentle stop. The engine rumbled softly under his control. Burt and Carole reached for the doors and climbed out only to find themselves standing in what could only be described as a scrap yard. On one side a stack of crushed cars towered over them. On the other sides, mountains of scrap metal created walls that seemed to cage them in to a small clearing. They couldn't see where Sebastian had driven in due to the darkness and Burt, exasperated, turned around at snap at the two boys. 'Alright, what the hell is going on here? Where are we?'

Blaine and Sebastian took their time in closing their doors. They stood close to each other but not a word was spoken between them; all communication took place via their gazes. At last, they circled the car and stopped short of the middle aged couple they had been 'helping'. 'I'll be honest with you, Burt.' Blaine said smoothly with confidence unsuitable for such a scene. 'Where you are really isn't important.'

'Not at all.' Sebastian agreed. He folded his arms and for the first time since meeting these kids Burt realised that maybe they weren't as feeble as his mature mind had first thought. Both of them had muscles, that was for sure, and no doubt quicker with youth on their side. 'And I don't think you're in a position to demand answers.'

'Listen, bud,' Burt snarled and gave the tall boy a firm shove when he felt he was getting too close to him and his wife, 'Do not threaten me or-'

There had been a flash in Sebastian's eyes as a result from the shove. With a short, swift motion the boy brought his tight fist into the older man's gut and he watched in curious satisfaction when Burt crumpled to his knees. Carole cried out and moved to help her husband, but Blaine caught her by the shoulder and easily slammed her into the car door. As her husband coughed and spluttered, helpless to help her, she too fell to the ground and expected another attack but instead Blaine was berating Sebastian. 'Hey! What are you doing? You know the rules.'

'But he pushed me-'

'Did he?' Blaine cocked his head to the side, still irritated, and shoved Sebastian himself. 'So did I. Are you going to resort to violence with me?'

'Of course not.'

'Follow the rules, you meerkat freak.'

'Don't call me that.'

'Or what?' Sebastian stared at Blaine for all of two seconds before his gaze fell to the ground. Satisfied, Blaine turned his attention to Burt and Carole, who were crawling away from the vehicle whilst at the same time trying to help each other to their feet. Blaine sighed, bored. 'Get them up. I want to make this quick.' His companion obeyed and manhandled the couple back to the car, thrusting them up against the bonnet. 'You two, if you would be so kind as to get on your knees that would be great.' Burt glared at him. The obnoxious respectful tone was back and it given what had just happened the politeness seemed mocking. He cradled a shaking Carole to his side and considered aiming his own fist at the smaller of the two men, halting in his tracks when a gun came into view. Together he and Carole got on their knees. Sebastian stepped up to Blaine's side and he loaded the hand gun. Blaine's eyes flickered over it and he murmured 'Where's the rifle?'

Sebastian shrugged. 'In the trunk? This is quieter anyway.'

Blaine rolled his eyes and began to wander back and forth in front of their captives. 'Alright. Burt, Carole, I should offer my apologies for hijacking your evening. Sincerity is definitely due as it is, after all, your anniversary.' A loud clicking noise interrupted him as Sebastian cocked the handgun. Blaine shot him an irritated frown to which he bowed his head in an act of repentance. Blaine continued. 'But you see we could help overhearing you in the diner and… Well, if you knew us, you would understand. You brought this on yourselves.' The expression on his face made it seem like he actually believed his own words. Is it really possible for someone to reason in such a way? Burt doubted it, but the sorrowful eyes told a different story.

'Wh-what do you want from us?' Carole choked out. When had she started to cry? No one had been paying attention enough to notice. She shuffled forward on her knees slightly, her hands coming up as if to pray. 'Please-please, we don't have much but we can give you money. Take our car keys, go back to the diner and just take the car. Take my purse, take anything. J-Just leave us, please!'

Burt pulled her back but did not go against her sentiments. 'We'll cooperate,' He forced out. 'We can work this out and avoid any more trouble. You haven't done anything too wrong yet, there's still the option to just drive away.'

Blaine considered him for a few moments, humming in understanding. He turned to Sebastian. 'That's good news, isn't it?'

Sebastian nodded. 'He'll cooperate. We can avoid trouble.'

'It's so much easier when people just get it, you know?' Blaine turned his eyes back to the shivering couple. 'Just answer a couple of questions and we'll leave.' Carole and Burt both blurted out in concurrence. 'Excellent, just excellent. First, how many kids do you have?'

Immediately Carole and Burt held their tongues. They had been expecting to answer questions relating to their bank and pin numbers, not family queries. 'Wh-why?' Carole asked slowly.

Sebastian kneeled down to be on her level. 'I wanna know how many chubby babies came out of that wrinkled pussy of yours.' As Carole and Burt drew back in offence, Blaine grabbed Sebastian by the collar and dragged him up until he was pressed against him.

'What have I told you about decency?' He demanded. Sebastian murmured out an apology but didn't pretend he meant it. Looking frustrated with his companion's rudeness, Blaine tossed him to the ground and ran a hand through his hair to calm himself. He finally turned back to the couple. 'Again, please accept my sincerest apologies. Sebastian is not an avid supporter of the female gender and has a serious mental condition which makes him lewd and very inappropriate.' He glanced at Sebastian picking himself off the ground. 'It is very unbecoming of him.' The dynamics between the two young men were getting more and more confusing but neither Burt nor Carole could focus enough to question it. 'If you would just ignore his statement and answer the question?'

'T-two. We both have a son each.'

'Ah!' Blaine smiled. 'I see. Single parents get hitched equals one big happy family?' Carole nodded numbly. 'Nice! I like that, I really do. It's heart-warming.'

'Precious.' Sebastian's sarcasm was ignored.

'As you might have guessed by now, we aren't acquainted with either son so please, remind me, which one is the queer one?' Blaine asked with deep interest.

Burt spluttered and his face grew red hot. 'What? Excuse me?'

Blaine blinked in surprise. 'Oh, I overheard one of you mention that you were lucky you had a gay son. Remember? Back in the diner?' Burt stared at his wife with bulging eyes. 'Hmm. I'm guessing he must be your son, Burt, based on your reaction.' Pause. 'Tell me, is he cute?'

Burt began hurling obsanities at Blaine instantly and only started making sense when he shouted 'Don't you dare talk about my son – don't you fucking mention him, you psychotic asshole!' He had barely finished when Sebastian caught the side of his head sharply with the metal of his gun. Burt landed on his side on the dirt-ridden ground and blood began to seep from a deep gash caused by the attack. Blaine sighed as Carole wailed over him.

'Normally I would scold him for such mindless actions,' Blaine folded his arms, 'but you must understand; you brought it on yourself. You were rude and you really shouldn't curse in front of a lady. In front of your own lady.'

Blaine looked at his watch and tipped his head to Sebastian. 'It's time. I don't think we'll get anything useful. We should get going.'

Carole let out a moan, partly due to the sight of her injured husband and partly in relief as their captors were vocalising their intention to leave. She sobbed over Burt's shoulder until both of them were urged up against the car again. Unsure what was going on, they lifted their eyes. In front of them stood the two young men who, less than fifteen minutes ago, were the sweet friends of their sons but who were now terrifying strangers with some mysterious motive.

'Burt. Carole. Thank you for sharing your time with us this evening.' Blaine said in all seriousness. 'You have both been helpful in your own ways and we truly appreciate your efforts to cooperate.' Sebastian snorted but was again ignored. 'Thank you both so much. Goodbye.'

Two gun shots later, Blaine leaned down to flick a piece of flesh off his boot. Sebastian handed him the gun and moved off to clean the bonnet of blood and dispose of the warm bodies inside the trunks of nearby abandoned cars. Before he did so, though, he searched the pockets and tossed anything of interest towards his companion. 'Careful.' Blaine warned as he flipped through Burt Hummel's wallet, 'Don't get any blood on you because I don't want to waste time waiting for you to change clothes.'

'I know.'

Ten minutes later, both men slid into the front seats of their car. The radio was switched on and the most teeth-clenching heavy metal music began blasting through the speakers. Blaine punched the radio off again having no interest in gaining a headache when the night was still so young. As Sebastian started the engine, Blaine placed a hand on his. They turned their heads to smile at one another.

'Let the games begin.'

A.N. Yes, I know this is a very depressing start to a very depressing story but I hope that you enjoyed the (hopefully) dramatic set up. If you haven't seen the film this is based on, it's fine, just please understand that some characters (i.e. Sebastian and Blaine) are very OOC for the sake of the plot. Please review!