He ran after the mad woman, who laughed at the heart broken boy, Harry had tears running down his face as he threw a spell at her, she fell and was unable to stand "My lord please." She beg reaching out behind the boy who stood in front of her, Harry took her wand and snapped before looking at Voldemort, there was a shock in the teen's face as he look at Voldemort, he looked like the older version of himself from the diary, his eyes still red as blood as he stood there in a black muggle suit

"So much anger in you Harry." He smirked, the teen didn't say a word, he just gripped his wand tighter in his hand

"My lord help, the brat snapped my wand."Bellatrix said as he pulled her felt over to him, Voldemort flickered his eyes over to Bellatrix and smiled before looking back at Harry, he snatched the boy's wrist and pulled him closer to him, Harry tried to push him away

"Get off me!" He screamed, The Dark Lord, held the teen closer to him and grabbed Harry's chin and held it in place as he pushed his lips against the teens.

Shivers of pull made Harry stop his struggling and he grabbed the man's arms, the teen looked open his mouth a let out a moan, letting Voldemort slide his tongue into the boy's mouth. Pulling back Voldemort smiled at Harry as he moved down the teen's neck and kisses his the skin before he bite down on the smooth skin, Harry let out a scream as he felt the fangs sink into his neck. Harry tried to pull himself free as felt himself become woozy, Voldemort pull back and looked down at the limp boy in him arms, Harry let his unfocused eyes look up into the man's face, blood now covered his lips and chin "Wh…What's…"

"What's happing?" Voldemort said with a smile "I found away to stay immortal, vampires are very helpful brings if you offer something they want and it wasn't that hard to figure out what they wanted, but the best way to say immortal is to find my chosen and that my dear sweet boy is you." He leaned down so his mouth was next to Harry's ear and whispered "Your mine now."

Dumbledore arrived in time to see Voldemort pick up the now unconscious teen "Tom don't do this!" The old man begs

"To late for that Albus, the Harry Potter you know is dead." He laughed as he disappeared from sight with Harry in his arm. Dumbledore, stood there blinking at the empty hall, apart from Bellatrix lying on the floor in her own blood, it seem that Voldemort has sliced her throat at let her bleed to death. He recognised what Voldemort has become and what he was planning with Harry

"Oh dear god!"

When Harry woke up he was in a large hall room, he was on the floor lying on some furs, he sittings up and rubs his eyes, when he realised he could see without glasses, he blinked around the large hall, the floors were a gleaming, you could see the walls in the floor refection, the room has a warm comforting glow. Harry's eyes locked onto a goblet on the floor, he crawled off the furs over to the goblet, he hasn't realised he was naked at this point as he felt comfortable and warm, he moved over slowly and peeked into the goblet and saw red liquid looking back at him, he looked around the hall before picked it up, he sniffs it and then lowers his mouth to the cups edge and takes a mouth full and swallows, he winced and shakes his head, but something made him drink the rest.

Voldemort watches Harry as he drunk the blood he left for him, he smiled as the boy put the goblet down, and Harry gasped and arched his back and fell to the floor, he walks over to the boy, his footsteps clicking the hall, Harry was on the floor writhing in pain as the blood started to fill his senses, once Harry stopped moving and laid on the floor, Voldemort knelt beside him and smiled "It hurts I should have told you, the first drink is a bitch, but it just your body getting use to it." He tells the teen, who looks up at him, his green eyes seem darker but brighter at the same time; his hair was a little longer and had more of a shin "You look even more beautiful."