While Harry slept, Voldemort set work planning his attack on the school and the Ministry again, but at the top of his list was 'KILL DUMBLEDORE' he smiled as he put his papers away, he looked up to see a tall thing man standing by his fire place, he raised an eye brow at the man and leaned back in his chair "We talked about your popping in with warning?" Voldemort said, the brunette smiled and turned his head side ways

"Can't a master come and visit one of his students." The vampire chuckled, turning his head towards Voldemort "I see you have picked up a beauty last night?" He hummed, Voldemort's eyes darken at the way the man talked about Harry, and he knew what this vampire was like.

"That beauty is mine." Voldemort said as he stood up and walked over to the counter and started to pour them a drink

"Can't I look? He is beautiful." He smiled letting his fangs glisten in the fire's light

"I know you when you say look, you mean fuck!"

"Yes, I would like to sink my fangs into him." He chuckled again, this time Tom smiled to

"Maybe one day." He said as he handed him his drink

"To one day."

"To one day."

The dark hair boy turned on his side under the cool dark silk sheets, his could feel his body buzz and tingle, Harry opens his eyes and bolted up right "You're a wake, good, I was worried." He turned his head to see Voldemort looking at him, the teen pulled up to the head board, bring his knees to his chest; he looked wide eye at the man

"W…What am I doing here!" Yelled at vampire in front of him, the dark Lord smiled as he moved closer to the bed, he sat down and held his hand out, Harry looked at the pale hand out in front of him, he then watched as his other hand moved across with a dagger in his hand, he pressed the sliver blade to his wrist and slice. Harry watched as the blood started to pool to the surface of the pale skin and then started to drip down the side and onto the bed "What are you doing?" Harry said softly as he started to feel a hunger ach in his body, the smell of bitter copper filled his nostrils and it made him shiver,

"You need to feed, you have to keep your strength up your a new born and need to be fed lot at to keep the insanity away." He whispered as he let his other hand tangled in Harry's jet black hair, Harry looked up at him

"I…I can't." He whispered

"Yes you can." Voldemort said, Harry warped his hands around the Dark Lord's wrists and latched his mouth on the cut and let his tongue lap at the blood, Voldemort closed his eyes as he let the boy drink his blood "Good boy Harry, ummm that's it." He purred, the wound closed up and Harry pulled back licking the blood of his lips.

The teen wore clothes fit for royalty in the vampire court; he stood in front of the vampire and frowned as he looked at him "I think I liked you out of your clothes." Voldemort said with a chuckle, Harry growled at him,

"I have a question will I age any more than this or be doomed to be 14 forever and stuck with a perv?" Harry growled as he watched Voldemort check him

"You will age until your 17." He tells him as he slaps Harry's rear

"I say again perv." A rich laugh made Harry turned to face another man at the end of the hall, he grinned at Harry and walked over to them

"Harry this is the man who sired me, I call him Michael but you can call him…." Harry looked up at the man, and then cocked his head to the side


"Hey kiddo." The teen dropped his jaw and ran at him and started hitting him, Voldemort looked at how Harry reacted, he screamed and punched the man on the floor, and pink tears flood his eyes.

Tom looped his arms around Harry and pulled him off Sirius, the teen pulled himself free and walked away crying, Sirius sat up and looked at where Harry was running off out the hall "I really didn't think that through did I?"

"You think Sirius you let the boy believe that you died."

"You planed that part Tom, your a fault just as much as I am, now I have to talk to my godson and then speak to a werewolf…I'm a dead vampire." He said going to find Harry.

Harry lay in the room he woke up in; he closed the door shut with a slam and screamed the glass in its frames rattle and the mirrors shook as glass and china object vibrated where they were placed. Sirius heard his screamed and opens the door just as he watched as objects, mirrors and windows burst "Harry!" Sirius shouted, the teen turned to look at him, there was blood running down his face from his eyes, the boy's eyes rolled back into his head as he passed out. Sirius ran over to Harry and turned him onto his back and held him in his arms, he bit his wrist and held it over Harry's mouth.