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Second Chance

Chapter 1: Changes in Time

The streets of Karakura Town were bustling with crowds of people going their way. Men and women heading to work or just getting off ready to just head to bed. Young men and women leaving their homes to get school for the morning or tourists walked among the streets taking in the view of the town itself. Karakura Town was always a tourist hotspot due to its majestic views with the mountains and its valleys. Not to mention its countless forms of entertainment with gambling, festivals, and it amusement parks. People from all around even foreigners would come to just visit the famous town that was one of Japan's own popular tourist attractions.

But for one person it was exactly the same, standing atop the many skyscrapers in Karakura, Ichigo watched from above. Overlooking his home which was like it had been in his time untouched by the battles, wars and scars of his time. Truly seeing his home again after so long had been a sight that made a surge of nostalgia soar within him.

His red gaze swept across the town his black hair billowing in the breeze his eyes flickered ever so slightly from the black clothed figures scouting Karakura Town for the hollows that came and gone in the town itself. His gaze narrowed upon them before dismissing them entirely he had more important things to do then even acknowledge small foot soldiers of the Soul Society that held no importance to him.

They were cannon fodder as far as he was concerned...

Vanishing he swept across the town with one location in mind, appearing atop a house on the opposite end of his old street. Then his gaze found his...no...former home. A swell of emotions smoldered in his eyes as h beheld the home he grew up in from a small newborn, to a child to a teenager. Memories of his old life flashed within his mind, a boy with spiky orange hair playing with his two little sisters, inviting Tatsuki over for sleepovers during their childhood, going to school.

Shaking his had the black haired Kurosaki looked upon his old home that is until his ears perked up to hear the voices within coming to the door. Watching the door open ichigo was not quite prepared for what came out of the door, his eyes widened by a margin when he saw the person come out.

Long flowing orange hair billowed as a young woman came walking out in karakura High's school uniform, chocolate brown eyes brimming with innocence. The young woman was obviously growing with her maturing form from her C-cup bust, her slightly round face, and wide brown eyes. Long slender legs with a hourglass figure to match, Ichigo could only stare in no amount of small surprise at the young orange haired woman coming out of his former home.

Could it be...the changes Yoku had spoken about...were a lot more then he anticipated?

His thought was answered positive when he saw another person come from behind the young orange/red head. It was then Ichigo's red eyes widened even further as he beheld a sight he truly never thought he would ever see again.

An older woman with long light wavy brown hair which was tied in a ponytail, warm loving brown watched the young woman with pride and joy in her eyes. She was dressed in a long sleeved pink shirt and a dark blue skirt.

Ichigo could believe what he was seeing he knew that Yoku said there would be changes in time with her interference, but this...this was beyond what he expected!

'….Mother...' seeing her nearly broke all his willpower and made him want to just go embrace her, but alas he could not he knew if he did he may very well loose control of his power, and potentially destroy her body and soul by being touched by a being above the mortal plain. That was one thing he did not want so reeling in his shock he looked at the young woman with his mother, and his eyes narrowed on her.

Her spiritual power was similar to his own when he was her age, the feel of it, the dense uncontrollable power was there just he was back then. Plus just by looking at her the young girl by all intents and purposes looked just like him if he were a female only with a more womanly facial structure, and she wasn't scowling like he used to. Coming to realize it the being closed his eyes.

'Not only is my mother alive in this time, but there's a female version of me...interesting...' then he felt a small almost unnoticeable spike of reiryoku causing him to glance upwards where he saw a small looking eyeball form in the air. It hovered, and followed his female self, and feeling the spiritual energy coming off the device made his eyes narrow.

He knew this energy very well...

Sosuke Aizen...

'So this is how you always kept tabs on me, a near untraceable tracking device hm?...Well sorry to say, but that ends now...' glancing at the orb his eyes flashed red before a small streak of red lighting escaped his eyes before it impacted with the orb causing it to explode in a small poof. It was a small unnamed technique of his, but it had the effect of corrupting the spiritual energy in whatever came into contact with making it corrupt its target spiritual pathways. For the device itself the data would be corrupted all the way back to its source causing Aizen to have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch.

Satisfied with this he eyed his old home once more before he decided to follow his female self intent to see any more changes that have come due to his travel back in time.

Karakura High

Arriving at the school Ichigo took a bit o time to look upon his old school with a form of nostalgia before he saw his female self come through the gate. He noticed how many of the students made way for her with other females giving her looks of jealousy, and males looks of lust, but strangely kept their distance from her. Perhaps she was more like him, and beat the hell out of those that annoyed her?

Still watching her go into the school Ichigo decided it was time to begin preparation for himself. Knowing he couldn't go back home with this sudden revelation, and he couldn't exactly trust Urahara with his ties to the Soul Society nor could he seek refuge with the Visoreds cause even with their loyalty cut away from Soul Society he would not take the risk of them alerting Kisuke of his existence.

He was on his own...alone...

He preferred it this way, he'd been alone with only himself for an eon just training in his inner world so now wouldn't be any different.

Still looking at the school a small smile crossed his face he would need to begin plans to keep an eye on his female self, and a few ideas were already coming to mind. However, he first had to begin plans on getting his place to stay, and a way to prove his citizenship. So with that in mind he vanished before appearing in a alleyway. Looking down at himself he closed his eyes.

Over the year's in training he had come across a particular power he seemed to gain from the mutation of Hell' energies mixing with his own. Black energy started to seep out of his body before it started to solidify around his entire body before it covered hi entire face, torso, legs, waist, everything.

Darkness, an energy he discovered during his imprisonment. He still felt that he had yet to full scratch the surface of this power's potential, but he did discover it allowed him a few abilities. For one, Darkness gave him the ability to solidify whatever he pictured in his mind to be created in the real world if the image held a strong attachment to his soul.

In this case the black energy solidified before it seeped into his skin revealed the transcendent only his tattered clothing was gone, and replaced with simple civilian clothing. A long sleeved black T-Shirt with a crimson line criss-crossing his chest forming an 'X'. Blue jeans passing his ankles where he wore simple tennis shoes. His moderately long spiky hair fell past his ears, neckline with a few bangs shadowing his crimson red eyes. Finally a necklace materialized around his neck which had a normal black string, but the pendant was a horned skull with three separate sections for dark red fire, blue fire, and finally black flames.

Overall he looked liked a normal 18 year old

Giving a sigh Ichigo fingered the pendant around his neck although it was a little of consequence the necklace still drained him of his energy. He knew with his power this body were be destroyed instantly which was why he limited his power with the necklace it also helped him should he ever want to interact with others he wouldn't accidentally cause their bodies to break down into spiritual particles just by being near him. It drained him merely of 90% of his power, but feeling his power he still felt as strong as he had been during his final battle with Aizen.

That was plenty enough for him...

''Now then let's see to getting a place to stay...'' when that said he walked out of the alleyway getting surprised stares from other people, but he ignored them in favor of getting to work.

Few Days Later

Kurosaki Akari, age 15 was not your average teenage woman she was incredibly beautiful extremely athletic and was a black belt in Karate. She was friends with a number of people from Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime Inoue her two childhood friends. Yasutora Sado or as he was known by others Chad, Keigo Asano even though he was a little pervert, and decked him every time he tried something he was still a friend. Mizuiro Kojima, a guy that loved older women, but between him and Keigo he was the smarter one, and usually pulled him out of more then a few troubles.

All in all she looked to be an average teenage girl with lots of friends, and went to school like any other, but in truth she was far from normal. For as long as she could remember she had been able to see the spirits of the dearly departed, but in her family there was only one other person that had the same ability, and the very thought of him pained her.

But from what her mother said she was more spiritually aware whatever that meant, and it allowed her to see what other people could not. Her little sister Yuzu thought it was cool while her other younger sister pitied her. Personally she just grew to be used to seeing the souls o the dead floating around Karakura Town even if some later on seemed to vanish after a few days or sometimes weeks.

Sighing Akari looked among the streets of Karakura Town she was on her way back home after her last day at school now with the weekend coming up gave her time to plan on what she planned to do with her free time. Perhaps helping her mother with the garden?


her ears perked up when she heard the faintest sound of a bell breach her ears, but looking around she saw no one else did, but she could hear it clear as day. Letting curiosity overcome her she followed where the jingle was coming from, and after a mile or two she found herself in the woods just out of Karakura Town's city walls. However she soon found her eyes locked on something that she hadn't ever seen in all her years of living in the town.

It was a large sized compound built entirely out of what looked like some form of stone, and redwood. Just looking at the design of the building itself made her feel as if she was looking upon a building built for royalty with how big it was with it stretched about half a mile to both sides with it having two floors form she could see. Turning her head from the path she took she saw a medium sized spring.

Hearing the jingle again Akari let her curiosity win out again and she walked up the staircase leading up to the door. Giving it a small knock she absentmindedly fidgeted with her hair when the sounds of footsteps reached her ears. Now when Akari found this place she was expecting the landonwer to be some old man or woman from a royal lineage of some sort.

But what she was not expecting when that door opened was a half dressed, 21 year old looking man who stood at least a head taller then herself. His naked chest was in plain view with an opened black and red haori revealing his completely ripped abs and pectorals to her virgin eyes. With a little difficulty she cut her eyes away from his chest to look up to see a sight that made her glazed eyes widen immensely as one thought ran through her mind as shock swelled up in her eyes, and unknowingly her cheeks flushed a bright red.

Long slightly spiky black hair fell past the mans neckline, covered his ears and shadowed parts of his eyes, a sharp jawline, and sharp crimson red eyes looking down at her with a small raised eyebrow. His mouth was set in a small impassive line before it turned into an amused smile.

'….Woah...' never in her life had Akari ever seen someone with such an unique appearance, pitch black hair that threatened to engulf all light in the world, and the mans crimson red eyes...they seemed to capture her, caress her and entrance her all in the span of half a second. A bit breathless she was left to him snapping his fingers infront of her face which woke her up from her trance.

''You okay there Ms?'' he asked, by Gods his voice was rough yet smooth carrying enough of a baritone of voice that it was almost too perfect to be true.

''Y-yes! I-I'm fine I was just...curious to finding this place, and wanted to speak with the landowner.'' she said, half lying and half truth because she was becoming more interested in the man before her. God let Tatsuki not know the thoughts running through her head or she will never hear the end of it.

The man blinked before chuckling, ''Ah I see, I just finished constructing this place, and I should have expected someone would come to investigate, but I never imagined it to be a lovely teenage girl. Well let me introduce myself, I am Tensa Gengetsu owner of this land and compound, may I know your name now, Ms?'' he asked causing her to blush embarrassingly as she scratched the back of her head.

''Hehe, names Kurosaki Akari, nice to meet you Tensa-san'' she said with a small bow, but the man merely waved it off.

''Please I am not one for honorifics just call me Gengetsu. Now would you like to come inside I was just about to make supper.'' he invited and Akari was faced with two choices. The first was to deny him respectfully because she barely even knew the guy after just meeting him for like 5 minutes, and already inviting her into his house would look suspicious.

But on the other hand Akari could not deny the man intrigued her incredibly she didn't know what it was, but she felt some kind of familiar pull to him the moment she saw him. Perhaps he was like her, and was spiritually aware on some level or something? Whatever the case she gave a nod with a smile forming on her face.

''Mmm sure, why not?'' she said before she followed him inside, and it was there she was taken on a mall tour of his home, and what she saw made her feel a bit more cautious unless he broke something valuable. She saw various paintings on the walls each dictating some kind of cataclysmic war of some sort to other things like the ocean or of the midnight sky. Letting her gaze fall back on the man she let her eyes lock onto his relaxed form.

'He's so relaxed...calm even with a total stranger in his own home...he's so much unlike tou-san, and kinda like mom...weird...' not even realizing she was comparing the man to her parents she followed him smelling the aroma of food that made her mouth water a bit.

It was a few hours later with the sun going down that Akari was seen coming out of the man's house with him following her. Turning around she gave him a bow with a big smile on her face. She didn't know what happened, but as she ate with Gengetsu she felt the familiarity with hi increase, and she felt herself becoming a bit more comfortable with him in just that one visit.

''Thank you for letting me have dinner, Gengetsu-san.'' she said while the man merely gave a small nod as a small smile crossed his features.

''Don't worry about it Akari-san I was getting a bit lonely with only myself up here so the company was refreshing. But with how late its getting I suppose your parents will be getting worried, no?'' he said causing her eyes to widen before she looked up at the sky which made her eyes widen in alarm at the sun starting to settle.

''Ah! Crap! Kaa-chan is gonna kill me for being out so late! I'm sorry, but I gotta go thanks for the meal!'' she said making him nod, but as she ran out she stopped before she came running back making him raise an eyebrow which rose hgiher when she avoided ye contact with him as her cheeks flushed a bit.

''U-um by the way...could I perhaps...come over again like...tomorrow?...maybe?'' she said causing Gengetsu to blink in surprise. Then he gave her a chuckle before patting her on the head.

''Sure, you're welcome here anytime Akari-san, but you best be off now.'' he said making her eyes light up a bit before giving a nod.

''Thank you Gengetsu-san, have a good night!'' wishing him the best she ran out intent on heading home. Waving her off as she left Gengetsu kept his gaze on her as she left before his warm red eyes slowly turned cold before they looked up into the sky where he saw a slight tear of a familiar garganta. His eyes narrowed slightly when he saw two figures standing in the air looking at his general direction before they jumped into the garganta where it soon closed. Upon seeing this Gengetsu narrowed his eyes before entering his home, and upon entering his laid his hand on the wall beside him which soon flashed a bright purple before a barrier formed around his home, and land with it created by his reiryoku it was both untraceable, and undetectable by others like Soul Society or of Kisuke's caliber.

Knowing that was done Gengetsu walked along the halls of his home, he had given himself the name Tensa Gengetsu in both to honor Zangetsu, and Gengetsu which originated from his own power being the Dark Moon that will cast its black light upon the Soul Society, and consume it in its eternal black void.

Hey who said he couldn't be poetic?

Then he built this home with the help of his ability in manipulating the darkness memories of old japanese homes and castles from his previous life when study at school made him remember a lot of them, and creating a house formed from all of those others was a simple if a bit taxing task. He let the darkness create the home from the image he created within his mind, and in just a few days he made his own home.

He knew he would need it for what he planned to do...


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