"Get on the bike, June." Arcee said as she rolled down the street next to June Darby. Jack Darby's erstwhile mother ignored her, her strong legs steadily taking her home.

"You would think by now you would know better than to order me around. I don't jump through hoops like Jack." she said, back into her run, her fists held lightly at her sides as she easily trotted along.


June's ponytail whipped in the air as she ran a little harder than she had to. Her strides grew longer the more Arcee insisted she stay right beside her.

"You may get Jack to stammer through an explanation for every little thing but I don't answer to the Autobot's."

"I don't understand where your hostility is coming from." Arcee replied, maintaining a perfect balance with her holographic rider, Sadie, on her back and keeping up with June easily.

"I just want to talk."

"Amazing how forthcoming you Autobot's can be when you want answers." June replied at a glance, looking down at Arcee and not Sadie. "But when you feel like it, we human's have to dawdle around behind you like pets."

"You sound like Megatron."

"That's not funny."

"And you think I don't recognize why you would say such a statement? And who you would want to say it to?"

"Oh, you picked that up huh? Are you team therapist now?"

"June, I have felt that in these last years we've grown a lot closer. I don't deserve this from you."

"Go away!"

"And since you're on about it, yes! I know about Optimus. And I know you can't keep up this pace forever. And I know you smell like sex."

June stopped so suddenly Arcee shot ahead a bit but sped up a touch and curved back around to the curb gracefully.

"How dare you!" June fumed, her fists at her sides as Arcee pulled up to her.

"I just wanted to get your attention."

June couldn't help it though and doubled over for a moment, breathing hard from her forced pace and from the jolt of adrenaline that had twisted up her stomach. Some of her black hair fell around her face and she was sweating already. She dabbed at her lip and forehead with the sleeve of her sweater.

She stood back up after a second, putting her hands back on her hips.

"Well, you got it. What business is it of yours?"

"It's...it's not I suppose, but I just can't help..."

"Being nosey?"

"Being curious."

"That's rich. Jack told you everything, huh?"

"He told me as much as he you told him." Arcee's front wheel turned towards June slightly. "And now in these last few weeks I think there's more to it."

"What would you or anyone else back at base know about sex!" June zipped up her hoodie and crammed her fists into the pockets. She stood there glaring down at Arcee, standing on one leg and wishing she was closer to home.

"Not just sex, sexual relationships."

A long moment passed with the only the far off sounds of the neighborhood around her and Arcee's idling engine.

"So...you and Jack then." It wasn't a question.

"It's not so hard to believe considering you and Optimus."

"I knew it! Has it been that obvious?!" Her anger was real.

"No, but these last few weeks have. And knowing Optimus I have a pretty good idea what went down."

"And you've come to put me in my place, is that it?"

"Will you please get on the bike?"

"At least you said please!"

"Are you going to keep being so defensive?!"

"More curb side therapy!"

"June, stop it!" Arcee snapped, louder than she intended and despite herself June looked around for a moment. She waved at an elderly couple heading down the sidewalk across the street and took a deep breath, letting it out and leveling her gaze at Arcee's front tire, shifting to stand on her other leg.


"I'm not the bot I was three years ago." Arcee said in a calm voice.

"I would say not, what with you spreading your legs for my son."

Arcee's headlamp flashed a tiny bit at that, as she visibly bristled.

"I'll chalk that one up to good old fashioned mothering!" her voice held an edge, her temper threatening to rise again.

The two women stood there a moment, each strong personality refusing to give ground. But then June deflated a little and looked away, glancing down at her tennis shoe and kicking at the concrete sidewalk.

"Why are you out here today? What do you want, Arcee?" she asked in sad voice.

Arcee's voice was softer now.

"I just want to talk. You're going to catch cold and I know you've already exercised as much as you would have upon arriving home."

June barked out a little laugh at the irony and shook her head. Arcee ignored it.

"And there's quite a ways to go."

June looked up one way down the street and then the other.

"I won't be any warmer on your back."

"I'll take care of that." Arcee waited a moment, deciding best how to say what was on her mind.

"June, there's no one else to go to." She said finally.

June got on the bike.


When it was safe too, Sadie dissipated at the next stop and June slid forward on Arcee's seat, glad to have a helmet and how she could now tuck behind Arcee's windshield in the cool afternoon air. She jacked herself in, using one of the small collapsible helmets and face guards Arcee kept on her person. This way they could talk easily over the howl of the wind.

In moment they headed out of town, weaving easily through the streets and heading down a paved country road.

"We're not going home?" June asked in the padded silence of her helmet.

"I thought you would like some more privacy." Arcee's rich voice answered in her ear and June shivered.

"Are you cold?" Arcee answered, her heaters coming up and aiming at June, the seat warming underneath her.

"That's better but I could have stopped and put some jeans on."

"I can go back, but Jack might be home now."

"No, it's ok. You'll keep me warm."

The two women sped on, June pointedly ignoring anyone in town who might recognize her, but the traffic thinned quickly and long stretches of dry desert opened up around them.

"So...you and Jack, huh?" June asked first, her voice as neutral as she could make it.

"Coming up on a year now." Arcee answered after a moment.

"I guess you're right, it's not that hard to imagine. So how do you two...do it?"


June winced and laughed it off.

"Okay, okay, sorry."

Why did I ask that?!

"But is that part of why you wanted to talk to me?"

"I don't understand."

"Well...sexual relationships, you said. I don't imagine Jack was much help in this...this puzzle with Optimus."

"No, he is quite...uncomfortable with the idea these past few weeks. At first when we talked it over it was actually me who adapted to the idea quicker. I was more receptive."

"Have you wondered why?"

Arcee rode on for a moment.

"I always thought it was because Jack was younger than me. And I could more readily trust the personalities involved."

"Or maybe you needed to learn more about being a sexual woman yourself."

Arcee was caught off balance, and for a moment she had to think that one over. There was a certain degree of curiosity she felt June could address, but today's mission had more to do with easing June's mind than having her guidance with...wait a minute.

"I know what you're doing, here." She said suddenly with a little admonishment.

"This is supposed to be about you, not me." Arcee went on, her mirror turning to look up at June.

"The two are related. You just don't like being so transparent either." June smiled, feeling affection for Arcee run through her. The seat beneath her tingled slightly, waves of warmth radiating up a bit more focused than before. June's heart sped up a tiny bit and she repressed a little shudder.

"I came to see if I could help ease your mind." Arcee gave voice to her thoughts. "To see if I could help. I think I was just in time."

"You mean back there."

"Uh huh."

"I appreciate that Arcee, but I can handle myself."

"It was dangerous behavior to say the least."

"Ok, yes it was. But I'm fine. I handled it and it's over and done with." She pursed her lips, knowing it wasn't.

"Until the next time?" Arcee ventured.

"Arcee, please don't pressure me about this. Not right now."

The ride continued, the silence obvious.

"We've still got to talk." Arcee said into it after a mile.

"Alright fine. We will. And yes, that was stupid. This is turning out to be one helluva of a day, believe me." June shook her head, hardly phased at this morning's revelations and activities than she would have been several years ago.

"Are you going to tell Jack?" she asked suddenly.

"No! Of course not."

"Keep this just between us girls?"

"Yes. I'm your friend June, I care for you. And there are other even more obvious reasons. Until we...reason some things out I'm not including Jack."

"Because of his discomfort." his mother answered.

"It's...perplexing." Arcee admitted.

"I'm sure it is. And by the way that was my earlier point. None of you could have very much experience with things of this nature." June said without accusation. "I, on the other hand, have been there. Both for sex and for love."

"Jack's father." Arcee added.

"Jack's father." June concurred.

"Optimus is not the same as..." Arcee began.

"I know that. No one better, hmm?" June interrupted her. "But the resulting tension and strife is more or less all to familiar. A great big mess. And I say this without rancor, Arcee, but how could you help? You've come to me like Jack's teenage girlfriend with questions all your own."

"Now who's being the therapist?" Arcee rode on.

"Would a girlfriend really do that?!" Arcee asked in obvious surprise after a moment.

June laughed before answering.

What's wrong with me? June wondered, feeling her nipples contract a little more in the cool air, the wind blowing up the legs of her shorts.

It must be straddling Arcee's seat and the vibrations from the road. Oh boy.

"No, they don't usually. But team Prime is small and I...I understand. But you make my point for me, you still discovering things yourself, I would imagine."

"June, you're avoiding the issue of my visit. I want to help. I really do. And I see what you're saying about lack of emotional experience versus physical. But I can't just sit by and do nothing."

"Ever the bold warrior woman." June smiled, dropping her hands to Arcee's high curved tank. Yes, Arcee's skin was definitely tingling or there was something deeper at work here. Her fingertips went warm and the slight vibrations from Arcee relaxed little cramped muscles in June's hands she didn't even realize were there. She felt the tiniest trace of moisture start between her legs.

Oh my God! Am I'm getting that turned on? Yes I am.

What was it? Her own heightened sex drive as of late? She knew her orgasms only took the edge off for a little while. Or was it her loneliness? Arcee's admission of sexual relationship with Jack and all that implied? Did she even feel a twinge of jealousy? Was it exciting to know Arcee's secret and how she was shamefully curious what Arcee needed from her? Or wanted to ask her? It was nice to have someone like Arcee close to her right now. A sense of sisterhood with the only member of team prime of an 'age' with June.

I...need a girlfriend to brag to! To cry with! And I wanna hear bedroom talk again.

Yeah sure, about how two inter-galactic Transformers are involved sexually with the Darby household.

I'm so frustrated. I can't talk to Optimus! I won't talk to Jack. This is all my fault and now Arcee is involved.

She looked down at Arcee as they left the road and passed by little known trails into a high wooded area off to the south of Jasper.

June's body was over-riding her feelings again, as it had back at that guy's house. As Arcee weaved around trees, heading ever upward into an area June had no idea about, the revving of her engine to give herself bursts of speed were torture through June's thin shorts and panties.

As Arcee climbed she was ruminating too, both women locked in their own thoughts for the moment.

How could I know anything? June was right. She's a grown human female. I feel like a rookie since she pointed that out. I know I've been...insatiable with Jack lately. I know I've been taking risks and I do need a woman's perspective. But today I felt I could...help. I don't know how. I feel naive now. I was so sure of myself with Jack. His body is so eager and easy to please. But everything must be fundamentally different for June.

This is what I get for being cocky and straight forward.

But I know Optimus and I know myself! I know what it is to be a sexually active Transformer and I know Jack's desires. I may not have all the answers, but I do have some insight.

It was then she noted June's bio readouts and her mind came back to an earlier startling conclusion.

She was curious. She was curious about what June had done inside that small rambler. And with that curiosity came curiosity about a female body so alike and yet unlike her own.

And unbidden, unbiased, came thoughts about June's body.

And June herself.

Arcee switched her focus, noting June's bio readouts and the feedback she was receiving through her own seat and metal skin.

Was she mistaken about this? She focused more narrowly on June as she pulled up into the meadow where she and Jack had visited one day after their run in with Airachnid. They had cleared the air here and it seemed ideal.

Neither woman even noticed.


"Are you doing that?" June winced, her hands spread out across Arcee's tank now, gripping it. When Arcee came to halt June couldn't help herself and she immediately dropped her legs down straight, bring herself over Arcee's tank even more so, pushing the seat harder up against her sex. The heat and the tingling continued and her toes felt numb. Her cheeks were pink and she was gasping now after the stimulating ride up here.

"Are you...are you doing that to me?" She asked again, groaning and closing her eyes, leaning all the way over and sliding her bottom back to press her breasts into Arcee's tank between her hands.

Does June know she is gripping my chest? That my tank is actually my breasts in this mode? At least as much as she knows of my breasts.

Arcee, without guile or prejudice, realized that maybe she had a way to help after all. And when this thought occurred to her, her own bio-mechanisms responded and she was struck with surprise that suddenly...June touching her armored chest had a new sensation all it's own.

In response, Arcee's body warmed to Junes and returned her advances tenfold, purring and warming underneath her, the heat washing up from between June's legs like a blanket.

"Oh my God!" June cried, lurching up.

"You are! Arcee, no! No, don't!" Her face was stricken.

"Why not?"

"What about Ja-Jack?!" His mother cried, biting her lip. Arcee's seat was humming audibly now.

She didn't answer. It was as June said earlier. There were aspects she didn't know about, things she couldn't know. And while she did understand love and loyalty, some dangerous, tempting...lustful part of herself went on. Wanted more. Always pushing the envelope. Even now. And there was some need here, even a sadistic one, that she could not deny. What it was she couldn't say.

I want to do this. I have to do this.

"Oh my God, don't...don't do this to me." June gasped.

"I think...I think I want to." Arcee answered, her own voice catching in her excitement, holding still as June stayed seated.

Her announcement of this fact seemed to increase the intensity of whatever June was feeling. June stared down at her in flushed wonder before lifting her feet back up onto the bike's riding pegs.

And there, June Darby pulled her helmet off and leaned over again, laying her cheek against Arcee's tank, rolling her hips and grinding her sex against the seat as every part of her that touched Arcee's 'skin' was stimulated in a way that reminded her of Optimus.

Her body knew it too and her panties stood no chance against the days second stimulation. Neither did her running shorts.

She was shamelessly, thoroughly, soaking wet.

And above all the naughty, taboo, fascinating realization of what was happening and who was doing it, and who this was happening with...turned her on even more.

And that thought, with it's own shock that Arcee excited her like this, turned her on even more than that. Without knowing it they both were at the mercy of an insatiable sex drive and nothing could stop it now.

I know what's happening. I know what I'm doing. And...and I don't want her to stop!

"Yes." June whispered, caressing the side of her face against Arcee's tingling metal skin. "Do it to me."

New thoughts about Arcee, and the new eyes June could see her with, boiled away the last of her reason.

Arcee said she wanted to! She said she wanted to!

June Darby sat on her son's bike, who also happened to be his female Autobot lover, kissing the tank, her tongue shamelessly running across it and, without knowing it, across Arcee's own armored breasts.

Arcee moaned a little and this was enough for June. Her legs squeezed against Arcee suddenly and she gasped, her eyes slamming shut.

She sat there and just let herself be stimulated to orgasm.

No one heard her cries in the meadow.

To be continued in Chapter Two...