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Chapter 1

"Ven come on! Sora and Vanitas are waiting!" Roxas yelled up the stairs, "We're going to be late for school!"

"Yeah I'm coming, I'm coming!" he yelled back and thumped down the stairs.

Ventus quickly put on his shoes and ran out the door to join with his twin Roxas, and Sora and Vanitas who were twins too.

"As expected of Ventus, getting up late on the first day of we enter high school," Vanitas smirked.

"Shut up." Roxas tossed Ven a slice of toast, "It was a nice Spring break. Here, eat this. We have to leave."

A short while later Sora said "We're finally Kingdom Hearts High School. It's going to be so much fun. These new uniforms are rather nice aren't they?"

"You know you aren't wearing it properly. Roll down your sleeves Sora," Roxas sighed.

"Aww, but I look so cute like this. Don't you agree Van, Ven?" Sora grinned.

They all sighed and then laughed.

"So what are you guys looking forward to this year?" Ven asked the others, "I don't know about it myself,"

"Oh that's easy, beating Ven in everything and getting to sleep more," Vanitas replied, "They never let me sleep properly in Junior High,"

Ven glared at him and snapped "You can't beat me in everything!"

Vanitas was getting amused by Ven getting angry "Oh really now?"

"Save your lover's quarrel for another time," Roxas lightly scolded them and stopped listening to them when Ven started to object.

"I'm looking forward to being with our friends again this year. We can do whole bunch of ridiculous and fun stuff like always," Sora said while fiddling with the crown pendant that hung around his neck. "What about you Roxas?"

"Well, I'm glad that our school is an escalator school and the high school and junior high share the clubs with each other then I'll be in the same club as before," Roxas replied.

"Ah that's right, even though you were in this club since grade seven, you never told us about it, what do you do in that club of yours?" Sora asked as they passed through the main gate of the school.

Ventus and Vanitas quieted down since they were also curious.

"Um…uh…" Roxas became a little flustered, "We…um…"

"ROXY!" someone yelled from behind them.

Roxas let out a sigh of relief "Hey Axel,"

"Guess what! We're in the same class this year again!"

"You didn't give me anytime to guess. Okay, who else is in our class Axel?" Axel was silent after Roxas asked. "You didn't check?"

"Ehe sorry, why don't we all go together right now?" He led us to where the class lists were. "We're in class 1-3. Got it memorized?"

"Let's see Riku, Namine, Xion, Zexion, Saix and Demyx are in our class," Roxas stated he glanced at the class 1-4 list. "Sora, Van, Ven, Kairi, Hayner, Pence, and Olette are all in class 1-4. Well, at least we're in the class that gets combined together for certain activities,"

"Wow our class has a lot of org― club members," Axel remarked.

"Aw, you guys and Riku aren't in our class this year," Sora pouted. "Oh well, we'll just have to sneak in during breaks then,"

"Just make sure you don't get in trouble cause we sure won't console you," Vanitas said, "We should go to the opening ceremony now,"

"Roxas, Axel, everyone," a voice called. It was Xion waving to our group of five. "We were waiting for you guys over there," she gestured to where Demyx, Riku and Kairi were standing. "Let's go to the auditorium so we get seats,"

They all sat down as they watched the opening ceremony. Principal Eraqus and Vice-Principal Xehanort gave short speeches.

A soft buzzing noise was heard on Ventus's right. Vanitas was fast asleep as the student council started to walk up to the podium to make their speeches.

"Oi, wake up," Ven whispered while hitting the side of Vanitas's leg, "Wake up you buffoon,"

At that moment Van grabbed hold of Ven's wrist and wrenched it back so hard that Ven opened his mouth in a cry of inaudible agony. Then Van woke and looked around a little confused for a few seconds before closing his eyes again.

"Haha. You know you can't do anything when he's like that," Sora whispered to Ven who was clutching his wrist.

Eventually the ceremony ended and the students could go to their class.

Axel whacked Vanitas with a hardback book that he took from Roxas when the people were leaving the auditorium. Vantias jumped up with a start, awakened from his sleep, grabbed Ven and was about to throw him against the wall, but Sora yelled quickly that Axel did it. Vanitas, scowling and emitting a dark aura, began to stomp towards Axel.

"Uh...ah..." Axel looked towards Roxas for help.

Roxas shook his head as if to say "It's your fault, deal with it."

Vanitas was in front of Axel and grabbed his collar, lifting him up into the air. Ven covered Roxas and Sora's eyes with his hand and stated grinning, "Children shouldn't see this." After a pause he said, "We should get to class, almost everyone is gone," The rest of them walked away from the auditorium, the screams of Axel being heard through the doors.

A few minutes after Roxas and the rest took their seat in Class 1-3, Axel appeared, shaking with his hair in a mess and his uniform out of order. He took the seat next to Roxas and told him, "I guess... I shouldn't do that ever again," he shuddered.

Roxas laughed, "You should have known that before."

The homeroom teacher for Class 1-3 was Mr. Lexeaus, the English teacher. He walked in a looked around the room, counting the people. He passed out a paper to everyone, the health forms and the like before monotonously saying, "... class dismissed,"

Meanwhile in Class 1-4, Vanitas stalked in with a smile on his face. Ven and Sora looked up scared and worried.

Taking the seat behind Ven, Vanitas sighed happily "Ah, it's been awhile since I last did that to someone; I believe the last time was to you Ven." He reclined back and put his feet up on the back of Ven's chair.

"Ugh, don't remind me."

Soon enough, Vexen, the science teacher and the homeroom teacher of Class 1-4 walked in.

"Okay guys, I don't care about who you are, but you must all pay attention in my class. We'll skip introductions because that takes time out for experiments and the wonders of science." He shuffles through some papers and passed the forms to the students. "Apparently I'm supposed to let you out now. None of you are allowed to be late, or else I'll have to put you through one of my experiments. Class dismissed."

Well how's that for a start?

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