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Chapter 2

The students filed out of their homeroom and went out of the building. Friends called to each other and many started leaving. The front gates were busy and crowded.

On the way out of class Kairi called out, "Sora!"

Sora turned "Yeah Kairi?"

"I have a favor; there's something you have to help me with," Sora cocked his head encouraging Kairi to go on. "Sora, don't you think Riku's hair is too long. It's the start of a new year and he hasn't cut it, I mean you can barely see his eyes through his bangs."

"Heh, I see where this is going. So what do you want me to do?" Sora grinned.

"Let's trap him at the park. you go to a higher place, like that that boulder near the center of the park. I'll make Riku stand very close to the boulder while distracting and when I tell you to...JUMP ON HIM! PIN HIM DOWN SO HE CAN'T MOVE!" Kairi panted before regaining her composure.

"Yay! Let's do that, but...we were all planning on going out for sea-salt ice cream today," Sora said looking down.

"We can do this before and go get ice cream with everyone later, after all, it's only about 2:00. Go tell the others and once you're done, go to your hiding spot behind the boulder, but don't climb the boulder until we arrive"

"Well...okay! I'll tell everyone to go do something first and then we'll all meet under the station tower at 2:20. Let's keep it a surprise for everyone about Riku's hair," Sora ran off to tell Van, Ven, Roxas, Axel, Xion, and Zexion while Kairi checked her bag for scissors before going and finding Riku.

Riku was easily found due to his shiny silvery-white hair. Kairi ran up to him and said "Riku, I want to show you something at the park."

"Aren't we all going out for ice cream now?" He looked confused though it was difficult to tell through his long bangs.

"We're actually going to meet up at 2:20 under the station tower. Come on, let's not waste any time and hurry," Kairi started to walk out of school grounds.

"Alright," he agreed and followed her on the four minute walk to he park.

Sora had run quickly to inform his friends of the new change in their plans. Luckily it wasn't that hard to find them since they were all waiting near the front gates.

Panting he grinned before opening his mouth, "Kairi, Riku, and I have something to do right now so let's all meet under the station tower at 2:20, okay?"

"Uh, Sora? What's this about?" Roxas asked.

"It's a surprise!" Sora yelled before running out the gates to get to the park quickly.

"Okay, we have about 15 minutes to spend, so why don't we explore the school!" Axel suggested.

"Alright fine," Vanitas mumbled and they all went back into the school to explore the rooms.

Sora had reached the park gasping for a bit of air. He loved running mainly because he was so energetic. Quickly he made his way to the boulder in the park center and waited behind it.

After a few minutes he heard the voice of Kairi telling Riku to hurry up. Sora couldn't see them but he began his short ascent, moving slowly so Riku wouldn't hear him.

On the other side of the boulder Kairi was talking to Riku, "Riku stand here," motioning to a spot slightly in front of the went to stand there. "And look there," she pointed in a direction away from the direction from which Sora would jump Riku.

Riku looked towards the direction that Kairi pointed, "So...what am I supposed to be seeing?"

"Oh just wait...NOW!"

Sora jumped on to Riku's back from the top of the boulder. Riku fell face down from the impact, Sora sitting down on his back pinning down Riku's arms. Riku lifted his face and sputtered out sand to look at Kairi "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?"

"Now, now Riku this won't hurt a bit," Kairi pulled out the pair of scissors from her bag and bent down so that she was closer to Riku. She brought the scissors closer and closer to his face.


"Nope, this is for your own good Riku," Sora laughed.

"Oh God, no," Riku closed his eyes tight ready for the pain to come, but none came. Instead he heard a small snip sound. What? He was confused, but didn't dare open his eyes in case the scissor blades were in front of his face again.

Sora patted Riku's back "Good boy Riku, we're almost done,"

Riku felt something soft fall past his ears. Something soft? He came to a realization that they were just cutting his hair and he relaxed, but then he realized that they were cutting his hair, which he did want anyone to do. Just as Riku was about to use all his strength to get Sora off his back Kairi stated "It's done."

Sora got off Riku's back, relieving him of the weight. Riku flipped over gasping—it was hard to breathe with Sora on him. "Now, that wasn't so bad. I hope I wasn't too heavy Riku," Sora grinned looking down at Riku who still lay on the ground.

"You...definitely...got heavier," Riku said between gasps. "Why..did you guys...do this anyway. Actually, give me a mirror."

Kairi held out a compact mirror and Riku reached up to take it. He opened it and looked at his reflection. He sat up suddenly, almost screaming in shock. His hair that once went several inches past his shoulders were now was now cut short, not even going past his face. His bangs were cut shorter so that it was above his eyes. He didn't mind the bangs, but his beautiful long hair lay on the earth. He collected the silver strands and put them into his bag before standing up.

"Riku?" Kairi and Sora looked worriedly at him. They thought that maybe they went to far. "Riku, we're sor—"

All of a sudden Riku burst out laughing and ruffled both their heads. Sora and Kairi began to smile as well before joining in with his laughter.

The laughing slowly died out as Riku began to speak. "It's alright, I mean, my parents were asking me to get a haircut anyway, but—" Riku's eyes turned serious, "Don't ever, ever do this kind of thing again, okay?" Riku added a little smile to the end of the sentence. "Now, let's go to the station tower, it should be almost 2:20."

Sora, Riku, and Kairi walked on the brick road that led to the station tower. When they arrived Vanitas, Ventus, Roxas, Axel, Xion, and Zexion were already there. They had collapsed in front of the tower, breathing hard, sweating, their clothes and hair in disarray.

Vanitas lifted his head and looked a the group of three. He laid his eyes on Riku's head. "What the hell happened to you?"

Riku glared a little a him, "I should say about you, no, all of you. What happened to you guys? It's like you saw a ghost."

Everyone sat up all at once. "No...we saw something worse..." Xion shivered, not continuing.

"Whatever, ice cream's on me," Riku walked to the where the man with the ice cream cart usually is near the station.

"I'll come too!" Sora raised his hand high and followed Riku with a series of hops. He turned back towards the others and said "Pick yourselves up and go up on the ledge, Riku and I will be back with the ice cream," then rejoined Riku.

Slowly the collapsed people came to their feet a little wobbly. Roxas almost tripped, but Axel and Xion caught him. "You okay?" they asked.

"After what just happened..." Roxas shuddered and began walking into the station so that they can get up to the ledge high on the tower.

Kairi fell into step with Xion going up. "So, what did happen when Sora, Riku, and I weren't there?"

Xion looked at her with fear and disturbance in her eyes, "You honestly don't want to know,"

Kairi was still confused as they all walked down to the end of the ledge and sat down. Pretty soon the steps of Sora and Riku were heard.

"Ice cream's here!" Sora yelled as they appeared with their hands full of the ice cream and sat down on the ledge. They passed it down the line.

They all took a bite smiling at the nostalgic salty-sweetness of the ice cream they all love. Sora stood up and yelled at the sky "GOOD LUCK TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR!"

Everyone laughed and continued eating. They watched the sky and enjoyed the view. They stared and the pedestrians and those going in and out of the train station.

"By the way..." Roxas started, "Riku, you really look like an idiot."

"Shut up."

"Hey, that's my line."

"It's not my fault that Sora and Kairi did this to me. It was so scary. Kairi pulled out scissors and looked like a demon with a red aura. Then I thought she was going to gouge out my eyeballs and..."

"Hey! I said it wasn't going to hurt," Kairi lightly punched Riku's arm.

"How was I supposed to know that? When that happens in TV shows, someone always gets severely hurt,"

"Okay, okay, I may have said it like that but—"

"Alright!" Axel stood up and stretched, "Time to go home,"

Everyone looked up at him and got up as well. They walked single file to get off the ledge, careful not to fall down. They all reached the bottom and standing in front of the station tower they all said goodbye to one another.

"Come on Zexion!" Xion called to the boy with steely-gray hair who was handing out the boxes of sweets he had gotten everyone as a souvenir over Spring break.

"Yeah," he said and joined Xion, giving her that last box of the sweets before they left going in the same direction since they lived on the same street.

Riku, Kairi, and Axel waved goodbye and went on their own routes back home. Then, since they live two houses apart, the two sets of twins returned home and prepared for school the next day.

Ok, chapter 2 is finished. It was a pretty long chapter and I can surprisingly write a lot about cutting hair.

You probably won't ever find out what happened to the crew that went exploring inside the school.

It was pretty fun writing about cutting Riku's hair. I personally thought Riku's hair was really strange in Dream Drop Distance. I preferred the length it was at in KH2, but he just needed his bangs to be cut.

I'm not exactly sure on what to do for a third chapter, but if there are any ideas that you as a reader may have, I will take them into consideration and try to incorporate them in the future.