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As she walked on, Silvermist suddenly heard a wail of despair.


The silver cat halted and hesitated. It was pretty obvious that the cocky warrior had done something wrong. Right?

Chapter Two

Silvermist approached the camp cautiously. She didn't want to get caught going outside after her mom just told her not too.

The she-cat crept slowly under the brackens, not making a single sound. But when she finally entered the camp clearing, she found everyone staring at her.

Her mom was looking at her in a disappointed way.

"Silvermist, why did you do it?" The ginger she-cat asked softly.

"What do you mean?" The warrior was really starting to freak out.

She started to back away slowly until she felt some sort of lump under her hind paw.

"What?" Silvermist wondered and looked down.

That's when she realised that Leafstorm was dead. Also the other cat's fur had Silvermist's scent all over her.

"No," Silvermist whispered.

And that's when she realised that her pelt was covered in blood.

"This can't be happening!"

Roselight approached her cautiously, like she was afraid.

"You said, you hated Leafstorm," the other tabby mewed.

Last night's guards, Skybird and Mousewhisker flanked Roselight's sides.

"You went out last night," Skybird said defiantly.

"The night that Leafstorm died," Mousewhisker murmured with less confidence.

"I didn't do it!" Silvermist mewed. "You have to believe me!"

But nobody did.

Brightstar shook her head slightly as she padded towards Silvermist.

"You have one day to say goodbye," the leader meowed.

Hurricanes of protests were made right after Brightstar spook.

"That's not fair!"

"Just because she's your daughter!"

"She should leave now!"

Silvermist's eyes grew watery as she realised how many cats wanted her to leave. But she had to stay proud and stand strong. Because one day, her clan mates would realise their mistakes and feel ashamed of themselves. One day, that would happen.

But not today, Silvermist thought bitterly.

As the clan continued to argue, the silver deputy padded across the clearing, passing almost every cat unnoticed.

"Silvermist wait up!" A voice cried.

The she-cat immediately recognized the voice and paused.

"Owlfeather?" Silvermist wondered and spun around. "You believe me right?"

Her mate's eyes, once full of love, were now full of hatred.

"Leafstorm's my sister you know," the tom said bitterly ", so if you ever have kits, I'm not their father."

Silvermist stood there shocked beyond belief.

"Whatever!" She spat and continued to walk, with dignity.

The warrior shook as she entered the nursery.

The kits would definitely believe me. I mean they known me for all their life!

"Hey Blossomkit!" Silvermist purred.

"Stay away from me!" The little kit shrieked in panic.

"But I'm your friend!" The other cat protested.

"Sugarkit, Fawnkit, Flowerkit and Mosskit. Help!" Blossomkit cried out.

"What do you think you're doing?!" A tortoiseshell she-cat asked angrily.

"I just wanted to say goodbye!" Silvermist defended herself.

Tinypoppy narrowed her eyes and curled her tail cautiously around the kits.

"Leave them alone!" The queen shrieked, and then unsheathed her claws. "Now!"

Silvermist backed away nervously, her head hung low.

"I thought we were friends," the she-cat muttered tiredly.

"Honey, I'm going to miss you," a pale gray tom with blue eyes mewed sadly.

"Dad!" The warrior nuzzled her father affectingly. "Dad, please forgive me."

"What you did was wrong," her father said.

Silvermist bit back a reply and continued to nuzzle her father.

"But I know you know that," Iceeye continued. "Be safe."

Silvermist nodded and stepped away from her father.

"I'll miss everyone."



Have you noticed that there's this one cat, (we met her already) who hadn't said goodbye to Silvermist?

She's going to be a major character that cat.


I can't believe this, Silvermist thought to herself. Nobody believed me!

The silver she-cat trudged along the abandoned Thunder Path. She felt so miserable.

I thought Owlfeather loved me!

She suddenly halted while sniffing the air.

Mom barely spoke to me.

Silvermist spotted the rabbit not too far.

Tinypoppy was one of my close friends!

The warrior crouched down cautiously and approached the prey carefully.

Blossomkit was afraid of me!

She began to wiggle her haunches.

Nobody trusted me…

Silvermist jumped.

I never felt so alone.

And caught the rabbit.

"Hey that's my prey!" A pretty tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat yelled.

Silvermist looked up in surprise.

"Sandyheart?!" She yelled back. "I'm not on Thunder Clan territory anymore!"

The other she-cat blinked.

"I'm not Sandyheart… And what's Thunder Clan?"


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