Title: Friends, Love and Homecoming ~ Part 1- The Build Up

Paring: Blaine/Sam (not much interaction in this Part, but there will be more in the next one!), Finn/Rachel, Mike/Tina, vague Santana/Brittany

Rating: PG-13

Warnings/Tags: Douche!Finn

Summary: Prompt: S2 AU ~ Post 2x03 – Sam joined glee in 2x01 and is not dating Quinn. Not dating anyone at McKinley, cuz he's with Blaine. When Homecoming rolls around, he wants to take him, so he tells the club. I want reactions! And I hate Finn, so…No hero Finn crap, okay?

Notes: Sorry for any typos. My transcription software doesn't always understand what I say and I don't always catch the mistakes. I have trouble typing things by hand since I suffered an injury last year to my right hand and it seizes up if I try to do too much.

Sitting on the back porch of his house, Sam tipped his head back, enjoying the crisp night air and gazing up at the stars. Beside him, Blaine did the same, in easy silence between them as they held hands and enjoyed spending time together.

After a while, Sam broke the silence. "So, next weekend is homecoming at McKinley," he said quietly. "I… Do you want to go with me? I want you to, but I get if it's not something you're comfortable with after…."

Blaine's hand tightened around his own. "I want to go... It'd probably be cathartic to face my fears, but are you sure you want to do this? You have to go to school there every day and you said the student body isn't particularly accepting or enlightened."

"A lot of them are jerks," Sam agreed with a sigh, "but I'm tired of pretending. My friends in glee keep trying to set me up with Quinn and she is awesome, but she's not you. When someone asked me about my weekend, I don't want to keep saying that I was just babysitting. I want to be able to say that yeah, I'd babysat Stacy and Stevie but I also hung out with my incredible boyfriend. I'll get Slusheed more, but I think it's worth it."

For a moment, Blaine was quiet, then he murmured, "I'll bring my good suit when I come down next Friday. What color tie you wearing? So I can buy you a boutonniere."

Grinning at him, Sam shrugged. "I don't know… That gray suit your mom insisted on buying me for that brunch thing in August still fits, so…."

"Oh, wear the pants and the vest with a white oxford shirt. Roll the sleeves up, black belt and shoes and I'll bring you a tie," Blaine mused, leaning his head against Sam's left shoulder. "Would you consider getting a haircut?"

With a chuckle, Sam nodded. "As you wish."

Snorting, Blaine said, "I am not Princess Buttercup."

"You're better," Sam told him. "What color tie are you going to wear? For the boutonniere I'll get for you."

"Black suit, white shirt, emerald green bowtie."

"Mom is gonna take so many pictures," Sam laughed, shifting around so he could sling his arm over Blaine's shoulders.

"I'm going to earn so many brownie points for getting you to cut your hair," Blaine mused, curling into his side. "And can we talk about the color?"

"Oh gosh…."

"I don't understand. Where is everyone? I texted you all last night, asking to meet here before school. Was I unclear? We need to discuss the performances for the dance…."

Listening to Rachel work herself into a frenzy, Kurt exchanged amused and exasperated looks with Mercedes. They were the only two who had heeded Rachel's text to arrive at school at 6:30 AM for an emergency homecoming strategy meeting.

To say Rachel did not take that well was an understatement. For 10 minutes, she'd been going on about irresponsibility, until she paused mid-rant and said, "Sam! Your hair!"

As one, Kurt and Mercedes turned toward the door to see Sam Evans peering into the room curiously. As Rachel had commented, his hair was drastically different. Gone was the bleached Bieber cut, replaced by a shorter more natural blonde hairstyle that suited him very well.

"Oh, I thought I was going to be late!" Sam commented brightly. "It was a crazy morning. Stevie couldn't find his sneakers and Stacy decided she doesn't like Strawberry oatmeal anymore… What? Oh, yeah, I got a haircut."

"A very flattering haircut," Kurt muttered, examining how the shorter hair emphasized the blonde's handsome face, square jaw and green eyes. "And a good dye job."

Sam flushed a little and touched his hair self-consciously.

"It looks good, Sam," Mercedes assured him with a smile. "Trying out a new look for the dance?"

She knew Kurt had gone to the salon for trim on Saturday, as one never got a haircut immediately before big event. Even if the change wasn't as drastic as Sam's, it took time to grow accustomed to a new style.

"Have you reconsidered asking Quinn?" Rachel asked and Kurt had to admire her persistence. She was determined to take Finn's ex out of the dating pool and, frankly, the blonde cheerio didn't seem to hate the idea of being pursued by Sam.

Only Sam didn't seem to want to chase her.

"I'm not asking Quinn," he said, glancing around the room. "I saw Tina and Mike in the parking lot. Did I read your text wrong? Am I actually early?"

"No," Rachel said, heaving a sigh. "Everyone else is just later than you. Now, why are you so vehemently against the idea of taking Quinn? I think it would display…."

"I have a date!" Sam said, fidgeting as Mike and Tina wandered in, shockingly followed by Brittany, Santana, Puck and Artie. "Please stop trying to set me up with her. She's very nice, but I…."

Sam trailed off when he saw the new arrivals and Kurt watched him curiously, but he didn't have a chance to continue as Santana decided to speak up, crossing her arms and demanding, "Why the hell are we here?"

"I want to discuss the songs we're planning to perform at the homecoming dance," Rachel said, chin held high. "We only have a few more days to finalize the list and practice."

"Does it really matter?" Puck asked, dropping into a chair. "No one is going to care. There could be a DJ for all anyone but us will know."

"I'm just hoping no one throws anything at us," Tina murmured sleepily, leaning against Mike.

"If we're exceptional, then no one will want to throw things at us!" Rachel said optimistically and Kurt sighed.

He was far too jaded to believe that.

"Also, I want to discuss our club presence at the dance," Rachel continued. "If we stick together, we can try to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Strength in numbers. Finn and I are a couple, of course, as are Mike and Tina…."

"Puckerman's taking my fine self," Santana smirked in a bored tone.

"Me and Kurt are going to be fabulous together," Mercedes said, offering Kurt smile. "Gonna make everyone else jealous."

"I'm going with Artie!" Brittany said happily, then added. "He's not really a robot!"

Artie smiled a bit at Kurt's raised eyebrow.

"Lovely. That just leaves Quinn and Sam… Who are you taking, Sam?"

All eyes turned to the blonde football player and he wet his lips, an action that made Kurt feel a little warm.

"Well, I'm bringing my boyfriend."

You could have heard a pin drop in the choir room following that statement and Kurt could see Sam's nerves ratcheting up by the second. If he hadn't been so startled -shocked, relieved, upset, thrilled-, he would've said something, because he knew coming out couldn't have been easy for Sam….

"Dude, thought you said you'd never had balls in your mouth?" Puck suddenly quipped and Sam snorted.

"I haven't," he said, cheeks flushing an adorable shade of red. "We're still young, you know?"

Puck gave him a funny look. "No. I kinda assumed it'd just be… You know, two dudes. Guys want sex, so sex. None of the whole runaround before getting to the main event."

Mike was nodding quietly and Kurt put a hand over his face, thankful that Finn hadn't shown up this morning. He would not have been at all comfortable with this discussion.

"No, dating is dating," Sam said, then plowed on. "But this whole hanging out in a group thing at the dance sounds awesome. Blaine, he says he's okay with going, but the last school dance he went to at a public school... He got hurt. And I just want him to feel safe…."

Sam trailed off when Rachel actually flung herself at him, hugging him tight. "I'm so sorry I was trying to set you up with Quinn! I didn't know that you're gay. Of course, we'll do all we can to make sure none of the less pleasant members of the student body behaved badly towards you and your date."

Yeah, because they were so good at that, Kurt thought, knowing the sort of harassment Sam was going to face.

Looking mildly bemused, Sam gave Rachel a one armed hug and said, "Bi, actually, but…."

"Dude! What the hell? Stop hugging my girlfriend!"

Finn had arrived. With Quinn.

Oh, this was going to go badly.

Santana had not been thrilled to have to be at school early just to hear whatever insanity Berry had worked herself into a fit over, but Britt had wanted to go and Puck was driving Wheels, so….

God, glee club was making her a geek. If she didn't have a surplus of awesome-sexy-terrifying, she would have been worried.

But things had turned out to be surprisingly interesting.

Evans was gay – Bi, whatever- and had a boyfriend he was planning on bringing to the dance. Not entirely unexpected given the boy's old hair (he'd gotten a decent haircut over the weekend) and his continuous refusal to date Quinn (which amused Santana to no end).

Hummel was eyeing Evans like he wasn't sure what to think and Berry was all over him, having a girl with two gay dads/gay boy moment (she was on the rapid track to hagdom)... When Finn showed up and lost his shit.

Hudson had some serious issues with insecurity…and, given that she'd tapped that last year, she felt he had a reason to be insecure.

Before anyone could react, Finn rushed at Evans, grabbing his arm and wrenching him away from Rachel, shoving him into the wall.

It didn't seem like the sort of move that would cause too much damage or pain, but Evans yelped, grabbing his shoulder and crumpling to the ground.

It hit Santana in a rush.

Finn had grabbed Sam's right arm…the arm that had, less than a week ago, been badly dislocated.

"Asshole!" she shouted, launching herself out of her seat and stomping over to elbow Hudson in the stomach as she made her way toward Evans. "Is it dislocated again?"

"Yeah," Sam grunted through gritted teeth as Berry, Hummel and Jones all began yelling at Hudson, who was trying to act like the offended party.

Puck, staying out of it wisely, arrived at Santana's side. "ER?"

"Yeah," she agreed. "Get him up."

While Puck helped Sam to his feet, Santana turned to Artie, Tina and Mike, who she privately thought were the sanest people in the club. "Let someone know we're going to the hospital."

"Will do," Mike said, looking none too happy with Finn. "I'm gonna talk to Coach about this. That wasn't cool."

"I'm going with you!" Brittany said, bouncing over to where Sam was gingerly making his way to the door. "I don't trust hospitals. We'll make sure they don't steal your kidneys."

"Thanks, Brittany."

Evans might have been a dork with no game, but he had yet to put the moves on Britt (and, given the existence of a boyfriend, probably wouldn't) or treat her like he thought she was dumb. That earned him some points in Santana's book.

When the inevitable happened and she took over the world, she'd totally consider letting him live.


As he, Santana and Brittany helped Sam slowly make his way across the parking lot, Noah froze when a familiar voice called his name. Turning, he offered a brief wave. "Hi, Carole. Mr. Hummel."

"Kurt's Dad!" Brittany said brightly, bounding over and giving the startled man a hug. "I'm glad you're okay! Kurt was so sad, but now he's not because you woke up!"

"Thank you, Brittany," Mr. Hummel said, patting her back and looking relieved when Santana collected her. "Shouldn't you kids be at school?"

"We were there," Noah offered, then motioned to Sam. "But he needs a doctor."

"Dislocated shoulder," Santana informed them, trying to shepherd Sam toward the ER doors once again.

"Oh, no, that's terrible," Carole said, giving Sam a very maternal look of concern. Noah was willing to bet the blonde got that reaction from mothers a lot. Something about the confused/lost/hurt look Puck had never really managed to master just seemed to draw women in. "What happened?"

"Rachel hugged Sam when he told her about his boyfriend and Finn threw Sam at the wall," Brittany said with a frown, then brightened. "Is he cute, Sam? Do you have pictures?"

"What?" Carole and Mr. Hummel both looked horrified and Puck saw anger growing in the older man's gaze.


He didn't want Hummel Sr. to have another heart attack.

"Uh, to be fair, I don't think Finn heard anything about Blaine," Sam murmured. "He just saw me hug Rachel and…."

"He went ape shit for no good reason, don't defend him," Santana practically snarled, poking Sam in the back. "Vamos. Time to see the nice doctors."

Carole and Mr. Hummel followed them through the doors of the ER, though that clearly hadn't been their original destination. Mr. Hummel probably had a check up or something. "Look, we'll be cool if you've got an appointment or whatever. Mom's working here today…" Noah began and Mr. Hummel shook his head.

"There's just some paperwork and I can sign it anytime. We're not going to leave you kids alone. Has anyone called Sam's parents?" Mr. Hummel asked, watching as Santana spoke with the woman at registration and took a clipboard. "He'll need parent with him or some other authorized adult."

Oh yeah. "Evans, call your folks."

Sam frowned. "I don't think they'll be able to get away from work," he said softly, pulling out his cell phone and clumsily dialing left-handed.

"If they can't, I'll stay with you, kid. Your dad or mom can talk with someone, let 'em know I can sign for you," Mr. Hummel offered, settling down into a seat.

That was exactly what happened.

It was kind of weird, sitting in the ER and not being the one who was freaked out, broken or bleeding. Carole and Mr. Hummel kept prodding them for more details on what it happened as Santana filled out Sam's admittance forms (engaging in a battle of wills with Matilda, the 70-year-old lady who manned the registration desk) and Brittany was scrolling through photos on Sam's phone, distracting him by asking questions about what she found.

Apparently, Sam's boyfriend went to a private school that required uniforms, had a weird fascination with bowties, played piano, fenced, boxed and played polo. There were also a lot of pictures of Sam's little brother and sister.

Evans totally needed to get a life. He was a football player. He should not be that sheltered. His phone should've been full of pictures taken while drunk at parties, not tea parties and picnics.

"Oh, video!" Brittany said, poking the phone and causing a voice to ring out.

"I can show you the world,

shining, shimmering, splendid,

tell me Princess….."

Reaching over, Santana took the phone and stopped the video. "Not here, Britt…and your boy sings, Sam?"

Smile pinched with pain, Sam nodded. "He's lead soloist at Dalton Academy."

For anyone could respond to that, Noah's mother appeared, calling out, "Sam Evans."

When Sam rose, Noah waved at his mother, who took one look at their group and sighed. "All of you can't come in here."

In the end, Brittany insisted on accompanying Sam (to protect his kidneys) and Mr. Hummel (as his designated adult) followed Sam into the treatment area.

Crossing her arms, Carole gazed at Noah and Santana. "All right you two, no bull. Tell me exactly what happened."

In this instance, asking Santana was probably the way to go for a no bullshit answer and, from the look on Carole's face, Finn would not be happy when he got home.

"Mr. Evans, back so soon?"

Burt looked up as a doctor entered, Sam's chart in hand. The boy had already been down to radiology and nurse it given him a shot of pain killers, so at least he seemed less uncomfortable.

"Again?" Burt asked, wondering when he'd been in the ER before.

"I dislocated my shoulder 5 days ago," Sam told him. "Football."

Two dislocations in less than a week. Ouch.

"We'll reduce it again," the doctor said with a frown. "But this time I'm going to insist you were sling for at least three days. Possibly longer. Multiple dislocations over such a short span are not good."

"Can't disagree," Sam agreed quietly and Brittany patted his hair.

Though, like many former athletes, Burt had occasionally popped a finger back into place, hearing the sound of Sam's shoulder being realigned was unpleasant. Brittany covered her ears and Sam grimaced, but clearly the drugs were doing their job.

That was good. He seemed like a nice kid and his father had been very pleasant on the phone, though clearly worried about his son.

The doctor left to get a sling and Brittany leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to Sam's shoulder.

Smiling, Sam said, "Thanks, Brittany. I feel better already."

"I'm not trying to do Blaine's job," she said very seriously, "but since he doesn't go to school with us, someone needed to do it."

Sam was equally somber. "He'll totally understand…Hey, maybe you could save a dance for him! I think he'll love you and he's a good dancer…not like you and Mike, but way better than me."

She smiled happily. "I love dancing with dolphins! Soft hands," she chirped, touching Sam's hand. "Oh, yours are kind of rough…because you're only half dolphin, right?"

"Right," Sam agreed, though Burt was lost.

"Dolphin?" he asked, causing Brittany to nod.

The girl gestured at nothing. "Dolphins are gay sharks. Sam and I are half dolphins because we like both. Kurt's a dolphin, but I think he's really a unicorn because he's magic…maybe I'm half unicorn, cuz I'm magic too!"

"Can you be both?" Sam asked curiously. "Like…a half dolphnicorn? A whole new awesome thing!"

Brittany seemed thrilled by this idea.

Burt just wondered if she'd gotten into whatever drugs they'd given Sam, or if both of them were just a little odd.

Sweet, but odd…and apparently, if he was understanding Brittany, both bisexual. It would be good for Kurt to have someone to talk to about things that Burt knew his son probably wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with him. It could only be a good thing and Kurt deserved good things.

All these kids did and McKinley didn't seem like the place that was very kind to them.

Tina was in Spanish class, distractedly taking notes when Sam walked into the room, looking slightly dazed, his arm bound in a light blue immobilizing sling.

"Sam!" Mr. Shue said in surprise. "What happened?"

"Dislocated my shoulder again," he said, handing over a note before making his way to his seat.

"You okay, man?" Artie asked and Sam nodded.

"I think they might have gone a little heavy on the painkillers," Sam informed him and Tina looked into his eyes. Sure enough, there was very little green visible around widely blown pupils.

Biting back a laugh, Tina said, "Not feeling any pain?"

"Nope!" he agreed happily. "But I think Finn might later. We saw his mom and Kurt's dad at the hospital and Santana told them what happened and they were mad that he yanked my arm out of socket again."

Clearly, the painkillers also killed Sam's ability to regulate his volume and the whole room, including Mr. Shue, now knew that Finn had dislocated Sam's shoulder.

Oh, there was going to be talk.

Not that she wasn't angry at Finn (he had no right to put his hands on Sam), but Rachel was right about one thing. Glee club needed to present a unified front, not show weakness in front of their enemies.

While Artie tried to explain to Sam that quite was good, Tina began texting rapidly, rallying the troops.

Okay, so maybe he'd overreacted a tiny bit. Finn was willing to admit that. Grabbing Sam's bad arm hadn't been cool, but how was Finn supposed to remember that the other guy had a bad arm? It wasn't like it was something that affected him every day.

And he had been hugging Rachel.

That was totally not Finn's fault, so really, making Sam leave her alone wasn't Finn's fault either.

He couldn't figure out why the others were trying to tell him that Sam had a boyfriend. He wasn't gay. They were just being weird and trying to cover-up the fact that the guy was once again moving in on Finn's girl.

Why no one else could see that he didn't know.

Rachel was especially pissed. And Kurt. And he thought Mercedes might've poked him with a pen at one point. He was kinda glad Santana had left to take Sam to the hospital, as she probably would've taken the opportunity to torture Finn.

Not that she liked Sam, she was just mean.

"You are going to apologize to Sam."

As he tried to head into the cafeteria, Rachel, looking kind of angry, appeared.

"I'm getting my lunch," Finn protested, but Rachel reached up and grabbed his collar, dragging him down the hall.

"You are apologizing right now!" she declared. "Do you have any idea how lucky you are he didn't report you for assault? You just turned 17, Finn, he's only 15. You're practically an adult, though no one would know from how you're acting…."

Even the other football players got out of Rachel's way and she stomped along, berating him until they reached the choir room.

The rest of the club was already there. Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt, Mike, Tina and Artie were clustered together well Santana was texting and Puck leaned over her shoulder. Brittany was sitting on the floor, Sam's head on her lap as they ate grapes.

Suddenly, Santana looked up and said, "Okay, Beiber, I approve of your playmate."

Sam blinked at her. "Huh?"

"Blaine. I approve."

"How'd you get his number?"

"Off of your phone at the hospital," she said with a grin. "I texted him and informed him that I would be exacting revenge on your behalf. He says he won't ask questions, but he'll offer financial backing and the use of his dad's boat for body disposal. I approve."

"You told him I got hurt?" Sam asked plaintively. "Crap. Now he's gonna worry."

"Chill. I told him Auntie Snixx was on the case…Hudson."

Finn hated it when she said his name like that. It always made him feel like she was thinking about punching him in the nads.

"Not cool, Santana," he said, frowning at her. "You can't just threaten someone like that."

Then there was shouting… Shouting at him! As though was his fault Santana and some friend of Sam's were being creepy and talking about revenge and body disposal!

Sometimes Mike wondered if Finn thought before he spoke and, if he did, what exactly went through his mind. Did he actually believed himself to be the victim, or was that just how he came off without meaning to?

Because he was hoping it was the latter, as otherwise Finn had entered an unforgivable realm of ass-dom.

You just didn't dislocate a friend's arm - an already injured arm at that- because your girlfriend got a hug. That just reeked of insecurity… Actually, it made sense that Finn freaked out.

At the moment, Santana, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes and Kurt were circled around Finn, loudly expressing their displeasure. Tina was with them, occasionally getting a sharp word in and Mike thought someone was yelling through Santana's speakerphone as well.

Every time Finn tried to respond, he was verbally smacked down and it was honestly pretty amusing.

"So, what have we learned today gentlemen?" Artie asked quietly, tossing Mike and Puck a glance.

Puck snorted. "Don't whale on a dude whose default expression is kicked Golden retriever puppy."

"The girls and Kurt are terrifying when they form a mob," Mike added, watching Finn barely avoid a finger in the eye from… Well, from all of them.

From where they were totally ignoring the chaos, Britney suddenly said, "Where to seedless grapes come from? There are no seeds to plant."

Sam blinked up at her, then looked at the grape she was holding. "I never thought of that… Magic, mutant grapes!"

She giggled happily and popped the grape into Sam's mouth.

"Evans doesn't usually talk too much," Puck mused, "so I'm not sure if this is him stoned or if Brittany has just discovered her male counterpart."

"Pretty sure he's stoned," Artie answered. "He spent most of Spanish class singing country songs in perfect Spanish. Mr. Shue just let him go for it."

Mike grinned. That had probably been amusing.

"Yeah, well, you two missed the great Dolphnicorn vs Uniphin debate in the car. Newsflash, they decided Dolphnicorn sounds much cooler," Puck muttered. "I thought my brain was going to leak out my ear…."

"No! I'm not just gonna stand here and let some guy I don't even know screamed at me over FaceTime!"

Oh, Finn was trying to take a stand… But the person on the phone really wasn't having any of that.

"Believe me, you do not want me anywhere near you right now… Or maybe you do? Got some more violence you want to get out? Because I've dealt with big, angry homophobes before and I have stores of rage I would just love to unleash!"

"Blaine!" Sam said happily, lurching upright into a sitting position using only his abs and looking around, excitement morphing into confusion. "Hey, where are you?"

"On Santana's phone," the voice – Blaine- replied, sounding much different when not shouting at Finn. "They gave you the good drugs, huh?"

"Yep," Sam agreed as Santana brought the phone over toward him. "But don't worry. I'm fine. It was just an accident."

"If you say so," Blaine soothed, that asked, "Did you eat lunch? Some food might make you feel better."

"Yogurt and strawberries and granola… And grapes. How are seedless grapes grown without seeds?"

"From vine cuttings," Blaine answered without pause. "You eat some more grapes. I'll call you later. But I'm going to talk to Santana for a while now."

"Okay," Sam agreed. "Love you."

"I love you too."

Declarations of love were made quite a lot in the choir room, usually in big, showy ways, but the offhand, casual, comfortable exchange between Sam and his boyfriend was something unusual.

As Sam and Britney went back to eating grapes, Santana stood and turned back to face Finn, who was looking mildly constipated.

"Wait," he said, sounding confused. "Sam's gay?"

Artie groaned and Mike let his head fall forward into his hands as Kurt and the girls started yelling again.

"10 bucks says Satan kicks him in his junk before the bell rings," Puck opined as Santana began cussing in Spanish and a stream of Tagalog curses spewed from the phone.

No one took that bet and 2 minutes later Santana totally kneed Finn in the nuts.

TBC….. (Next comes the Homecoming game and dance)