Title: Friends, Love and Homecoming ~ Part 2 – The Game and The Party

Author: blaineandsamevanderson (SageK on here and kaitlia777 on LJ and AO3)

Paring: Blaine/Sam (not much interaction in this Part, but there will be much more in the next one!), Finn/Rachel, Mike/Tina, vague Santana/Brittany & Puck/Rachel

Rating: PG-13

Warnings/Tags: Douche!Finn, homophobic comments.

Summary: Prompt: S2 AU ~ Post 2x03 – Sam joined glee in 2x01 and is not dating Quinn. Not dating anyone at McKinley, cuz he's with Blaine. When Homecoming rolls around, he wants to take him, so he tells the club. I want reactions! And I hate Finn, so…No hero Finn crap, okay?

Notes: Sorry for any typos. My transcription software doesn't always understand what I say and I don't always catch the mistakes. I have trouble typing things by hand since I suffered an injury last year to my right hand and it seizes up if I try to do too much.

Friday night found Santana wearing Puck's spare football jersey with her Cheerio uniform. Homecoming tradition dictated that players were to present someone with their shirt to wear the day of and to the game. Usually, they went to a girlfriend (most often a Cheerio), but sometimes a boy chose a random female friend.

Santana sure as hell wasn't dating Puck, but they were friends and, even if people didn't understand, they understood each other.

Britt was happily wearing Artie's shirt and Tina had paired Mike's with a strange, Gothic cheerleader skirt. Rachel was wearing Finn's shirt like it was made of gold, which was just sad on so many levels.

The midget was sitting in the stands with Kurt, Mercedes and Tina, waving a hand made, glittery "GO FINN!" sign that was so big Santana almost missed the small boy sitting beside her.

A somewhat familiar, dark-haired boy who was wearing Sam's jersey. Obviously, Blaine had shown up to watch the game even though Sam's shoulder had him benched. There was a little girl on his lap and a matching boy with the woman next to him. A blond man rounded out the group and Santana figured they were Sam's family, as they all had 8's painted on their cheeks (Sam's number).

When the Titans appeared on the field, and Sam trotted to the bench, it was clear that Blaine was beaming at him, even from the distance of the stands. Sam turned and waved with his good arm before focusing on whatever Coach Bieste was saying to the team.

Santana honestly had little interest in football itself and so she chose to concentrate on her cheers and people watching. Everyone enjoyed the game, and the Titans managed to eke out a victory. For the first time in years, they had won a homecoming game.

The party tonight (at her house) and the dance tomorrow were going to be epic!

Thrilled, she jumped into Puck's arms when he approached the sidelines and Brittany pressed a kiss to Artie's cheek. Other Cheerios hurried to congratulate the boys whose shirts they were wearing and Rachel and Tina (among others) were scrambling down from the stands.

Hugs were exchanged, backs were slapped as everyone celebrated….

"Evans! What the hell?"

Karofsky's voice cut through the din and Santana followed his gaze to where Sam was standing by the bench, Blaine at his side, looking particularly tiny amongst the crowd of football players. There was a strange, twisted expression on Karofsky's face as he stared at the two boys and something about it set her teeth on edge.

"What do you want, Karofsky?" Sam called back at his teammate, seemingly unconcerned.

"I know you're a dumbass, but you're supposed to give your shirt to a girl," Karofsky sneered, lips drawn back into vicious grin. "Or did all that time you spend with homo explosion turn you gay?"

"You don't turn gay," Sam retorted, not backing down and, beside him, Blaine raised his chin defiantly. "You either are or you aren't…or you're bi, like me."

The tendons on the sides of Karofsky's neck bulged and he snarled, "What?"

Sam sighed and turned, ready to walk away and Santana winced.

Never turn your back on the enemy.

Of course Karofsky made a grab at Sam, but Puck stepped in between them and snapped, "Back off!"

Positively seething, Karofsky snarled, "You a fairy now too?"

"Nope," Parker applied, glowering. "But who gives a shit if Evans has a boyfriend?"

"You want to shower with a fag checking out your junk, that's fine, but I don't want 'em around, looking at me."

Santana snorted. "Oh, I think you're safe. Even if Sammy boy didn't have his adorable little stud muffin to mack on, he wouldn't be rushing to oogle your 'goodies'," she said, watching as Sam and Blaine moved off to a safe distance with some of the other members of the glee club. "So just step off!"

"You kids okay?"

Burt Hummel had appeared out of the crowd with the man Santana figured to be Sam's dad. Both men looked like they had more than an inkling about what had Karofsky looking like he'd just eaten a double helping of the cafeterias mystery meat.

"Sure, Mr. H," Puck replied, not turning away from his stare down of Karofsky. Law of the jungle, the first one to break eye contact displayed weakness.

"Right," Mr. Hummel replied, then to the other man said, "This is Noah and Santana. They're friends of Kurt and Sam… And…."

"Karofsky is not one of their friends," Santana snarked, layering her voice was meaning and saw both of the older man narrow their eyes in understanding, registering Karofsky as a potential threat to their offspring.

Clearly not wanting to conflict with adults, Karofsky slouched off towards Azimo and Puck blinked, having won the staring contest.

Grabbing Puck's arm, Santana flashed a smile at Mr. Hummel and Mr. Evans before towing him away, bending close to mutter, "Okay, so Karofsky is going to be a problem. That wasn't the usual Assmonkey jock meathead reaction."

Puck was frowning. "Think he's bothering Kurt? I've seen Hummel flinch away from Karofsky in the hall."

Well shit. "If Sam makes him twitchy, then yeah, Kurtz probably the human equivalent of a red flag in front of a bull. Obviously, we gotta nip this shit in the bud."

"Not like Figgins is gonna deal with it," Puck agreed, eyes roaming over the crowd. "Maybe Mr. Shue would try or Coach, but…."

"Please, they'd want Karofsky to hug it out or talk about why he's so angry or some equally lame ass crap," she grumbled, then nodded. "So we keep an eye on things and if it looks like Karofsky's going after Kurt or Sam, we tell Coach Sylvester. She likes Kurt."

If anyone could put the fear of the devil into Karofsky, it would be Sue Sylvester.

As always, Santana's party was insane in the best of ways. From his perch on a lawn chair atop a picnic table, Puck surveyed the backyard, looking for anything particularly interesting or anything that would get the cops called on them.

He totally didn't feel like running from the police tonight

So far, one of the hockey idiots had set himself on fire, but thankfully fell into the pool and put himself out before he was hurt. Karofsky and Azimo had claimed a keg for themselves and now seemed to be passed out decided (they weren't causing trouble there at least). Finn was lying on an inflatable mattress, asleep, clutching a bottle and floating in the pool. Some of their other teammates were duct taping JV players to the wall.

Typical shit.

The highlight of the evening so far had been when Dumas, one of the really stupid and belligerent hockey players, pushed Evans and made a comment about his mouth and what those big lips were probably good for.

Anderson, Evans' little boyfriend (no offense intended, dude was just tiny), promptly told Dumas to back off and got his own shove for his trouble…which Anderson clearly didn't like, as he responded by clocking Dumax was a really nice right hook and sending the hockey player crashing to the ground like a sack of bricks.

The crowded fallen silent for a moment, as Anderson cocked his head to the side, gave a sniff as he inspected his work and then stepped over Dumas to get a drink.

Then one of the girls from the varsity soccer team had hooted happily that Dumas was a tool and soon everyone was laughing, cheerfully mocking Dumas and giving a small cluster of glee club members (and Anderson) a wider berth.

"Noah, what are you doing up there?"

Looking down, he saw Rachel standing beside the picnic table, an unopened, pink wine cooler clutched in her hands.

"Best seat in the house, Rach," he said with a grin, taking a sip of his beer. "C'mon up."

For a moment, it looked like she was going to refuse, but then she shrugged and took his extended hand, climbing gracefully up onto the bare wooden table. Primly, she settled herself on his knee and asked, "What's so interesting that you feel the need to watch from up here?"

"Look around," he said, gesturing to the mass of partying students.

Sawyer and Shepherd (two of Puck's teammates) chose that moment to run at each other like rams, falling as they head butted each other.

Rachel frowned. "I've never actually been to a party like this before. Is that a normal occurrence?"

Snorting, Puck replied, "There is no normal here. Last time, some doucestick managed to set a toilet on fire, Britney carried a hedgehog around for the whole night -no one knows where it came from- and we had to handcuff Mike to the swing set because he thought he could fly and tried to climb onto the roof."

Rachel gaped for a moment, then asked, "Do I want to know where you got the hand cuffs?"

He shrugged. "They're Santana was. They're purple and fuzzy."

"Of course they are," she said, rolling her eyes, then looking over to where Santana and Britney were dancing with Mike, Tina, Mercedes, Artie and Blaine. Quinn was sitting with Kurt and Sam, glaring down her nose disdainfully at anyone who wandered too close. "Kurt seems happier this week… A little less alone. I told him he could talk to my dads, but…."

"They're dads, not guys his own age," Puck agreed, then sighed. "Damn."


"Hockey players duct taping a passed out kid to a lawn chair. That ain't safe, cuz one of those morons might decide to toss the kid into the pool. Taping someone to a wall is funny, but killing someone…." He trailed off and waved Rachel off his knee before jumping off of the table. "Hey, Fuckhead, you know the rules! No taping anyone to shit that might 'fall' into the pool!"

The idiots slunk off and Rachel began helping him peel the tape off of Drunkie McPassed Out.

As they did so, Puck wondered when he had become one of the responsible guys.

All in all, Sam thought the night was going pretty well. Sure there'd been some tension with Karofsky at the game and Dumas had been enough of an ass to provoke Blaine into punching him (which had been really kind of hot, seeing Blaine go all protective and stuff), but in general most everyone had left them alone.

Them being the non-jock or gay/bi members of the glee club and Blaine.

Though his still slightly sore shoulder kept him from joining the group of his friends with Blaine to dance (he didn't want to irritate it before tomorrow's homecoming dance), he did enjoy watching Blaine let loose in a group setting outside of Dalton.

Meeting Blaine's eyes, Sam smiled, earning a bright grin in return. Blaine's cheeks were flushed with exertion and laughter as he spun Santana around in a dance move Sam was pretty sure he would have messed up (Finn would have maimed someone) and he felt a rush of warmth and affection.

Sam was really glad Blaine was getting along with his friends.

A thump on the table behind him caused Sam to jump and spin and he was happy to note that his shoulder didn't scream in agony over the movement. Rachel had placed what looked to be a boombox on the table and was grinning a little maniacally. Puck was standing beside her, looking amused.

"Rachel," Quinn said quietly as she and Kurt also chose to investigate what was happening, "what is that?"

"My portable karaoke system!" Rachel enthused… Which was how they ended up spending the next hour listening to a mix of songs sung by members of the glee club and songs slurred out by drunken classmates.

Apparently, drunk karaoke wasn't the social death sentence joining glee club was.

But tonight, even Rachel didn't get booed when she jumped up and belted out some song Sam thought had been performed by Mariah Carey.

Of course, Blaine had lit up like a Christmas tree when the prospect of performing was mentioned and Sam gave his hand a squeeze. While he enjoyed performing himself, Blaine just had an undeniable spark, he loved being on stage and had the sort of charisma that just drew everyone's eyes.

None of his friends from glee had heard Blaine saying live before (Britt had listened to the recordings Sam had on his phone), and Sam almost laughed when they gaped as Blaine hopped up on the table and began to sing Rock DJ.

Me with the floorshow
Kickin' with your torso
Boys getting high
And the girls even more so
Wave your hands if you're not with the man
Can I kick it?
(Yes you can)
I got
You got
We got everybody
I've got the gift
Gonna stick it in the goal
It's time to move your body
Babylon back in business
Can I get a witness?
Every girl, every man
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don't wanna rock, DJ
But your making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keepin' me up all night

Tina, Santana and Brittany had climbed up beside him almost immediately and were dancing and singing the female response parts of the song. They were really good together, though Santana did occasionally poke Blaine when he tried to toss out some of his cute boy band dance moves (they really didn't fit the song).

What did fit was the flirty wink Blaine tossed at him and Sam felt his cheeks flush and heard Quinn chuckled beside him. "Your boyfriend can sing," she breathed and, beside her, Kurt nodded.

Singin' in the classes
Music for your masses
Give no head
No backstage passes
Have a proper giggle
I'll be quite polite
But when I rock the mic
I rock the mic
You got no love, then you're with the wrong man
It's time to move your body
If you can't get a girl
But your best friend can
It's time to move your body
I don't wanna be sleazy
Baby just tease me
Got no family planned
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don't wanna rock DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night
I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos your keeping me up all night
Pimpin' aint easy
Most of them fleece me
Every night
Pimpin' ain't easy
But if you're sellin' it
It's alright

Come on
I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night
I don't wanna rock, DJ
But you're making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you're keeping me up all night

The hoots and shouts of approval from non-glee club members when Blaine finished were surprising, but he just smiled and waved before hopping down and taking his seat beside Sam. Handing over a bottle of water (no alcohol, they had to go home to Sam's parents that night), Sam leaned close to Blaine and said, "You were amazing. I love hearing you sing."

Blaine beamed at him and sipped his drink. Already flushed from watching Blaine bounce around up on the table, Sam knew his face had to be turning tomato red as his eyes fell to Blaine's mouth as his lips wrapped around the neck of the bottle.

He desperately wanted to kiss him in that moment, but this wasn't the place for that. Discretely, Sam let his fingers wrap around Blaine's and asked, "Want to head out?"

When Blaine nodded, they quickly said their goodbyes and left, enjoying the cool night air as they walked from Santana's home back to Sam's. Neither the minded the quiet, simply enjoying spending time together, fingers intertwined as their clasped hands swung between them.

Reaching Sam's house, they didn't head inside it immediately, instead chose to walk around to sit on the back porch for a while.

That was where Sam indulged in his impulse to kiss his boyfriend, pulling Blaine close and pressing their lips together. He could feel Blaine smile as he returned the embrace, tongue darting out to tickle Sam's lips, sliding forward to brush his tongue. Sam hummed happily, sucking gently on Blaine's tongue, and act he knew would draw him moan from the smaller boy.

As predicted, Blaine made a noise somewhere between moan and a whimper and shifted, swinging a leg across Sam's so that he was sitting in Sam's lap, facing him as they continued to make out. It was something they'd never done before in Sam's breath caught in his throat before he hugged Blaine tighter, feeling their bodies lining up against each other. He shuddered when Blaine's hips rolled slightly, pressing their denim clad cocks together.

"Oh!" he gasped, meeting Blaine's equally startled, equally aroused gaze. Tentatively, he rocked up under Blaine, sending another zing of pleasure through both of them.

Breathing hard, Blaine said, "That feels incredible."

"Yeah," Sam agreed, bending his head and latching onto the sensitive spot on Blaine's neck that always made him squirm and whimper happily. Tonight was no different and Sam felt Blaine's fingers weaving into his hair, holding him in place as they continue to rock against each other.

Blood pounded in Sam's ears and eventually he pulled back to kiss Blaine again, to smother the sounds they were making, just in case one of his parents wandered into the kitchen (the room the porch opened off of). Though he knew what they were doing, where it was heading, Sam was still surprised when Blaine made a broken sound and went suddenly tense, hips flexing in desperate jerking motions.

The idea that Blaine had cum, sitting on his lap on the porch, sent Sam over the edge and he felt like fireworks were going off behind his eyes as he came harder than he could ever remember doing. They continued to trade languid kisses, moving together very slightly as the aftershocks rolled through them.

When they finally pulled apart, Sam studied Blaine's face, his kiss swollen lips and ruddy cheeks, neatly styled hair ruffled in a way Sam really liked. He looked…like the most beautiful person Sam had ever seen and he couldn't help but press another lingering kiss to Blaine's lips.

Climbing to shaky legs, they quietly entered the house, careful not to wake anyone. Sam's parents trusted them, so they had gone to bed, which allowed Sam and Blaine to take turns washing up before they stumbled off to bed (Sam's bed had a trundle that Blaine slept on. Again, trusting parents…though they did have to keep the door open).

As they lay there in the darkness, Sam reached down to take Blaine's hand in his own and whisper, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Sam thought those words were the best thing to hear before falling asleep.