Six days after, Wednesday morning Harry, Ron and Hermione went to Defence Against The Dark Arts-class with the Slytherins.

It was now two weeks after Harry had stolen the Veritaserum, and he had carried it around with him at all times, scared what might happen if someone found it in his room. He had been rather paranoid around Snape ever since, terrified of the thought of Snape realising he had stolen it. But as far as Harry could tell he hadn't even noticed, and there was no way it could be linked to him.

„So who can tell me what Chapter Fifteen was about?" Snape said, holding up an old-looking book with a white cover. Harry was surprised to realise he actually remembered the whole chapter concerning jinxes, but chose not to say anything, as he wouldn't get picked anyways. He was about to return scribbling in his notebook, as he noticed Hermione's hand shoot up in the air, and wasn't surprised as Snape obviously ignored her. „Mr. Malfoy?" He said, and looked towards Malfoy and his friend with chestnut coloured hair.

„What?" Malfoy, who hadn't been paying attention, asked.

„Chapter Fifteen," Snape said harshly. Malfoy mumbled something, and eyed Harry, before the Slytherin table burst out in laughter. „What did it say?"

„Something with jinxes," Malfoy said. He discretely looked at Harry again, making eye contact, before returning his attention to his friend. Harry felt an unfamiliar warmth spread across his stomach, but ignored it and dipped his feather in ink. He drew a rather ugly drawing of Malfoy getting hit by a broomstick, in the corner of an old piece of parchment.

Blaine Anderson walked to dinner that evening alongside Luna Lovegood, discussing the events of the day. They sat down by the Ravenclaw table, Luna telling about a remarkable bird she had seen in her holiday. By its description the bird sounded a whole lot like a normal bundimun, but he kept quiet, listening to Luna's incredible way to make everything sound magical. She abruptly stopped talking as Dumbledore stepped forward and lifted his arms to greet all the students.

„Before I will let you enjoy your marvellous dinner, let us sing the school song!" As usual, the teachers' smiles became rather fixed, and there were quiet sighs around the Great Hall. Blaine, himself, didn't mind the school song. It was the only way he could get to sing at Hogwarts, and he loved singing more than anything. Before him and his family had known about the wizarding world, he had been very interested in musicals. But of course, being raised by two gay dads added to the obsession of musicals and theatre. Already from a very young age, his favourite musical had been Les Misérables, and he had quickly memorised all the lyrics.

Dumbledore waved his wand, and a long golden ribbon flew out of it, and rose high above the tables, twisting itself into words. „Everyone pick your favourite tune!" he said, „And off we go!"
The whole school started singing, all in different tunes, Blaine keeping to the one he felt most comfortable with. As they came to the line 'Teach us something please,' a voice Blaine hadn't noticed before joined the song. It was a gentle yet very powerful voice. It was like all his senses were being drowned in the beautiful singing of the voice, except for his hearing, which sharpened dramatically. He almost forgot to sing, as he turned around, to see if the voice came from the Gryffindor table. He studied the faces until the song was over, and regretted he didn't search the other tables, too. The voice was stuck in his head even after the song was over, Dumbledore had sat down again and the Hall went back to their everyday conversations. He searched his own table, somehow hoping he'd recognise the face of the voice if he saw it.

The upcoming morning, Harry, Ron and Hermione walked out of the Gryffindor common room together, and waved at each other as they parted ways. Hermione kept walking towards the Ancient Runes class, and Harry and Ron towards Divination.

They quickly reached the North Tower, and climbed up the many stairs and emerged onto a tiny landing. The circular trap door opened itself and a silvery ladder descended at their feet as usual. They climbed up the ladder and walked towards a round table by the window and sat down on the chintz armchairs. Harry discretely opened the window and felt a light breeze wash off the heavy, sickly heat that always reigned in that classroom. Even though it was winter and cold outside, the fire, which was heating up a kettle hanging above it, had been on for way too long. As usual a huge amount of candles were lit, and Harry patiently waited for Professor Trelawney to appear from the shadows as usual.

„Welcome, class," she said with her soft, misty voice. A few students murmured a lazy 'hello', but she barely seemed to notice. „Because of your N.E.W.T.'s we will do some reputation," she said and looked at them through her giant glasses, which Harry still thought made her look like a bug. „Tessomancy," she said and put her hands almost cunningly together. „You will find cups of tea in front of you. Drink it and then read the tealeaves," she said and looked almost fascinated as the students took their books out of their bags, and placed them on the round tables.

„Drink away," Ron said to Harry after he had looked at the tea. It wasn't like usual; it was grainy and looked more like thick juice than tea. Harry looked uncertain at Ron and couldn't help but laugh as their eyes met. „This is horrible," said Ron and stirred in his tea with a spoon. Harry laughed at his friend, but quickly regretted it as it attracted Professor Trelawney's attention.

„Drink," he whispered to Ron, and they both lifted their cups up to their lips and drank till there was nothing left.

Professor Trelawney walked up to them and looked interested at Harry and then picked up his cup.

„Oh, my dear boy," she said, and Harry didn't even bother looking surprised. She looked compassionate at him before handing over the cup to Ron. „Go on," she said, fixing her look on Harry.

„Okay, let's see…" Ron started and opened his book. „Well I see a falcon, and that's… A deadly enemy. And this could be the sun so that would be great happiness," it didn't even seem like Trelawney was listening, she was just staring at Harry, barely blinking. He felt chills up his spine, but tried not to wince too much. He realised he hadn't heard everything Ron had said, and strained himself to listen to the last bit. „… Which means surprise. So something with your deadly enemy, we all know whom that is, and then a surprise that will make you happy," he said and put down the cup. „Better than the first reading, at least," Ron mumbled and Trelawney quickly looked away, like something had caught her attention.

„Yes, very well," she said, and sounded quite confused. „Now your turn," she said to Harry and hurried off to another table. Ron and Harry looked at each other and tried their hardest not to laugh.