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I could not get this idea out of my head and it just had to be written. Badboy!Blaine and Daddy!Kurt.

Summary: After a heart-breaking decision, Kurt and his daughter, Tabitha, move back to Lima Ohio to live with his parents. Kurt keeps focus on a future for his daughter, even if that means working in the garage with his father again. But when a friend and customer of Burt's, Blaine Anderson, comes into Kurt's life, Kurt starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, his family will have a second chance at happiness.

The first chapter is all about Kurt and Tabitha coming to Lima, they don't meet Blaine until the second chapter. So this is more of Kurt and Tabitha settling into their new home.

I did write a Klaine AU Meeting one shot of this story, so this is going to be the full one, beginning to end. So, a couple of things to keep in mind.

Totally AU for one.

Kurt went to college in California, not New York. The reason for that will be in the story.

Tabitha, of course, is his adoptive daughter but you'll love her. And she has been with Kurt for a little over a year – and she is four-years-old.

There is going to be Niff in this story :)

You will see Cooper in this story as well, along with his daughter and girlfriend (that will be explained.)

More will come once I get to writing it. Enjoy!

.: Second Chances :.
Chapter 1

"Tabitha? Sweetie? We're here, time to wake up," Kurt said sweetly to the sleeping girl beside him. The little girl stirred in the uncomfortable chair and looked at her father with sleepy eyes.

"We're here?" she asked. Kurt smiled as he unfastened his belt, then hers.

"Yes, we are. And we'll be home soon," Kurt answered. Their new home anyway. Tabitha rubbed her eyes as she wiggled out of the lose belt. A couple of hours on a plane and she slept through the whole way. Kurt didn't sleep at all. When it was clear for the passengers to depart the plane, Kurt helped Tabitha out of the chair and put on her sweater.

They waited till they got cleared to go. The little girl walked in front of Kurt and kept a hold of his hand as they walked down the narrow aisle to the open door. The flight attendant smiled at the father and daughter and walked, carefully down the stairway into the Lima airport. He honestly never thought he would be coming back to Lima, coming back home.

Once he and Tabitha stepped into the building, he guided the little girl toward the exit where he saw his step-brother, Finn, waiting for them. He hadn't expected to see Finn, but he smiled anyway. He was glad to see him.

"Kurt! Hey!" Finn said excitedly. Tabitha recognized the very tall man coming toward her and her daddy. Finn wrapped his arms around Kurt and hugged him tightly. Kurt wrapped one arm around Finn, still holding onto Tabitha's hand.

"Hey, Finn. Where's Dad and Carole?" Kurt asked. Finn released Kurt before he answered.

"Burt got called in for an emergency and mom has the late shift. It's so good to see you, man!" Finn hugged Kurt again.

"It's good to see you too, Finn." Kurt pulled away this time, and looked down at the little girl. She looked at her daddy as he bent down to her level. "Tabitha, you remember Finn? You talked to him that one day on the computer?" Kurt reminded her.

Tabitha smiled as her Uncle Finn bent down and smiled.

"Nice to finally meet you, Tabitha. I'm glad you and your daddy are here," Finn said happily. Tabitha smiled, releasing her daddy's hand and holding out her arms.

"Hi, Uncle Finn." She was waiting for a hug, which the man took gladly. They hugged briefly before Tabitha took a hold of her daddy's hand and Finn stood back up on his feet.

"Let's get your stuff. Mom should be home pretty soon and I don't think Burt is going to be long. Mr. Shuester said that you have to come visit him when you get the chance," Finn put his arm around Kurt's shoulders as they walked over to the baggage claim.

"I'll have to keep that in mind," Kurt responded. Tabitha tugged on his arm when she saw her and her daddy's familiar suitcases. Kurt saw the suitcase and grabbed one while Tabitha tried to grab hers, but her Uncle Finn beat her to it.

Tabitha followed her father and Uncle Finn outside to the car. It was very dark but she could see a lot of stars. Kurt helped Tabitha into the car before getting into the passengers seat.

After getting their suit cases in the back of Finn's car, Finn started the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. He paid the parking fee and drove off. Kurt looked through the window at the familiarity of the passing by stores, trees, whatever he could see.

"I was actually going to ask Burt if I could get you instead of him. I jumped at the chance when he said he had an emergency at the garage," Finn said while driving. Kurt just laughed.

"You seem way too excited to be picking us up at the airport," Kurt responded.

"Well, duh. I haven't seen you in years, Kurt. I really missed you. And I'm anxious to spend time with my brother and now my niece!" Kurt chuckled. He remembered introducing Tabitha to his parents and Finn over the computer. She was shy, but she seemed to like her uncle.

"I know. I missed you too. It's just...I can't believe I'm moving back to this place," Kurt said softly. Tabitha really wasn't paying much attention. She looked half asleep when Kurt turned around to check on her.

"I can't believe it either. So...I don't know entirely what happened..." Kurt shook his head.

"Not right now, Finn," Kurt said with finality in her voice. Finn nodded and concentrated on the road.

The last few weeks leading up to the move to Ohio had been frustrating. Kurt had lived in California since the summer after graduating high school. His junior year in college was when he met his now ex-boyfriend, Troy. They lived together a few years after graduating college. Kurt had wanted a family, always had since he could remember. After much discussion, and assurance that they were both ready, Kurt and Troy went through the adoption process. The day he saw that little girl, he knew that she was the one that was going to be a part of his family.

Tabitha belonged to Kurt and even had her last name legally changed to Hummel. Troy and Kurt broke up after an awful fight, which resulted in him and Tabitha leaving the next day and stayed with a friend, Mercedes Jones.

The place was a single apartment so there really wasn't much room, but she was great and Tabitha loved her. Tabitha was the light of Kurt's life and he loved that little girl more than anything. One night, he was feeling like he had hit bottom. He was unemployed and a single father.

He called his own father.

Burt listened to everything his son was going through and knew exactly what the solution was: move back to Lima and work with him in the garage. That was a very long phone call and he knew his son was very stubborn. Kurt got it from him. Burt worked out every detail perfectly that Kurt wondered if his father had been thinking up this plan for a long time.

The garage was going well and Burt had lost a couple of employees, so there was room for Kurt to work there. Kurt would be working a decent living with benefits and living with Burt and Carole. Finn moved into his own apartment, so there were two extra rooms available in the house. Kurt argued that he didn't want to do that, but he didn't see any other choice and he really did miss his family. After many phone calls and compromises, Kurt agreed to move back to Lima with Tabitha.

Kurt still had some savings. Thankfully, he and Troy never shared a bank account, so he could buy the tickets and still have money to put away. He hated doing this to his daughter, especially after he promised himself that the little girl would have a good life with him. Tabitha had never met Burt and Carole face to face, just once over the computer. So, Kurt wasn't sure how she would take to being in a house technically full of strangers. She didn't shy away from Finn, so that was a good sign.

There was silence in the car as Kurt sent a quick message to Mercedes, letting her know that he and Tabitha made it to Lima without any problems or delays. He shut off his phone and shoved it back in his pocket. Finn pulled into the driveway of his old home. It hadn't changed a bit. For some reason, Kurt couldn't help the smile on his face. Both Carole car and Burt's cars were in the driveway. Finn turned off the ignition as Kurt turned around and gave his daughter a light push.

"Tabitha? Honey? We're home," Kurt said sweetly. Tabitha moaned tiredly.

"Tired..." she muttered. Finn laughed as he got out of the car to grab the bags. Kurt got out of the passengers seat and opened the backseat door. Tabitha was fumbling with the seat belt. Kurt pulled off the seat belt and picked up his daughter from the seat. He held onto her while she laid her head on his shoulder. He kicked the door closed and walked with Finn to the front door. Right away, the door opened to find Carole with a huge grin.

"Oh, Kurt! Welcome home!" Carole was going to engulf Kurt in a hug but she stopped when she saw that he was carrying a sleeping child. She smiled warmly and gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek. "Her room is all ready for her."

"I'm so glad to see you, Carole. It's been a long day," Kurt said, walking into the house. Finn put the two suit cases down on the floor. Burt came from the kitchen and smiled at the sight of his son, and his granddaughter.

"Welcome home, kid," Burt said warmly before walking over to Kurt and giving him a gentle hug. Kurt wrapped his free arm around Burt and hugged him as tight as he could without waking up Tabitha. Burt looked at the little girl. She was sleeping soundly on her daddy's shoulder. Burt still had a hard time believing that his little boy was a father.

"Thanks Dad, Carole...I know that it may be..." Kurt started but he stopped when his father gave him that particular look that said, son I love you but shut-up.

"You're home now, you and Tabitha. Your rooms are all ready. Why don't we put the little munchkin to bed and we'll sit and talk," Burt suggested softly. Tabitha stirred in her father's grasp but didn't wake up. Kurt nodded as Carole walked with him up the stairs to Finn's old room, now Tabitha's room. Finn followed as quietly as he could behind, but carrying two suitcases wasn't always the quietest of tasks.

Carole opened the door quietly and turned on a little lamp on a corner table. Kurt looked at the room. The walls were still white, but there was a small bed big enough for Tabitha with a pink bedspread. Carole had called and asked if Tabitha loved anything in particular. She loved Disney princesses and horses. There was a horse stuffed animal on her pillow, a toy box that looked like it belonged to Finn at one time, and a princess themed rug in the middle of the floor. Carole spent most of her time redecorating the room and she bragged about how much of a bargain she had gotten to make the room beautiful for her granddaughter. Kurt felt like crying. It was a beautiful room.

"I couldn't help myself. I found some clothes for her as well," Carole bragged when she opened the closet door to show a few dresses hanging up nicely. Tabitha did like to wear dresses. Kurt smiled warmly as Finn put her suit case, or kind of dropped it, on the floor.

"Finn!" Kurt hissed.

"Sorry. It slipped," Finn whispered. Tabitha didn't make a move. Carole was pulling off the bed spread and getting the bed ready.

"Tabitha? Do you need to use the restroom?" Kurt whispered. The girl stirred, but didn't make a move. "Tabitha?" Kurt gave her a light nudge. She opened her eyes and yawned.

"Are we home?" Tabitha asked.

"Yes, we are home. Do you need to use the bathroom?" Kurt asked again. Tabitha rubbed her eyes as she pulled her head away from Kurt's shoulder.

"No, but I am thirsty," Tabitha said tiredly. She looked to see Carole smiling warmly at her.

"I'll get you some water, sweetheart," Carole said, giving her a light pat on the back and exiting the room, pulling Finn with her. Kurt walked over to the bed and sat his daughter down. She looked around the room. Even though she was tired, she seemed to like what she was seeing.

"Is this my room?" Kurt smiled.

"Yes, this is your room. And my room is just a little ways across from yours. Any time you need me, okay?" Kurt assured her. Tabitha nodded while her daddy went to her suit case to find her nightgown. He placed the clothing on the bed as he started to put away the rest of her clothing. Tabitha knew how to dress herself really well. Only on some occasion did she need her father's help. After she pulled on her nightgown, Kurt found her hair brush and took out the small pony tail.

Tabitha had dark brown hair and blue eyes. The four-year-old's hair went all the way to the middle of her back. Kurt loved brushing her hair and playing around with it. She may know how to dress herself, but when it came to her hair, Kurt always managed it. He gave it a few brushes and let her get settled into bed while she put her hair brush and pony tail on the little dresser with the mirror. He took her clothes and put them aside with her suitcase.

Carole came back to the room with a glass of water and a small sandwich.

"I wasn't sure if you were a little hungry so I brought you something," Carole said, putting the sandwich and water on Tabitha's little night stand. She smiled and took the glass, sipped some water and took a bite of her sandwich.

"What do you say, sweetie?" Kurt asked. Tabitha swallowed her bite of sandwich.

"Thank you, grandma," she said.

"You're welcome, sweetheart. You have a nice sleep, okay? Daddy is just across from you and grandma and grandpa are just down the hallway. And, there is a nightlight right over there," Carole pointed to the other side of the wall. There was a nightlight of The Little Mermaid plugged into a socket. Tabitha smiled.

"Will you turn it on, daddy?" she asked excitedly. Kurt smiled as he flipped the little switch. Carole picked up the horse stuffed animal and sat it beside Tabitha.

"I thought maybe you could use a companion," Carole said. Tabitha grabbed onto the horse and hugged it.

"Thank you," Tabitha said again. She yawned and started to snuggle down in her bed.

"Tabitha? Let's go to the bathroom first. I know you said you didn't have to go, but I want you give it a try first," Kurt said. Tabitha nodded. She didn't want to leave the warm, comfortable bed, but she knew not to argue with her daddy when it came to needing to use the bathroom. She got up from her bed and followed her dad down the hallway to the bathroom.

Kurt tucked his daughter into her new bed before he turned off the little lamp and closed the door behind him. She fell right to sleep, cuddling next to her new stuffed animal. Even though Kurt was exhausted, there was no way he could sleep right now. He walked down the stairway to see his dad, Carole and Finn sitting at the table.

"Hey, dude! Made you some hot chocolate," Finn pushed a cup toward the empty chair. Kurt smiled as he took his seat, surrounded by his family.

"Thanks, Finn," Kurt thanked, taking a sip of the drink.

"Tabitha asleep?" Carole asked. Kurt took another sip and nodded his response.

"Sound asleep. She slept throughout the plane ride, but put her in a comfortable bed and she goes right back to sleep," Kurt said. Burt patted Kurt on the shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

"How you holding up?" he asked. Kurt let out a long sigh.

"As good as I can be, I suppose," Kurt answered, pushing the cup across the table. "Tabitha had one more month of pre-school left before the summer. I don't see the point in enrolling her for just one month. She starts Kindergarten in the fall."

"One month isn't going to make a difference. But we can see about early enrollment at the school where she'll be attending kindergarten. I have the day off tomorrow," Carole said. Kurt smiled, but it was a sad one.

"It's been a long day. Why don't you go get some sleep?" Burt suggested. Kurt let out another sigh.

"It has been a long day. It's been a long several weeks..." Kurt said the last part softly. "What time do you want me to..." Kurt started but he got that same look again.

"You just got off of a plane. I want you to take it easy for a few days. Get adjusted. Help your daughter. We talked about this, so don't go doing what you always do and try and back out of it. Get get some sleep. Tomorrow, we'll see where we need to go from there," Burt instructed. Kurt smiled and nodded. He took one more sip of his hot chocolate and stood up.

"I think I will go to bed," Kurt announced. "Thank you again, for everything," Kurt looked at both his dad and Carole.

"No matter what, honey, you can always come home. And we are so glad to have you and Tabitha here," Carole got up and gave her stepson a tight hug. Kurt accepted it without question.

"Thank you, mom," Kurt said softly. It didn't happen all the time, but Kurt would occasionally refer to Carole as mom. It always warmed Carole's heart.

"Go get some sleep. See you in the morning," Burt said, joining in on the hug. Finn got up from his chair and walked over to the group hug.

"Can I...can I get in on the hug too?" Finn asked. Kurt laughed lightly along with the other two adults as Finn joined in on the tight hug. It was good to be home.

The next day, Kurt awoke to the smell of bacon. It took him a while to actually fall asleep, so he was surprised that he was wide awake now. He pushed himself upward and out of the bed. After getting dressed and making sure his hair was presentable, he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He noticed Tabitha's door was still closed. He opened it gently to see her still sleeping soundly in her bed. She had her stuffed horse clutched to her and her hair tousled over her pillow. Kurt smiled as he closed the door quietly. He walked down the stairway to see Carole putting a few more strips of bacon on the frying pan.

"Good morning," Carole said happily. Kurt smiled as he walked over to the coffee maker.

"Morning. When did you get up?" Kurt turned on the machine.

"About thirty minutes ago. Your dad had to go into work but he said he should be back this afternoon. You still like your omelets with cheese and spinach?" Carole asked.

"Yes, yes I do. I haven't had one in a long time," Kurt answered gratefully.

When Carole and his father started dating, Carole took the time to know Kurt. She remembered anything that was important to Kurt. He loved and adored Carole. She wasn't his mother, but if there was anybody in the world his dad remarried, he was so glad it was Carole. The woman made his father happy. They were a family, a much bigger family than before.

"Well, I'm making you a nice big one. What about Tabitha? Does she like omelets or is she a scrambled egg kind of girl?" Carole asked, cracking a few eggs in another frying pan.

"She's never had an omelet, but she does like her scrambled eggs. She's not a very picky eater." Carole made a mental note.

"It'll be like shopping for Finn," Carole said more to herself. Kurt smiled, still preparing the coffee. Just as the coffee was finished, he heard a door open and light footsteps.

"Daddy?" a tired little voice called. Kurt walked out of the kitchen and saw his daughter walking down the stairs slowly, still in her nightgown and holding her horse.

"Hey, sweetie. Did you sleep all right?" Kurt asked, holding his arms out. Tabitha wrapped hers around Kurt's neck and he lifted her off the stairs.

"Yes. I'm hungry," Tabitha said tiredly. Kurt smiled as he carried her into the kitchen. Carole was putting Kurt's omelet onto a plate and a little bowl of scrambled eggs just for Tabitha was right beside the plate.

"Well, good morning, sleepy head. Now, I believe you said you were hungry," Carole said sweetly. Tabitha nodded and looked at her bowl.

Kurt took the little girl over to the kitchen table. He took her stuffed animal, sat it beside her chair on the floor, grabbed her bowl of eggs and placed it in front of her.

"Would you like milk or juice?" Kurt asked. He grabbed a fork for her and placed a napkin over her lap.

"Milk," Tabitha answered.

"Coming right up," Kurt went to the fridge and poured his daughter a glass of milk. Carole grabbed her plate, the bacon and Kurt's omelet and brought them over to the table. Kurt placed Tabitha's glass next to her bowl.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome. You can go ahead and eat," Kurt said. Tabitha was taught that it was polite to wait for everybody to sit at the table before eating. Kurt grabbed him and Carole a cup of coffee before they both sat at the table with their food in front of them.

"Tabitha? Would you like bacon?" Carole asked. Tabitha took a bite of her eggs and a sip of her milk.

"Yes please," she said. Carole put two strips on Tabitha's bowl and passed the plate to Kurt. He grabbed two and set the plate aside.

"Was your bed comfortable? Do you like your room?" Carole asked as she sipped her coffee. Tabitha started taking apart her bacon.

"Yes, grandma. I really like my horse," Tabitha answered. Kurt smiled as he took a bite of his omelet. Carole was a great cook.

"Tabitha, honey, don't eat just your bacon," Kurt gestured. Tabitha put down her bacon and picked up her fork. He turned to Carole when she started eating more of her eggs.

"Other than checking out the school for her, is there anything else we need to take care of? What about your car?" Carole asked. Kurt sipped his coffee.

"I sold it. It was a piece of junk anyway, and it gave me some money to put away after buying the plane tickets," Kurt answered. Tabitha was more interested in her food than the conversation.

"We'll definitely talk about sharing cars until you save enough to buy one," Carole said sweetly before finishing up her breakfast.

"I really hate putting you guys out like that," Kurt said, his voice filled with guilt. Carole looked at him with a stern expression.

"Do I have to go all motherly on you like your father went fatherly on you last night?" she asked. Kurt laughed lightly.

"No, you don't," Kurt answered.

"Good. Don't make me have to. Now, get that nonsense out of your head. So, I say, we go to this really nice elementary school, not far from here, talk about early enrollment or future enrollment, and then we'll do a little shopping," Carole gathered her dishes and took them to the kitchen.

"You seem confident that I'm going to go with this elementary school," Kurt stated. "I didn't exactly have fond memories of mine."

Tabitha was still eating.

"I think you'll like it. Things have changed a lot since you or Finn were there. I checked it out myself, but of course, you are the father, so the decision is definitely yours," Carole said respectfully. Kurt nodded. He turned to his daughter who had finished the last of her eggs and bacon.

"Are you finished?" Kurt asked. Tabitha nodded, food still in her mouth. She knew better than to talk with her mouth full. "Okay. Let's get you dressed before we leave."

It didn't take long to get Tabitha dressed and ready when Carole finished cleaning up the kitchen. They left the house and drove off to the school. The whole trip, including meeting with the principal and some teachers, only took half an hour.

"I told you it wasn't the same," Carole said with a wide grin when they got back into the car. Kurt found the place rather cute. It did go through a lot of changes, including a new principal. Early enrollment wasn't until the middle of the summer, but Kurt got the information to send in to get it going. Tabitha was a shy girl, so it was going to take a little time for her to get acclimated and make some friends. After getting situated in the back seat, Kurt got into the passengers seat before Carole put on her seat belt and started up the car.

"I believed you, I just wanted to be completely sure," Kurt responded. Carole just nodded and pulled out of the parking lot.

"I understand. I was the same way with Finn when he was Tabitha's age. Now, off to the mall we go. There's this cute little shop for children Tabitha's age I want to go through and find some more clothes and..." Kurt put his hand on Carole's arm. Tabitha was in the backseat. Although she was listening, she wasn't entirely sure what the conversation was about.

"Carole...don't go buying her..." Kurt started to say.

"I'm the grandmother, do you know what the grandmother's job is?" Carole asked in her motherly voice.


"The grandmother's job is to spoil the grandchild and buy her stuff, especially stuff that she needs," Carole said.

When Kurt and Tabitha left their old home, they could really only bring what could be carried in a suitcase. Kurt didn't care about the furniture or other appliances. Tabitha had to leave her whole bedroom and most stuffed animals she liked. Kurt managed to take some pictures with him and anything else he could fit in the suitcase, his laptop included.

"You've done enough," Kurt said softly.

"I want to do more than enough, that is my privilege as your step-mother and as her grandmother. I'll pick out some clothes for her, while you get some things for yourself as well."

"Daddy needs new face stuff," Tabitha added. Kurt closed his eyes but the smile on his face grew wide. Carole just laughed.

"See," she added.

"Thanks, honey," Kurt said to his daughter. The little girl smiled.

"You're welcome."

After a long day at the mall, Carole went to pick up food, knowing Burt would be home when they got there. Burt had been very good about his eating habits, thanks mostly to Carole, even though he still grumbled about it from time to time. Tabitha was excited about the new clothes and shoes she got. Kurt found the facial creams he needed, as well as some other personal items. When they got home, they ate their lunch. Afterwards, Kurt put Tabitha to bed for her afternoon nap.

Kurt was sitting on the couch, watching television with his dad. He really wasn't paying much attention to what was playing. He had too many thoughts scattered in his mind. Will Tabitha will like her new pre-school? Could he handle being a mechanic for a little while? How long would he want to stay in Lima? His boyfriend was out of the picture and Kurt was fine with that. Still a little heart-broken over the situation, but he was going to get through this.

Without a word, Kurt got up from the couch and walked up the stairway. Tabitha would be sound asleep right now in her bed. He pushed the door open. Sure enough, she was sleeping in her bed, cuddled up next to her horse and sleeping. Kurt leaned against the door frame and smiled. He wasn't alone for long before he heard his dad walk up the stairs and stand beside him.

"I used to do that too," Burt said softly. Kurt turned to his dad and looked at him with a furrowed eyebrow.

"Do what?"

"During your nap times, or even bed times, I would stand in the doorway and just watch you for a moment or two. And I keep thinking...this little child is mine and he's depending on me," Burt responded. That was what Kurt was thinking.

"You did pretty damn good, Dad," Kurt whispered. Burt smiled and put his arm around Kurt's shoulders.

"From the looks of it, you're doing damn good too. Sometimes it's still hard to believe that you're a father," Burt admitted.

"I know what you mean," Kurt said the last part rather sadly and his father picked up on it right away.

"Hey, you listen me," Burt started. "You did nothing wrong. You did what you had to do to protect her. That's what a father does. H loves and protects his family. That little girl is your family, and I am so proud of the way you handled the situation you two were in. This is your chance to start over. I know it wasn't the one you wanted, but you got us by your side and Tabitha's. You're doing fine, and that little girl loves her daddy."

Kurt's eyes watered. Why did his father always know what to say and it end up with him in tears? He sniffed a little as he looked back at Tabitha, still sleeping. He loved her so much.

"Thanks, Dad," Kurt whispered. He turned to him and wrapped his arms tight around his father's neck. Burt grasped his son and hugged him just as tight.

"Love you, son. Glad you're home."

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