Olivia stirred from her sleep. She rolled over to reach for Fitz but felt a small tiny body next to her. She opened her eyes to see Teddy sound asleep in Fitz spot. She smiled he slept just like him. She reached for her phone to find a note taped to it. Fitz wrote and told her he took the kids to get breakfast and should be back shortly.

Olivia woke Teddy so she could quickly bathe him and herself and get dressed. After she threw on a t shirt and sweats she walked downstairs with Teddy on her hip.

"Hungry, ma ma food.''

''Daddy is around the corner little man. We will eat in a few minutes.''

Fitz and the kids walked through the door a few minutes later with bags of food.

''Good morning sweet baby.'' Fitz said as he gave Olivia a soft kiss on her lips.

''Good morning handsome.''

''Hey liv! We got you favorite.'' Jerry said as he hugged her.

She hugged him back, ''Thanks.'' She planted a kiss on his head.

''Morning Liv.'' Karen gave Olivia a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

the family ate their breakfast as they talked about mostly what the kids were doing in school. After breakfast was over the kids flew into the entertainment room and turned on cartoons.

''Today is the big day we find out if I am really pregnant.'' Olivia said as she hugged Fitz as he washed dishes.

Fitz stopped washing dishes to face her, he smiled at her. She was so beautiful.

''Livvy, you are pregnant. My swimmers work well.'' He grinned down at her as she rolled her eyes. ''I know this is scary for you. I want this baby as much as you do you have to believe you are pregnant baby.''

Her face became serious, ''What if I harm our child? What if I am not a good mother? What if the baby has something, Fitz it will be my fault.'' She had tears in her eyes.

He pulled her closer to him.'' Baby you are already a great mother. You won't harm our baby, our baby will be fine. God forbid if anything happens then we will handle that. But I need you to believe in yourself, I wouldn't have fallen in love with someone who I thought would be a bad mother. You are a wonderful mother and you will continue to be. Our child and my children are lucky to have you.'' Fitz picked her up and put her on the counter. He walked in between her legs and pulled her face close to his. ''I love you.'' He kissed her. Softly at first but then she opened her mouth to welcome his warm tongue. He tasted like syrup and strawberries while she tasted like blueberries and whipped cream. She moaned in his mouth and he pulled her closer. She raked her fingers through his hair as she opened her mouth wider for him.

''Gross!'' Karen and Jerry said in unison.

Fitz pulled away from Olivia and she ducked her head in his shoulder.
''Shouldn't you two be watching cartoons?'' Fitz asked, he blushed a little.

''I wanted some juice and Jerry wanted some grapes.''

''Get your juice and grapes.''

Karen and jerry got what they needed and then quickly left out the kitchen.

''I love you Fitz.''


''Hey mom, thanks for watching the kids. We should be back in a few hours.'' Olivia said as she put on her jacket and fixed her hair in the mirror.

''Take your time, I love spending time with my grandchildren. '' Michelle said as she placed her purse down on the table by the door.

''G.G!" Karen and Jerry yelled as they rushed down the steps.

Michelle loved Karen Jerry and Teddy. She told the kids to call her G.G, grandma made her seem old. She treated them as if they were her biological grandchildren and the kids vice versa.

''You guys ready to have fun today? Where is my little teddy bear?''

''Yeah!'' Jerry yelled.

"Teddy is asleep. He should be waking up soon"

''Okay kids, behave for your grandmother and we will be back before dinner. We love you'' Fitz said as he came down the steps and kissed the kids, Michelle and led Olivia to the car.

As they hopped in the car and buckled their seatbelts Fitz turned to Olivia. ''No matter the outcome today I love you. I always have and always will.''

''I love you.''


''Mrs. Grant you are pregnant. Congratulations'' said as she shook Fitz hand.

Olivia didn't say anything, her throat was clogged with tears so she just looked at Fitz and smiled.

He kissed her forehead, ''I told you so.''

''It looks like you are about a month and a half a long. I will let you fill out paperwork and you can go outside and Mary will schedule your next appointment.''

''Thank you, doctor.'' Olivia whispered. She touched her stomach. This was really happening.


Fitz and Olivia decided to stop for ice cream at their favorite spot. Fitz ordered the chocolate cupcake flavor and Olivia ordered cookie dough.

As they sat in the booth and ate their ice cream Olivia remembered her conversation with Mellie.

''I saw Mellie last month… with Jake.''

Fitz' eyes snapped up. What the hell were they doing together?

"Why were they together?''

Olivia shrugged. "I think they are a couple, I think she was pregnant too, and I don't think it's Paul's. "

''What makes you say that?''

"She said they weren't together anymore, I figured that the reason was because of the baby and Jake. She told me to tell you that she would be moving with Jake to Florida. He was offered a job. They were actually on their way to the airport when I saw them."

Fitz didn't say anything for a few moments. ''why couldn't she come a few days before leaving to see the kids? I don't understand her sometimes." He hit the table with his fist and Olivia jumped.

''I am sorry baby, she makes me so fucking mad. She… I am sorry.'' He reached for her hand she gave it to him. He began to rub tiny circles in her hand.

''it's okay, I told her that I would tell you. You can call her later and you guys figure out visiting arrangements. I didn't mean to upset you.''

Fitz got out of his chair and sat next to Olivia. He pulled her chair towards him and grabbed her face. ''I am not upset with you, I love you. I shouldn't have snapped like that. I promise to not do that again. I am sorry if I startled you.'' He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. He pulled away before the kiss became to heavy.

Olivia stood up. ''Where are you going?'' Fitz asked.

''to the car, we can't go back to the house, we need to get a hotel room.''

Fitz hurried out of the ice cream shop with Olivia next to him. She laughed at his enthusiasm as he sped away to the nearest hotel.