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"Isn't it awesome that the only thing we have to worry about now is my wizard competition?" Justin glanced over at Alex, who was sitting on her bed looking at a magazine.

Ever since her dad found out about them, it was okay for Justin to be at the house as long as one of her parents was there. The rule was fine with Alex, because Justin used to never be allowed to come into her house, for fear of being caught.

Alex turned to Justin. "Yeah. Speaking of the wizard competition, Max, my dad and I kind of did something…"

Justin cast Alex a confused glance. "What do you mean?"

Alex didn't answer, she just cast a spell. "This could stop things from being a mess, so take us to our spoof wizard test!"

"Wait, wha—" But Justin was cut off by a tornado like wind that came and took Alex and Justin into it. The wind carried them to a small arena, where Jerry and Max were standing.

"Okay, someone explain what's going on." Justin insisted.

"Well," Alex smiled at Justin. "To help you understand what a wizard competition is like and for you to get a feel of it, we're gonna do a fake wizard competition against you, me, and Max."

Max looked up from his gaming device. "Yup." He agreed giving Justin a thumbs up.

Justin's face of confusion turned into a face of thankfulness. "You guys did this all for me? Thanks, that means a lot."

"No problem man." Jerry said. Then he put a warning finger up. "Unless you break my daughter's heart. Then there will be a problem."

"Yes sir, I mean Jerry, I mean Mr. Russo." Justin fumbled.

Alex laughed and looked towards her father. "So what do we do, Dad?"

"You guys all stand behind those gaming controllers. I'm going to read off a spell. Your job is to tell me what it does. If you know it, click the red button. If you click the red button and get the question wrong, however, you'll lose 100 points. You get a different amount of points for each question depending on how common the spell is. Questions?"

No one raised their hand.

"Alright, let's begin." Justin, Alex and Max hovered their hands over the red button.

Jerry cleared his throat. "Edgbonoutusis." He stated.

Alex's hand slammed on the red button. "Duplicate someone or something." She flipped her hair.

"Correct." Jerry smiled at her. "50 points."

"I've gotten some good use out of that one." Alex smirked into Justin's ear.

"Next," Jerry started. "From your chin to your toes, an elephant trunk grows."

Max slammed his hands on his button. "Makes your nose bigger." He grinned at Justin and Alex. "In your face, losers." Justin and Alex tried not to laugh.

"That's incorrect, Max. You lose 100 points." Max's face fell.

"What!" He exclaimed. "I swear this is rigged." Alex rolled her eyes and then heard the familiar thumping as Justin's hand smashed the button.

"Makes an elephant trunk grow on your nose. The length depends on how well you focused on the spell." Justin stated professionally.

"Correct!" Jerry remarked. "100 points plus 10 for the bonus knowledge."

"Plus 10 for the bonus knowledge." Alex mimicked in a squeaky voice.

Justin smirked at her tone. "Jealous much?"

"I'm not jealous!" Alex defended herself.

"You're so cute when you're jealous." He smiled at her.

"Aw, thanks." She smiled back and was about to kiss Justin when—

"Back to the game." Jerry remarked rather loudly, causing Alex and Justin to pull apart. "Sorry." They mumbled.

"Right. Anyways, the last spell is Mcreary, timereary."

Justin's hand hit the button. "Go back in time to fix a mistake."

"Correct!" Jerry exclaimed. "50 points for Justin!" Alex rolled her eyes and Justin smirked.

"The next part of the wizard competition, I'm going to give you a scenario in which magic would be helpful. Tell me a make-em-up you could use."

All three kids nodded.

"First, your wife is in labor and you need to get to the hospital like, right then."

After about five seconds, Alex's hand hit the buzzer.

"There's something urgent, as many can see; take us to the hospital immediately." Alex chanted.

"Correct!" Jerry exclaimed. "200 points." Alex stuck her tongue out at Justin, who rolled his eyes back.

"Okay," Jerry continued. "Your car is out of gas and you need to get it to the gas station immediately."

Justin's hand hit the buzzer. "When it comes to gas, I need a large ration; take me and my car to the gas station."

"Correct! 200 points." Jerry said. "Lastly, you're lost and you need to get home."

Max threw his hand at the button.

"I'm lost and alone, and sinking like a stone, take me hoooooo-ooo-ome." Max sang in the tune of Fun's 'Carry On.'

"Um…" Jerry started. "I suppose that works. "200 points."

"Yes! Suck it, guys! I am awesome!" Max roared.

"Oh yeah," Alex 'agreed,' "You're so awesome! 100 points! I only have 250 and Justin only has 310. You're so good."

"I know right!" Max didn't seem to understand.

" The last portion of the test-" Jerry announced. "is actually doing spells. Get your wands out." The three kids did. "Now, I'm going to throw a fire ball at all of you."

"What!" The three teens cried in unison.

"Relax! Not real fire. It just looks extremely realistic. Your job is to make the fire go away before it hits you. You won't be able to move. So someone put a spell on all three of you to not be able to move."

"When it comes to powers I want more, glue our feet to the floor." Justin chanted. It worked.

"Good," Jerry said. "Now someone give me three realistic looking, not dangerous fireballs."

"Realistic is important as it can be; make three of those fireballs, but not dangerous like we…" Max started, but couldn't think of a finish.

"It was a good try Max." Jerry chanted. "Alex, you do it."

"There's something I want, and I will say; give me three realistic fireballs, but not harmful in any way."

Three fireballs appeared in Alex's hand and Alex jumped back. "Relax." Jerry comforted. "They won't hurt you."

Jerry took the fireballs and threw one to Max.

Max panicked. "Um.. Go away fire, go away, go away!" He waved his wand frantically in the air trying to get it to leave. Nothing happened.

"Alright, no points for Max." Jerry concluded awkwardly. "Justin, you're next." He threw the fireball.

"There's something I want, nobody knows; turn my wand into a hose!" He sprayed the fireball until it disappeared.

"Nice job." Jerry complimented.

Alex chuckled. "Um, Justin. Now turn the hose back into your wand."

Justin's look of pride turned into one of fear. "Damn it." He apologized for his language. "Alex, turn it back."

Alex smirked and held up her wand. "Now that this place looks like a pond, give Justin back his wand." Justin's wand appeared next to him. "Thanks Alex." He remarked.

"Now your turn," Jerry finished, gesturing towards Alex. He threw the fireball.

"Hahaha, this will be really fun. Turn my wand into a hose for the next 20 seconds done." Alex's wand turned into a hose and she sprayed it. Not soon after the hose became her wand again.

"Alex, 100 points! That's the end. Alex got 1st, then Justin, then Max. Flash us back Alex."

Alex waved her wand and they were back at the house.

"Thanks for that Alex, that really helped." Justin said when he and Alex were alone.

"Hey, a free chance to kick your butt at something. Of course I'm not gonna pass that up."

Justin and Alex laughed.

"I love you so much Alex."

"I love you too Justin."

And they kissed.

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