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Neo Prisma Chapter 1/Prologue

Stop me if you've heard this one before, 'kay? Once there were five maidens. The maiden of metal, the maiden of wood, the maiden of earth, the maiden of water, and the maiden of fire. These five maidens were the best of friends and were completely pure and strongly believed in justice. Not to mention they had incredible powers over their respective elements. This made them huge targets for evildoers, as their immense powers could easily foil any plan of theirs.

One day said evildoers, whom ruled the land at that time, found them and bound them with ropes, a smidgeon on the tight side, kidnapped them, and placed them each in their own highly secure tower. Said towers were scattered across the land and guarded by a highly powerful beast, among other things. The evildoers were positive the maidens could never escape.

However, they were wrong, as evildoers so often are. The maiden of earth escaped and, after much struggle, managed to free the other four maidens. The five, along with the many denizens of the kingdom, then went to defeat the leader of the evildoers to free the land of their evilness and tyranny. After a horribly epic battle in which much blood was shed and many lives were lost, the five maidens emerged victorious.

As a thank you for saving the kingdom, the five maidens were named rulers of the land, each given a domain. The maiden of metal ruled the towns, the maiden of wood ruled the forests and fields, the maiden of water ruled the seas and waterways, and the maiden of fire ruled the mountains. As for the maiden of earth, it was decided unanimously that she was the bravest and greatest of the five since she saved them all, so she became the leader of the land and presided over a huge castle in the heart of the land. The country was named Rainbow Resort, after the multi-colored mist that often settled over the land in the mornings. The descendants of the maidens still rule the land to this day…

"That's a nice story, Latias-sama. I seriously doubt it's even kind of true, though." I commented once my guide finished her story.

Latias turned her head towards me and rolled her eyes. "Ok, first of all, don't call me 'Latias-sama'. Ever. I know I'm a Legendary, but -san or -chan will work just fine. Second of all, I agree this story sounds like a load of Corn Nuts, but I've heard otherwise. Queen Mew swears she's descended from the Maiden of Earth in the legend and that her reasoning behind not letting humans live here is that the evildoers from the legend were all human. Then again, she also swears that Driftloon take children to their doom when ever they hold on to them. NOT true! I have personally asked a Driftloon if that was true myself, and she burst into tears saying that she'd 'never do something so awful'." She then looked concerned and asked "Don't tell her I said that, 'kay?". I nodded swiftly, prompting her to quickly respond "Thanks. If she knew I had been saying things like that she'd have my head!"

"Wait, shouldn't you be watching where you're flying?" I asked, concerned. Considering I was on her back, with her flying me to my new home of Rainbow Resort from my old place, this was a legit concern to have.

This prompted her to burst out laughing vigorously. "Oh, please!" She managed to get out through her hysteria. "I could fly this course in my sleep!". After my suggestion, though, I did notice she kept her eyes on the road and swerved a bit more to the left.

After quite a while, the started her decent from the clouds. Since we were insanely high up, breaking through the clouds took us quite a while. Once this task was finally complete, I caught my first glimpse of the stunning city I would from that point on call home. It was filled with breathtakingly tall buildings, had a glimmering river running beside it, and was absolutely huge!

Latias touched down at the edge of the city, setting my suitcases down next to where I had climbed off. After being in the air for hours on end, it was refreshing to have my paws touching solid ground. I looked around myself a bit more. The huge towers looked even bigger from here, and the city was teeming with Pokémon of every species imaginable. Latias caught the look of wonder on my face, smiled, and exclaimed "Welcome to Neo Prisma City, Vulpix-san!" with a laugh.

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Here's an example for our protagonist, Vulpix.

Name- Vulpix Heathers

Species- Vulpix

Gender- Female

Age- 13

Birthday- January 18th

Backstory- She was raised in a small northern village with her four younger brothers. Her parents are very kind, but were a bit pressed for money, so she moved to Neo Prisma City to earn money to send home when she got old enough. She was always a little too busy with her brothers for a personal life, so she hopes she can get some friends in the city, as well.

Personality- Bright and cheerful, but relatively sarcastic.

Anything else- She's a total Entomophobe, meaning she's really scared of bugs. She also is obsessed with ramen.

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