I feel like I owe you all an apology.

I fully intended to rewrite this story and make the canon work, but I've lost faith in these ideas. I liked the story at the time, but I genuinely think I ended up convolutions it to the point of no return.

Please forgive me, but I do not think I will be continuing this work. But, to make it up to you, I'll at least tell you where it would have gone and why I'm dropping it.

In Neo Prisma Viridian, I intended to tell a story of a Waddle Dee who wanted to be Meta Knight's apprentice and failed. I got a few chapters in, but lost sight of it. It was supposed to include many Nintendo characters, but mostly from Zelda and Kirby. Most of the plot would revolve around adventure arcs that took 8-10 chapters a piece. In this time, we would have met Phione and Rotom, rejected Legendary Pokemon that turned to thieving to get attention, Tetra, a pirate, and a band of mercenaries from a country that fell either several or hundreds of years ago, depending on how the story went down. I do plan on telling the latter's story, at least in part, as my origin story for them became the basis of my new story, The Mansion Enigma. A few ideas from Neo Prisma made it into there, so I implore you to check it out.

Neo Prisma Cobalt at times had two seperate plots, characters, and concepts that I debated against. The first was a Pokemon/Glee crossover that revolved mainly around Blue (the girl one) from Pokemon Special/Adventures trying to cope with the loss of her dear friend, while trying to keep her new ones from dying. It would have been a rather lengthy adventure, but many of the characters added plotholes with their origin stories, yet I found I didn't care to write the story without them.

The second pass was a Doctor Who story set in a single day, centered mainly on false identities and the effect of hasty decisions. Amy and Sarah Jane would have split the starring role, with almost every other character dying in the course of a day. Time loops would have factored in and ended up reseting the destruction, but only Amy retaining the memories of the event and having to live with them. A few ideas from this also are finding their way into Mansion Enigma, but I do hope to reuse parts of this concept someday.

The final story was Neo Prisma Aurum, a FiM-centric tale that was essentially a retelling of the plot of the first two episodes with more drama and confusion. It never made it past the first act in my planning, but it would have been rather convoluted.

So, I really am sorry that I couldn't give you these sequels and rewrites I promised, but just know it's because I feel I should give you all better. So, in closing, I do hope you'll see some of my other work, as I feel it will be much greater than this story ever was. Additionally, if anyone else wants to take a stab at writing a sequel, be my guest. I do love this story, but I've moved on, so I would be happy to see someone else try, if anyone is willing.