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Guy had a really weird day. A few minutes ago he was being pulled along with The Croods against his will to find the Macawnivore (That's Chunky if you don't know), heard terrifying screams and shouts that can scare the life out of anyone, see giant fires flaming up trees, and right now coming face-to-face with two girls like him and very much also unlike him.

Well, they definitely look like him in a way, thin and not buff and big like The Croods, but that's about it. What made the girls look so different was that firstly, they looked very unnatural themselves. Their clothes were so out of this world, and they covered each girl respectively form neck to ankle (unlike The Croods and himself) whereas their feet were covered by shoes! but they were also weird looking in a sense. Secondly, they were sprawled out on the ground; well actually it was just the girl with black hair and dark clothes and she was gazing at them with a horrified expression with those strange golden eyes of hers while the other girl was kneeing next to her and had a shock look on her face…and her face… Guy had to admit that she was really pretty. He could feel his cheeks blushing at the sight of her. No doubt the first girl was injured and the other one was trying to tend to her. And what probably hurt the first girl was definitely Chunky.

"I…I must be seeing things. Am I right, Lia'?" He heard the first one said.

"Cavemen. We're seeing Cavemen." The one called Lia' just murmured to herself. Then without warning, she stood up and walked a few feet away from the injured one and stopped a stone's throw away from them. "Touch my friend and you'll regret it!" She seemed really defenseless until she took something small from a pouch in her pants and instantly the top of her fist seemed to light up a small flame.

The respond was shocking. The Croods just went into a frenzy. "SHE MADE FIRE FROM HER HANDS!" Thug shouted and the whole family jumped a foot away from them. Even Guy was shock. It takes at least a while to make fire let alone a small one, and the girl make it look so effortless and quick.

"Cavemen speak English?" The girl half-laying on the ground said with a daze.

"That's it, who are you and want do you want? No one hurts my family!" Grug roared and approached the girl with green eyes. It was quite obvious that she was frightened from the trembling of her hands as the big man towered over her.

It was a flash of a sudden when Grug was lying on the floor with the injured girl no longer on the floor but lying on top of him while brandishing something deadly that glinted the reflection of sunlight while pointing it at the Grug's neck. "Don't touch her, you buffalo!"

"Hess!" Lia' shouted

"You-" Grug begun when the girl pushed the weapon closer to his neck and he shut up instantly, but from the looks of it he really wanted to do something.

The Croods were all now in disorder. Either try to take the yellow-eyes girl off their leader, but she still that tiny deadly weapon against Grug's throat… And if they tried to keep nap the other girl, will the one called "Hess" even try to rescue her? Well, she did save her friend from Grug's advance but right now the glare from those strange eyes were so scary and intimidating that it scare off quite about anybody. So right now The Croods were back on all fours growling and jumping around the girls (probably instinct) except Guy, who was in a state of shock that someone his size could take down a person like Grug so easily.

Meanwhile, Grug was trying to shove Hess of him. She was lighter than Guy but with the weapon on one of his most vulnerable spots ever it was hard to leave this fight without a severe injury.

Then everything came down in slow motion. Grug taking the risk to pull off the girl from his body while Hess gets prepared to slice his throat, the rest of The Croods about to pounce on Hess and Amelia with Amelia's hand clutched tightly around the lighter, ready to light it when all of them heard a sudden shout of "STOP!"

They all looked up from what they were about to do and just stare at Guy like what the heck! Guy just sighed and said " Come on, let's just think things through rationally. I don't even understand why we were fighting in the first in the first place."

"I agree." Amelia from out of nowhere stepped beside Guy, making him blush as the beautiful girl had the same idea as him. Nobody really saw what went on with Guy's face but unfortunately Eep did, which made her fumed in jealousy.

"But Lia'-" The other girl tried to protest but Amelia interrupted her.

"No Hess. Besides, it's my fault this whole thing started," she looked at The Croods, "I'm so sorry, but when I first saw that you all were cavemen, I reacted on the spot. Because on Internet it said that cavemen were savage people pretty much like animals…" She then murmured to herself. "And it's usually Hess who starts the fight first."

"Uh Lia'? You kinda lost them."


"Oh come on! They don't know what's the Internet!" Amelia's head swerved back to the prehistoric people and sure enough they all had question marks written on their faces. Internet? What's that? Guy wondered.

"But I have to admit I'm surprised. I wasn't expecting a homo sapien to be among them." Hess mused, breaking Guy's away from his thoughts. He knew the statementwas referring to himself as he was the odd one out but he obviously didn't know what's a homo sapien.

"What's that?" Amelia asked.

"Duh! It means modern human!"

"Well, I'm sorry I don't know that, my lady!"

"Don't refer to me to the Greek goddess again!" (There's a Greek goddess named Hestia, no joke. And no Hess ain't a goddess.)

"Hey!" Grug shouted from beneath Hess, "Still here!" His shout at least stopped the girls from continuing their petty argument.

"Sorry chap," Hess apologized as she rolled off him, her eyes no longer retaining that terrifying look, and making herself look much friendlier, definitely a better sight than the other one. "I thought you were going to hurt my friend." She then gave out a loud moan. "Dang! Is it me or my ankle's trying too kill me!"

Grug grunted as he stood up stretching his aching muscles from the previous impact. "For someone as thin as you, you sure can pack a punch, much better than Guy." He pointed in Guy's direction, making him squeak in embarrassment.

"Your name's Guy?" Amelia asked.

"Yes, anything wrong?" Guy looked at down at his shoes, face once again turning into the color of an apple. Eep was now growling silently to herself as she watch the pair interacted with each other.

"No no, it's just that… no one call themselves that in where we're from." Amelia replied, looking away to avoid eye contact.

"So, no hard feelings?" Hess said to Grug before Guy could say anything.

"No hard feelings," Grug replied. Hess stretched a hand out to him, and understanding the gesture, immediately shook on it. "But why are you still on the ground?"

"Cuz a giant colorful killer cat tried to eat me! Thank god Lia' threw fire at it! I mean look what it did to my ankle! I can't even stand up!" Hess gestured towards her bulging injury.

"Wait did you say a giant colorful killer cat?" Grug asked, pretty much fixated on that statement.


"That 'giant colorful killer cat' is our pet, Chunky!" Grug then continued without breathing as the girls shouted "What!" in disbelief in their own respective way. "Where did Chunky go? Did you girls burn him?!"

"We were trying to protect ourselves! The only thing I could of was fire!" Amelia protested.

Grug and Amelia were about to launch into an argument until Thug asked "Uh…what just happen?" confuse at what just happened and unknowingly breaking the two's quarrelling.

"Duh! We made up and are now arguing!" Hess rolled her eyes.

"That's something you don't see everyday." Gran remarked.

"Mom!" Ugga groaned at her mother's attitude while Sandy started growling like a savage animal, making the two girls frown a little at the little girl's strange behavior.

Ugga just shook her head. "Grug, you know Chunky can take care of himself. There's a river nearby so he can put out the flames by himself. He's smart and can swim anyway."

Grug started nodding his head. "Thanks, Ugga. I needed that."

"And you," Ugga turned towards Hess, "are coming back with us home. I have a special ailment that can heal your ankle."

"But- " Hess begun but shut up immediately after she saw Ugga's expression. It had motherly concern plastered all over, which was nice, but the scary part was that you could tell that she expected no one to say the word 'no' to her. Definitely not one to disagree with right now and do the safe thing. "Yes mam'."

Amelia went to Hess and crouched beside her. "Let us introduce ourselves. I'm Amelia-"

"But I call her Lia'."

"-And this is my best friend Hess, short for Hestia."

"But if you call me that I'll kill you. Not literally of course, but you get what I mean." For a moment Hess's glare came back, making The Croods cower a little under her gaze, but then it passed and she look back to normal.

"Alright, I'll start first. I'm Grug, that's Guy…"After The Croods were done with their intros (which Eep growled hers in Amelia's direction which scared the crap out of Amelia at the same time), they all noticed that both the girls had weird looks on their faces.

"Is there anything wrong?" Ugga asked once again with motherly concern.

"No no! Nothing's wron-"

"It's just that all of your names sounds weird except for Gran, but that's also probably not her name since no one is named like that…"

Everyone had twitching eyebrows as they continued to stare at Hess as she mumbled away to herself.

Guy, who finally found the chance to speak, started asking them the questions that were previously burning in his mind. "By the way, I want to ask you girls a few questions. Where are you from? How did you get here? And how did make fire so quickly?" His eyes were in flames from curiosity.

The two girls looked at each other worriedly then nodded in each other's direction, as if speaking through their eyes only.

"We…we're from the future."

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