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"It's all about believing. Believing in each other, in ourselves - in everyone. There's always something special hidden in everyone out there. You got to be patient, forgiving and loving. And someday, after many hardships and failures - you will find out what's special with someone. Always."


CHAPTER 1: The New Guardian

Jack always knew his mischievous side would get him into trouble one day. With regular people? No, of course not, they can't see him after all. With the Guardians? That...was a different story. What kind of trouble was he thinking of? Nothing too serious; a blizzard here, some snowball fights there. Certainly nothing so bad that he deserved to be grabbed and stuffed into a giant red bag by a couple of Yetis.

Which was basically the situation he suddenly found himself in at the moment.

Jack had no time to grasp it though, as he suddenly lurched forward, feeling the hard ground hit. He grunted and immediately caught sight of two elves peaking through the small entrance of the bag.

"Whoa, personal space, would ya?" he said, using this chance to jump out. What was awaiting him on the other side though was a face he had not been expecting to see so...excited.

"Hey! There he is!" North's voice boomed in his thick Russian-accent. By his side stood, or should Jack say, floated Toothiana; aka: the Tooth Fairy. "Jack Frost!"

He stared at the two in slight amazement, wondering what the famous Guardians would possibly want with him. After all, most of them were usually cooped up either preparing for their own holiday or working all year round like the Tooth Fairy and Sandman. Did they want something from him? Or did he do something bad? The latter seemed like a more realistic reason in his opinion. He opened his mouth to ask when the two Yetis, that had previously kidnapped him, seized his shoulders and forcefully pulled him into a standing position, despite his protests.

"Did the Yetis treat you well?"

Jack tucked his arms on top of his staff and rested his chin on it. "Oh, yea. I love being shoved into a sack and tossed through a magic portal."

North grinned and nodded while Tooth, who seemed to understand the concept of sarcasm, cringed. "Sorry about that," she apologized before flying over to his side at a speed Jack couldn't keep up with. Her bright violet eyes seemed to consume his entire vision as she went up to his face.

"What're you-?" Jack was cut off when she suddenly seized his mouth and began probing his teeth.

"It's great to meet you!" she gushed, pulling his bottom lip back to get a better look. "I've heard so much about your teeth! Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow!" This went on for a few seconds before Bunnymund intervened and pulled her back, rolling his eyes.

"Well you know Tooth now," he grunted in his Australian-accent with narrowed eyes, "and me, unfortunately. Right there is North and the sleeping cobber next to him is the Sandman. His mates call him Sandy though."

"Uh huh," Jack nodded before turning his back to Bunnymund in order to face North. Bunnymund glared daggers at the boys back and Jack tried not to smirk; he always did enjoy messing with the giant Kangaroo. "Not that I'm not flattered the Guardians wanted to meet me but, can one of you explain to me what I'm doing here?"

Sandman flailed his arms in the air for attention and Jack crouched down to get at eye-level. A golden-image that looked like a figurine made of sand suddenly appeared atop his head, then another, and another until a bunch of figures went flying by, each disappearing after only a second. It took a moment but Jack realized Sandy was giving him a visual of what they wanted.

He stood upright and scratched his head awkwardly. "That doesn't really help, but thanks for trying. I must have done something pretty bad though to get you four together." His face suddenly brightened up with mischievous glee. "Am I on the naughty list?"

"Ha!" North laughed, causing Jack to flinch, wondering how to other three got used to his loud voice. "On the naughty list? You hold record. But, we overlook. Now, we are wiping slate clean." North demonstrated his words by swiping his hand across the forearm that held a tattoo of the word 'naughty' on it. Now Jack was definitely confused.

He raised an eyebrow. "How come?"

"Good question," Bunnymund mumbled in disdain.

"How come?" North repeated. "I tell you how come!"

Jack flinched again. "Great but seriously, can we keep the volume to a minimum?"

North didn't seem to hear him as he raised his arms in the air and two Yetis suddenly appeared by his side with high torches blaring a bright fire. "Congratulations! You are now Guardian!"

All of a sudden, music blasted throughout the room as many elves came strutting in with silver horns. Two of Tooth's tiny fairies flew up, carrying a color necklace of what looked to be designs of snowflakes and Jack jumped back as they neared him. North cheered and even more elves walked in, twirling and throwing batons into the air. Even confetti began to rain from the ceiling. How? Jack did not know. He tried to back up but was met with the fury chest of a Yeti. Wow, did those things irritate him today.

Before he could protest any of what was going on, Jack saw a Yeti handing North a rather large book. Jack shook his head, which was a bad idea seeing as the music was giving him a headache. Alright, I've had enough of this, he thought before raising his staff in the air.

He sucked in a breath...and struck it down.

A breeze charged from where his staff connected with the ground, blowing out the torches and even managing to slam the book into North's face. Ice materialized into a pattern on the ground around them and everyone stared at Jack in amazement, but he was preoccupied with another thought at the moment to notice.

"What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?" he called out, not caring who answered.

They stood in shock and an awkward silence hung in the air. Well, for about three seconds at least before North roared in laughter. Jack couldn't believe it. The old man thought he was kidding!

North ceased and said, "Of course you do. Music!"

The elves got ready to play once again but Jack cried out to them. "No music!" They stopped and one elf grew frustrated and threw his horn to the ground in protest before stomping away. Jack raised an eyebrow at it before continuing. "Again, this is all very flattering but...I don't want to be a Guardian. I mean, work all year round with no fun and nothing but deadlines, no thanks."

Tooth flew up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Jack, I don't think you understand what it is we do." She grabbed his elbow and directed him to the immense replica of the Earth that floated proudly in the center of the room. Tooth gestured to the thousands of tiny golden dots that shined on random spots of it. "Each one of those lights is a child. A child who believes."

"And good or bad," North continued, "naughty or nice, we protect them."

Jack didn't respond and only waited for a further explanation.

"Alright, that's it!" Bunnymund spoke up, stalking over to the white-haired boy. "No, more wishy-washy. Listen up you knocker, Pitch is out there doing who knows what and when Pitch threatens us," he pointed to the lights, "he threatens them."

"Pitch? You mean the Boogeyman?" Jack laughed and shook his head. "All the more reason to pick someone more qualified, I say."

North chuckled. "Pick? You think we pick? No! You were chosen! Like we were all chosen. By Man in Moon."

Jack's head snapped up, seeing North gesturing towards the moon that shone through the skylight. Did he hear the big guy right? "Man in Moon...he talks to you?"

"Yes," Tooth answered, "and last night he chose you. and three others."

Jack had been in immense thought about the Man in Moon but still managed to catch onto Tooth's words. "Excuse me?" he asked.

"Tooth!" Bunnymund groaned. "We're havin' a hard enough time convincing him to be a Guardian, now we gotta tell him he has a team!"

"Well, I think the best thing to do is explain it all at once," she quickly defended herself. "Rip the bandage right out, as they say."

Jack was ready to deliver another blow with his staff but thought better of it and resorted to shouting, "Hey!" Tooth and Bunnymund paused from their disagreement and turned to him. "What. Are. You. Talking. About?"

"No need to get your trousers in a knot mate," Bunnymund replied. "It's simple. The Man in Moon said last night that you're a new Guardian. But, this morning he showed us three more; your team."

"Wait, so I have a team now?" he laughed without humor, shaking his head. "What's our team name? The Fearsome Foursome?"

"Oh, nice sarcasm! Did you come up with that all on your own?"

Jack ignored him and faced the direction of the moon. He still couldn't believe it. After thirteen years of silence and unanswered questions, he just threw Jack into the Guardians? This was his big plan? This is what he brought him back to life for? This is what he erased his memories for?

"Why wouldn't he talk to me himself, huh?" Jack asked through clenched teeth. "Never a single word from the guy and suddenly he wants me to join the Guardians? He wants me to spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some hideout with three strangers thinking of new ways to bribe kids?"

"Jack, please, this life is not what you think it is," Tooth tried, but was ignored.

"No, that's not the life for me." Jack sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Look at the bright side though, you've got three other 'chosen' ones who'll probably jump at this chance."

"I agree," Bunnymund said. Tooth was prepared to lecture him but he cut her off as soon as she opened her mouth. "No, seriously. Why are we putting up with this clown? Let's just go find the other three and be done with him. I mean, really, what's he know about bringing joy to children?"

Though angered by his words, Jack forced a smirk, rather than a scowl, on his face. "Uh, ever hear of snowball fights and sledding? I know it's no hard-boiled egg, but kid's like what I do."

He expected an angered, maybe furious, reply, but was shocked by Bunnymund's next words. "But none of them believe in you, do they? You see, you're still new around here. The kids don't even know it's you who's making the snow. You're invisible, mate and you got nobody."

Jack averted his gaze to the ground, trying hard to keep his composure. Tooth saw this and intervened.

"Bunny! That's enough."

"No, the kangaroo's right," Jack replied, glancing at Bunnymund to see his reaction.

"What? What'd you call me?"


He grinned. "You heard me."

"I'm not a kangaroo, mate." Bunnymund spoke with a dark undertone and brought his face closer to Jack's in a threatening manner. "I'm a bunny; the Easter Bunny. People believe in me. I have a team to support and fight with me. Can't say the same for you, can we?"

They stood glaring at one another, the air tense around them. Jack felt something at his feet and broke his gaze to look down. Sandman had gone between the two and stretched his arms out, creating a space. Bunnymund's eyes lingered on Jack's for a second longer before he 'tsked' and walked away. Tooth seemed to be going through some inner battle with herself on who to speak with before groaning and following after Bunnymund. Loyalty, Jack assumed.

North though, had gone straight for him with the most serious expression he's ever seen on the guy. He might be Santa Claus, but he was not a jolly man at the moment. "Jack, walk with me."

It was not a suggestion.

Apparently, the 'walk' North was talking about only made it as far as his office.

It was a slightly darkened with only various candles placed in random spots for light. Shelves stacked with different kinds of toys lined the walls and a desk stood by the windows, ice-sculptures of what looked to be more toys sat atop of it. "Designs," North explained, seeing where his gaze rested. "New toys I've been coming up with."

"It's amazing," Jack replied with genuine wonder.

North nodded before sighing. "Jack, I sensed some tension between you and Man in Moon."

"Tension, what tension?" Unlike before, North completely heard the sarcasm in the boys tone. "I mean, he brought me back to life without telling me a single thing about why or who I was before death. Tension? Why on earth would there be tension between the two of us?" Jack's hand clenched tighter onto his staff and he shut his eyes, not liking the look North was giving him.

"I'm not exactly on good terms with the guy," he continued, a silent anger hidden beneath his words. "So yeah, I guess there is some tension."

"What is troubling you?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Jack sighed.

North nodded. "Don't worry Jack, Man in Moon does not do anything without purpose. If he choose you, you must have a special center that the world needs."


North walked over to one of the shelves. He reached out with his beefy hand and grasped a doll. It wasn't until the guy handed it to Jack that he saw it was a Matryoshka Doll of North himself. "What do you see?"

"Uh, you."

"Good, now go to the next layer." Jack did so and another small version of North popped up. He had no idea where this was headed but decided to humor the guy. "What do you see now?"

"I don't know, you but with a happy expression."

"Keep going."

Jack began pulling out the next layer and the one after that and the last one after that. "You, angry. You, hiding? You...crying?"

"Me, mysterious and caring!" North clarified excitedly. "And the last one?" Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Jack pulled out the final layer of the doll and found a tiny wooden baby. This time he did roll his eyes. "What do you see?" North asked.

"A baby, I'll assume it's you."

"Look closer..."

Jack began to grow impatient. "I don't have big eyes?"

Apparently that was the correct answer as North's face beamed and his grin seemed to stretch across his entire face. "Yes! Big eyes full of wonder!" He ran to the center of his office and spread out his arms. "Eyes that see the lights in the trees and the magic in the air! This wonder is what I put into the world and what I protect in children. It was what I was destined to do and what is my center as a Guardian."

Jack glanced down at the tiny doll in his hand. "Your center, huh?"

"Yes, that is mine. What is yours, Jack Frost? What is special about you? What makes you chosen to be a Guardian?"

He signed. "I wish I knew."

"Well then, find out!" North crossed over to his desk and pulled out three pieces of paper and gestured over for Jack to see. He went up and saw three pictures.

The first was boy with medium length dark-auburn hair that looked to have never been brushed and green eyes. He wasn't short, but muscular or fit are two words Jack would definitely not use to describe him. His nose was round and there was a gap in his teeth, giving the illusion of a little kid.

This is one of my teammates? Nice choice, Man in Moon.

Next to that picture was a girl, or at least Jack assumed it was a girl seeing as her hair took up most of the page. She had long, wild and curly, red hair that reminded him of wildfire. Her face was small with blue eyes and a slightly pale skin tone. Not as pale as Jack though that's for sure.

The last picture was another girl and her image caused Jack to gap. Her hair also took up most of the page, but instead of it being large and curly, it was long; really long. It coiled around the girl's feet in blonde strands. Her eyes were green and large and Jack instantly thought of puppy's when looking at them.

She's cute, but what's with these girls and having crazy hair? Was it in style nowadays?

"So you don't want to be a Guardian, maybe you'll have a change of heart. But either way, you need to retrieve the other three," North explained.

"Why me?"

"It's just the way it was meant to be. It is why Man in Moon showed you to us first. Happened to me too, if you must know."

"You mean, you went and got everybody together?"

"That is right. I went and gathered my team of Guardians. Now it's your turn, please." Jack cringed back as North's tone grew a slight pleading tone. Seeing a guy as big as him resort to begging was not something people see everyday. "Even if you and Man in Moon have bad blood, at least go get them." He handed the pictures to Jack, who took them with hesitation. "Who knows? Maybe they'll help you find the answers you're searching for."

Jack didn't respond and thought about it. Slowly, he was sort of accepting the whole "being a Guardian" thing. After all, what other reason could Man in Moon have brought him back for? But being a part of a team? That was what still alluded him. He tried to hand back the wooden baby-doll but North shook his head.

"Keep it," he said. Not knowing why, Jack stuffed it into his pocket and stared at the pictures once again. North looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Jack shook his head, blowing out a deep breath. "I guess, what's the harm in just meeting these guys, right?"

"That is my boy!"

"That wasn't a yes to the Guardian position though," he quickly added.

"Still better than nothing," North shrugged and Jack couldn't help but laugh at that. "The locations of each are at the bottom of the page, as well as their names."

Jack leaned against the desk with the palm of his hand. "Quick question; how am supposed to talk to them when no one besides you guys can see me?"

"Oh, don't worry, they can all see you."

Jack's breath hitched and his hand slipped, causing him to fall. But he quickly caught himself and stared wide-eyed. "R-Really?" he managed to choke out.

North nodded. "It is true, Guardians are all able to see other Guardians and, even though none of you are full Guardians yet, they can all still see you."

"Can other people see them?" he asked, still not getting over the fact that someone other than North, Bunnymund, Sandman and Tooth can see him. After thirteen years, he's going to be seen! By people his age, no less! "You know, since they're Guardians and all?"

"I repeat; you four are not full Guardians yet. People can still see them and their full potential will not awaken until they each find their center; don't worry though, that will all be explained once you've all gathered."

"What about me? People can't see me, so am I a full Guardian?"

"No, your full powers haven't even been discovered yet, Jack. But you're close, you just need to take the first step down your path."

"And...finding these three is my first step?"

"If Man in Moon says so, then yes."

Jack shook his head. "You have a lot of faith in a guy you've never met."

North chuckled and stood up, walking over to Jack and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Sometimes the easiest things to believe in are the ones we can not see. How do you think we've survived this long?"

"So your center is delivering toys and giving cheesy saying?" Jack said with a smirk. "Nice package."

"Joke now, but once you find your center, you'll be grateful to Man in Moon."

I sure hope so, he thought, not wanting to say that out loud. Once words were spoken outside of your head, they become more real somehow and Jack didn't want to have that kind of hope.

"So," he cleared his throat, "who's the first victim?"

North ignored his jab and winked. "What do you think?"

Confused, Jack glanced at the pictures and spoke out the name before even realizing his lips were moving. "Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Okay, now that's creepy."

"No," North shook his head and looked back over his shoulder to the moon, "it is destiny."

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