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CHAPTER 7: First Impressions

His pulse quickened. Veins throbbing. Despite his usually cold skin, at the moment Jack was burning up.

He gripped his staff, hands clenching tighter and tighter until the pressure forced him to drop it onto the ground.

Unbelievable. Jack just couldn't fathom what was going on in the Big Guy's head; keeping him stranded. He did was he was told. Get the three new Guardians and bring them to this specific location. Then, Bunnymund would meet up and take the three far away from him.

So where was Bunnymund?

Hopefully writing his eulogy because that over-sized kangaroo was going to end up six feet under after Jack was through with him.

Was he happy to at least see Hiccup one last time? Of course. Jack hated to admit it, but it was fun hanging out with the little Viking for a while. The little awkward fellow grew on a person; like a lost-sad puppy.

Rapunzel? Eh, they only met a few hours ago. He'd get over it; as blunt as it sounded.

But Merida? Oh, he could not wait to get away from her. It was just too much fun teasing her. But, unfortunately for Jack, it came with harsh consequences. Unlike Rapunzel and Hiccup who could take Jack's joshing attitude, Merida behaved like a canon; always ready to blow. It took the fun out of teasing her (though that wasn't enough reason to stop in Jack's opinion.)

Hiccup nudged Jack with his elbow, forcing him back to reality. "You sure you got the right place?" he asked. "No offense but we've been here for about an hour."

"If there's anything I'm good at, it's directions," Jack replied. "That stinkin' kangaroo is just late."

"The Easter Bunny, right?"

He nodded. "That's the one."

Jack averted his gaze to the girls, who had suddenly become the closest of friends.

Merida apparently wanted to discuss something with the only other girl on the team and had dragged Punzie away, leaving the only two boys on the team alone.

The girls sat cross-legged in front of each other far from hearing distance. Jack wasn't sure what they were talking about, but if Merida's angry gestures at him weren't a clue, nothing was.

Over in the horizon, the sky darkened into a blend of orange, reds and purples. The breeze began to take a slight chill. Jack gritted his teeth. Where is Bunny?

As if some higher being heard his thoughts and sent a miracle, there was a shift in the ground.

It began to tremble in the wake of some unknown approach. Jack cried out like a man becoming a father for the first time, "FINALLY!"

A large hole had crumbled in the ground beside Hiccup, who yelped and ran over to Jack's side. The girls rushed over just as Bunnymund shot out from said hole. As soon as his large feet touched the ground the hole closed up, leaving no trace of its existence.

"Hello," he said, as if he wasn't an hour late. "You ankle biter's doing well?"

Merida and Jack spoke at the same time. "You're late!"

If there was anything Bunnymund hated with all his being, it was excuses. So he went for the truth, no matter how he knew it would sound. "I was playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with Tooth and we kept getting tied. Sorry, couldn't leave until someone won." He paused for half a second. "She did. Woman's skilled."

No one reacted, too dumbstruck; except Jack that is.

"Good ol'Tooth. Kicking your butt even at simple games." He laughed while Bunnymund clenched his paws tight, not wanting to look bad in front of the new recruits.

"So, let's all get introductions out of the way," Bunnymund declared. "I'm E. Foster Bunnymund. Or the Easter Bunny. I am the Guardian of Hope. You lot?"

Still no reaction.

Hiccup was the first to recover, impressing Jack. The young Viking cleared his throat, attempting to speak through his nervous stutter. "I-I'm Hiccup. Ah...Guardian of-of Something. Not sure what yet."

"You'll find out in due time." The giant bunny turned to Rapunzel, who was wonder-struck at the sight of him. Eyes wide and gleaming like dew on fresh grass. "What about you girl?"

"You're a giant rabbit," she smiled.

Bunnymund raised a eyebrow and noticed something shifting in her hair. A tiny green chameleon peaked out from her shoulder but, as soon as it caught sight of him, swiftly hid into her hair again. He grinned as Rapunzel cleared her throat, bouncing on the heels of her bare feet. "Sorry, that was rude. It's just so...so cool! Ah, anyway. My name is Rapunzel."

Hiccup wrapped an arm around Merida, who narrowed her eyes. "This is Merida DunBroth. She's well, not very social and doesn't like strangers."

"I advise anyone to stay clear for their own safety," Jack added.

Merida's face was deadpan as she slammed hard down onto Hiccup's left foot. He bit down a yell and fell to the ground, clenching it tight against the pain. "Ah can speak fur myself," she pointed out, glaring.

Bunnymund chuckled with a light shake of his head. "You remind me of me girl, when I was young. Spunky and don't take anything from no one. Keep it up."

Merida held her head high with the praise.

Jack narrowed his eyes into a glare of his own. He never did like people who boast. So he put up a smile and said cheekily, "I see who's the teachers pet of the group."

"Jack," Rapunzel warned, raising her frying pan. "You wanna keep talking?" She never was a fan of confrontation and she wasn't about to start now with her new team.

"Don't worry mates," Bunnymund interrupted before Jack could answer. "Ill get cha there in seconds."

"How?" Rapunzel asked.

Jack groaned, "You had to ask him that?"

Bunnymund smirked and tapped his large foot on the ground twice. For a second nothing happened and Jack assumed that the kangaroo was messing with him.

Then, the ground was gone, as though the earth was swallowed up and everything was weightless for the length of a second.

Jack was flung into a deep tunnel, his sweater gathering bundles of gravel and dirt as he slid on his back. He heard Hiccup scream, apparently not enjoying being forced down a dark tunnel. They'd only been sliding for a few seconds but Jack could already feel the lumps of rocks bruising his back.

Rapunzel suddenly charged past him, arms high in the air.

Then Merida, who cheered and shouted, "Woohoo!"

Hiccup continued to scream for his life.

At least Jack knew who were the fun ones in the group.

For a while it felt like the tunnel would never end, but a blinding light began to grow larger and larger until it consumed them in its mouth. Merida fell first, then Rapunzel, Hiccup, and finally Jack, who quickly gathered some wind to push back the force of the fall and place him gently down.

He grinned and stood beside the tangled mess that was his team.

"Ye cooldnae dae 'at trick fur us?" Merida grumbled, scowling at Hiccup's boot that had rudely collided with her jaw in the wake of the fall.

Jack laughed and reached a hand down to her. Merida slapped his offer away and ripped herself off the other two. Jack shook his head and instead offered both his hands to Hiccup and Rapunzel, who took his gesture with no problem. Grunting, he pulled them to their feet.

Hiccup padded himself down, coughing dust out awkwardly. "Well that was, ah...a nice trip."

"I'd hae preferred tae tak' Angus," Merida pointed out. Her eyes widened. "Wait, where's mah horse?!"

As she uttered the sentence, a second hole appeared above their heads and something large fell out. Jack reached his staff out, wrapping the curve of the tip around Merida's waist and pulling her to his side. Angus then fell on the same spot she had just been standing on.

"Angus!" she cried, elbowing Jack to let go. She ran to her partner, who tapped the ground angrily and shook his long, stringy hair around, protesting the transportation he had just endured. Merida cringed and rubbed his nose affectionately. "A'am sorry about 'at, boy."

"Yeah, don't thank me for saving your life," Jack said. "I'll just let the next horse to fall down a hole land on you."

"Nae a body asked ye tae save me," she retorted. "Especially if it gi'es ye tha' much ay an ego boost."

He glared, taking a step forward towards her. A hand reached out and gently brushed his shoulder hesitantly. He turned and met Rapunzel's eyes. She shifted her weight from left to right, looking down a few times.

"Jack, please don't start any fights," she mumbled. "It's strange enough being in a new place for the first time...we don't need trouble."

Jack paused for a moment. He then smirked, shaking his head. "Ah, you're way too nice, Punzie."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Hiccup pointed out. Rapunzel blushed, giving him a sheepish smile that he returned. Jack rolled his eyes, leaning against his staff.

"Welcome!" Four simultaneous finches proceeded when North's voice boomed from behind them, echoing around the spacious room. Jack swore he heard the ceiling tremble as they did. "Aw," he smiled, "you're all so young and cute. I can't wait to break you with training! It'll be fun!"

Again, the others were too stunned to respond.

Jack realized he had to be the leader for them, at least for now. Ha! What a thought though, Jack the leader!

Jack tapped his staff against North's large round belly, amused by the sound and motion it made just a bit too much. "North, buddy, they can hear you just fine. Don't want deaf Guardians, do you?"

"Ha-ha, you funny Jack," North replied, waving a thick finger.

Rapunzel took a brave step forward and spoke with uncertainty. "You're Santa Claus, right?"

North's smile was warm and his tone gentle, reminding Jack of a fireplace somehow. "Rapunzel, what a beautiful name-"

"It means lettuce...," she whispered. Only Jack and Merida heard though and they quickly hid their laughs.

North didn't notice. "-now that you have all arrived, it's time for introductions, then lunch."

Merida perked up like a puppy. "Lunch? What're we havin?"

"The Bear here needs her daily slaughter," Jack said. "Got her some fresh trout?"

"Ye know what?" Merida stomped over, leaning close enough to his face to notice the veins showing beneath his too-pale skin. "I weel slaughter ye if ye dornt zip it, Frost."

"Now that's a good threat, Bear." He clapped in the same patronizing way Merida's own mother would when she was not amused. That ignited her fury even more than it should have.

"Stop callin' me tha'!" she shouted, ignoring Angus's worried whinny.

Jack shrugged. "I can't help it, I love nicknames. Right, Punzie?"

"Please don't bring me into this," Rapunzel mumbled.

"Besides, it fits," he ignored her. "Mer-bear; it rhymes."

"Guys," Hiccup pleaded. "Stop, you're being disrespectful. And Jack you're kind of being a giant jerk, you know?"

Suddenly, two balls of golden light shot through the air, one hitting Jack square in the face while the other got Merida. They dropped to the floor, snoring peacefully. Above Merida's head, a ring of golden bow and arrows danced in a circle. The same for Jack except besides a weapon, it was snowflakes.

"W-What happened?" Hiccup stammered while Rapunzel knelt down beside Merida, apparently checking for pulse.

"Don't worry," a voice echoed from afar. "They're just asleep."

The two fully-awake teens ceased and noticed someone new fly swiftly and gracefully to North's side. She glowed with colors unthinkable to the imagination and her eyes were a kaleidoscope of different and bright shades of lilac. Her presence itself sent a calm and slight nurturing aura throughout the room.

"Reminds me of Bunny and me," North chuckled to Tooth, pointing over to an unconscious Jack and Merida. "Those two."

"Nice shot Sandy," Bunnymund roared with laughter as he and another short fellow joined the group.

Hiccup was desperately confused and looked over to the newcomer beside Bunnymund. He immediately noticed gold particles floating around him, in fact, in seemed as though the man was made of the stuff. Hiccup chuckled nervously and pointed a finger. "You must be...the Sandman, right?"

Sandy nodded, smiling.

North said, "You can just him Sandy though." He gestured to Tooth floating beside him. "And this is Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy, but you may call her Tooth. Then we have Bunnymund but you can call him-"

"They may NOT call me Bunny." Bunnymund glared, nose twitching. "I'm their teacher so they need to show me respect."

"You're having fun with this, aren't you?" Tooth whispered in his large ear.

He grinned cheekily. "That obvious?"

"Hiccup," North patted the boy with his hand, sending him to the ground. Rapunzel giggled. "Carry Merida with Rapunzel while Bunnymund gets Jack. All of you, follow me."

"Wait!" Hiccup said. "What about Angus?"


"Merida's horse..."

North laughed and waved his words away. "No problem, my Yetis will take care of him. Let's go!"

Bunnymund smirked and grabbed Jack by the collar, dragging the boy across the floor while his other paw held the staff, clanking and banging it on anything he walked by, the sound vibrating off the walls and causing Rapunzel to cringe with each 'clank!'.

Hiccup huffed, snaking one arm around Merida's shoulder. "Rapunzel, right?" he said. She nodded, face beginning to flush. "Nice to official talk. Can you grab the other side please?"

She nodded eagerly. "No problem."

Rapunzel mimicked his arm position on Merida's left side. Hiccup braced himself. "Alright. Heave!"

They lifted the girl off the ground as high as they could and followed after North, dragging each foot forward with strain.

Rapunzel would sometimes spend her free days (most days) stretching and doing basic exercises. So she wasn't exactly having much trouble. Hiccup on the other hand, was already panting.

"I needa work out more," he suddenly joked, trying to fill the silence.

Rapunzel gave a small smile, showing that his attempt was appreciated. "What did you do in your spare time back home?" she asked, then wondered if that was too personal a question.

Hiccup didn't seem to mind, relieving her. They carried Merida through a series of narrow halls, making sure to keep an eye on the group ahead. Hiccup almost tripped a few times a few passes elves. But other than that, the two were doing fine keeping up (Rapunzel just wished Merida would keep her hair in a ponytail or something so she wouldn't have to keep spitting it out.)

"I was an apprentice to a family friend," Hiccup answered, quickly wiping his brow and staggering a bit. "He was a blacksmith and I used his shop to...ah, invent things."

"That's so cool," she replied honestly. "What kind of things did you create?"

He laughed, sheepish. "Mostly just junk. I mean, most of the time my inventions wouldn't work."

"That's still an amazing skill."

His face turned a bit red. "What about you? What's your best talent?"

"Well..." Rapunzel's mind immediately recalled the many hobbies she had practiced throughout her lonely years in her tower, but only one stood out amongst the rest. "Painting, I guess."

Merida grunted a snore, rather loud, scaring the two. They laughed, and Rapunzel began to feel a kinship with the boy develop. They were both artists after all. Creating something out of nothing with just their two hands.

She realized it felt nice having something in common with someone. She wanted to continue the conversation, but the group ahead had stopped at a large circular doorway. The surface was painted white with vivid red stripes. North tapped twice with his fist and not seconds later did the massive doors smoothly glided open.

They all stepped through the door and into a cavernous room with a skylight that provided the perfect amount of light, almost like magic. The first thing that caught Rapunzel's eyes was the impressive monument of the planet Earth, almost as though it were a planet of it's own right in their possession. Elves upon elves scattered about in busy motion, working on who-knows-what.

"This is amazing," Hiccup voiced her thoughts first.

"I know!" Rapunzel quickly agreed, a little too eagerly she thought. But Hiccup didn't seem to care, further increasing her liking to him.


Bunnymund dropped Jack and his staff on a table; not very gently Rapunzel might add.

She and Hiccup lifted Merida up and placed her backside onto the table beside Jack.

"Are we all here?" Tooth said. Sandy counted off and gave her thumbs up. "Great so, North, how should we start?'

"By waking up those two I assume," Bunnymund grinned. "Sandy, if you will." Sandy returned the grinned with much mischief. He twirled his hands in a spiral motion, then began to move his feet in an intricate pattern. This went on for a good 50 seconds before he stopped all motion and...clapped twice.

Merida shot up and tried to punch someone, obviously thinking she was attacked. Jack rubbed his head and groaned.

"I feel like I fell off a tree," he grumbled. "And believe me, I know what that feels like."

Rapunzel and Hiccup snickered behind his back. Bunnymund's face appeared as though he had sucked on a sour lemon, apparently wishing to keep Jack in a longer slumber. Tooth, on the other-hand, whispered to Sandy, "Were all those motions really necessary?", to which he replied with a simple shrug.

North clapped his meaty hands, the sound thundering around the room. "Okay," he called out. "Is everyone present?"

"Just get on with it," Bunnymund sighed.

"Introductions are important Bunny." North stood up straighter than normal, clearing his throat. "I am North, or as the children know me as, Santa Claus! And I am the Guardian of Wonder."

Tooth floating towards them, shaking each hand besides Jack's. "Hi, I'm Toothina, but you may just call me Tooth. I am the Guardian of Memories."

Sandy proceeded to demonstrate a set of golden images above his head with even more hand gestures than before. Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel exchanged glances while Jack just laughed. Tooth quickly intervened, "Aha, that's the Sandman, or just Sandy. He's the Guardian of Dreams."

"Last and certainly least," Jack suddenly said, throwing his arms in the arm in mock-enthusiasm. "Bunny!" No one's besides North laughed though, each glancing nervously for Bunnymund's reaction.

"An' Ah thooght Ah was th' rude one," Merida whispered to Hiccup, who nodded in agreement, earning a glare from Merida at the fact that he had basically called her rude.

"It's Bunnymund," Bunnymund correctly steely. "Not Bunny. And I am the Guardian of Hope, kids."

"The most important position of the group," said North rather sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, but not as important as Christmas." Bunnymund rolled his eyes. "Sing a new song would ya?"

Sandy looked just about ready to put these two bickerers to sleep as well, but Jack yawned loudly, gathering attention, and began, "Well, now that yours truly has recruited all the other members, it is time to take my leave. If anyone who please show me the door, or window, I'll gladly-"

"You're leaving?" Rapunzel cut him off.

Her eyes stared down at him, catching him completely off guard by their intensity. Jack felt a nagging pull at the back of his mind; as though there were something he forgot to do. Only thing; he forgot exactly what it was he forgot.

He tried to think of a response to her question, but found himself dry mouthed. North stepped to his side, resting a large hand onto his scrawny shoulder. "There will be plenty of time for running away later Jack," he said. "For now, let's just explain things better to you four."

"If you kids would please take a seat over here," Tooth said with her usual bright smile. Jack snuck a glance at Rapunzel as they each took a seat beside each other on the floor; Hiccup and Merida in the middle while Rapunzel and Jack took the ends.

The four higher Guardians took a authoritative position in front of the newcomers, glancing at each other, wondering who should be the first to speak. Bunnymund tapped Tooth on the shoulder and she rolled her eyes, "For Pete's sake guys, they're just kids."

"Kids; no problem," Bunnymund replied. "Teenagers; no thank you."

"Fine, I'll start." Tooth took a breath, faced the four teenagers and began their tale. "For thousands of years the Guardians of Childhood have been on this planet watching over the children of the world. Each of us protects a specific aspect of a child's persona and their sense of self. For example, I am the Guardian of Memories and it is my job to make sure the children never forget the important events of their childhood; no matter if painful or not. After all, who you are is based entirely on what you go through."

She flew up a bit towards the sky-light that allowed them a perfect view of the moon. As always, Jack had the feeling someone was watching him every time he looked up at the large, luminous orb of silver. He suddenly wondered if the other three beside him felt the same way, but then decided he didn't care enough to ask. "Mooney, or formally known as The Man in Moon is-"

"Wait, I'm sorry," Hiccup interrupted, surprising everyone in the room. "I don't know mean to be rude, but uh, isn't the correct phrase, 'The Man in the Moon'. Not, 'Man in Moon'?"

Rapunzel and Merida exchanged surprised looks, realizing that he was right.

Jack exchanged his own looks with the Guardians, where they suddenly burst out laughing. "Wow," he said between laughs. "Good job Hiccup but, to be honest, I never realized we were saying it that way."

"Huh?" Hiccup said, flabbergasted.

Bunnymund cracked a sheepish smile. "When you hang around North for so long you start to talk like him, is what it is, mate."

North leaned his head back with a laugh. "What can I say? I am influential guy."

Hiccup turned beat red and cleared his throat, "Ah, c-carry on Ms. Toothiana."

"Oh, don't be embarrassed," she replied, smiling her bright white teeth. "It's always good to have proper grammar. Anyhow; The Man in the Moon, is sort of like our higher being. He see's all we do and all we don't see. Though he rarely intercepts with our actions, only guiding, there are times where Mooney comes in with help. The biggest help; you four."

"He knows us?" Merida gaped.

Tooth nodded. "He showed us Jack first; then you three. It might seem selfish but North suggested that, since he was first, it should be Jack's duty to gather the rest of you guys." She smiled at him, embarrassed. "We all voted on the idea...since, well, you were shown to us first."

"Thanks Mooney," Jack muttered bitterly. The three teenagers next to him exchanged uneasy looks.

Tooth sighed. "Believe it or not, we were all actually ready to go instead. But something...got in the way. More specifically; someone."

"Pitch Black," Rapunzel spoke up. Everyone's head shot up at that.

"Yes," Tooth replied, her feathers twitching curiously. "How did you know, Rapunzel?"

Rapunzel blushed, not liking the special attention. Wishing she hadn't spoken in the first place, she had no choice but to answer. She figured honestly was the best policy. After all, the Guardians really had no say in what is considered strange or not. "Ever since I was young, I've had, just, really weird dreams." She began to play with her hair, hoping it would distract herself. "Actually I wouldn't even call them dreams. Sometimes I just hear voices. Sometimes slow images. Sometimes both."

Rapunzel almost stopped breathing; everyone was frozen, staring at her with wide eyes. She put her hands up. "But they never really made any sense! So I don't think anything of them."

"Well," Hiccup said slowly, "you saw Pitch Black in one of those dreams? I mean how'd you know his name?"

"I didn't see him," she answered. "But I remember a few dreams where it'd be nothing but darkness. Except...," she shivered, memories of the previous dreams creeping into her mind, "there'd be a voice laughing and then I'd hear different people all chanting the same name; Pitch Black. So I just assumed..."

Everyone paused, taking in Rapunzel's words. In the midst of it all, Jack was the only one who took note of the looks North and Sandy exchanged between each other. He narrowed his eyes.

"Alright everyone," Tooth clapped her hands, the sound it emanated just a whisper with her small hands. "Rapunzel is right; we will figure out how later. Either way, we all have the same enemy; Pitch Black. Also known to most of you as the Boogeyman."

"What?" Merida finally spoke, making Jack jump, having momentarily forgotten that she was even in the room; shockingly. "The Boogeyman? Mah faither used tae scaur me wi' stories ay heem when Ah was jist a lassie. Ye mean tae teel me some freak who hides under beds is our biggest threat? What's he dae? Steal aw th' pocket change Tooth leaves under th' pillows?"

"Merida," Hiccup said disapprovingly.

"Hey, we were aw thinkin' th' sam thing." She was quick to defend herself. "I'm jist th' only one not afraid tae say it."

"There is a time to speak and a time to stay quiet," he replied, tone even and steady. "Now is the time for us all to stay quiet. I don't want to miss any important information."

Merida smirked and punched his shoulder affectionately; which to Hiccup was still painful. "Looks who's groon a pair."

"Can we please stop getting off track?" Jack said, tapping his staff repeatedly on the ground. "Jeez, we can't even mention a name without everyone going off into their own stories."

"Sorry," Rapunzel cringed.

He immediately felt bad. "No, I didn't specifically mean you, Punz."

"Ye implied it though, Frost," Merida snorted a laugh.

"Who invited you to speak?" Jack grinned. "To be honest I preferred it when I forgot you were even here."

She scowled. "Yoo're jist beggin' fur someone tae knock ye silly, arenae ye?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, why don't you just try it, princess?"

"Leest Ah wooldnae need a stupid stick tae fight."

"Least I don't sound like I need to cough up a hairball. I mean seriously, you're worst than Bunny."

"Jack!" Hiccup hissed. "Merida! You two are making a scene. In front of the bosses no less!"

It was surprisingly quiet for a moment after that, not that anyone complained.

"Alright," North sighed and ran a hand through his beard. "As much fun as this has been, it's time we all chilled down." He clapped twice and a heavy steel door on the far end swung open.

Four Yetis came strolling in, each grunting in displeasure at having been taken away from their previous work. North pointed to each of the teens. "Since you four can't work as a team yet, much less sit in the same room without interrupting, I think we should talk to you each individually."

No one argued.

"Bunny," North continued, "you get Merida." The first Yetis lifted her up onto his shoulder and proceeded to escort her and Bunny to another part of North's workshop. Merida's curses and shouts sounded and echoed even after the doors shut.

"Was that really necessary?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes!" Jack said, choking on his laughter.

North narrowed his eyes at Jack. "Jack, you get Tooth."

"Seriously?" Jack groaned. The second Yetis proceeded to lift him bridal style. Tooth put a hand to her mouth, covering up her own laughter and followed after them.

North smiled at the only girl left in the room. "Rapunzel; Sandy will escort you to the library."

"Library?" she wondered.

"Trust me."

Sandy grasped her hand softly and guided her to their destination. Suddenly, it was only North, the largest man in the group, and Hiccup, the smallest, left.

Hiccup gulped, suddenly feeling even more small in the empty room. "I guess I'm with you?"

North winked. "Save the best for last, no?"

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