Pairing: DeanxSeamus, Prompt: Cage

Seamus' hand formed a fist, smashing into the mirror on the third floor bathroom. He grit his teeth, staring at the blood oozing to the surface.

He was so sick of it all. He was so angry. And most of all, he was hurting.

Seamus missed Dean so much.

Dean had gone on the run, avoiding the Death Eaters at Howarts. Seamus hadn't heard from him since and was worried sick. Dean could be lying face down in a ditch for all he know, and it hurt.

His hands clenched together tighter, his fingernails digging into his skin.

Dean wasn't just his best friend, they were so much more. He loved him.

And he didn't even know where Dean was.


The Irish boy turned around, seeing Neville in the doorway.

"You okay?"

Seamus shrugged. "As okay as one of us can be."

Neville looked down at Seamus' bloody hand. "I feel the same way."

Seams growled. "I'm so sick of being trapped here. It's like a bloody cage."

"It'll be okay," Neville said. He gave Seamus one last look before ducking out.

Seamus promised himself that soon, he'd break free of this cage. And he'd find Dean, and the two of them could be together. Just like they promised each other.