airing: CedricxFleur, Prompt: precarious

"Cedric, I'm scared," Fleur whispered into the darkness.

Reaching over, Cedric grabbed her hand. "It'll be okay Fleur; we'll both make it through this alive."

"'ow can you be so sure? Zis tournament is cruel, and it iz dangerous!" Fleur said, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

Cedric agreed. This was much more difficult than anyone could have possibly portrayed. He now understood how some people could die in the competition.

"Fleur, we both know we put ourselves in this precarious situation," Cedric.

"I know, zat is ze sad part," she whispered.

"Hey, let's not think of that right now. Right now, we're still aliveā€¦ we still have each other." Leaning over, he pressed his lips to hers.

Fleur moaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around him. She pulled him closer.

Cedric knew Cho was probably wondering where he was right now, but he pushed her from his mind. Fleur was the one who he really wanted to be with.

"Cedric," she whispered, her accent caressing his name.

He shivered. "Fleur, you're so beautiful."

She laughed. "Oh Cedric." She claimed his lips once more.

The two of them both knew this wouldn't last. Hell, they could both die tomorrow. And if they both made it through, Fleur would be returning to France while he stayed at Hogwarts.

Tomorrow was the final task, and both were nervous.

But they pushed those thoughts from their minds. They had tonight, and that was all that mattered.