Story One: Confession: Prompt: Naruto Confessing His Feelings to Sakura

Naruto sat on the bench at the entrance of village, waiting for Sakura patiently. He had fulfilled his promise to Sakura, he ended the war, everything was a peace. Except his heart. His heart was throbbing as seconds of time ticked away. He remembered the last time he had sat next to Sakura on this bench, it had been three almost four years ago. He was twelve years old, Sakura had a huge crush on Sasuke, so he had decided to get close to Sakura in one way he knew he could; to pose as Sasuke.

He laughed, what a stupid idea that had been. It just made Sakura like Sasuke even more. While he posed as Sasuke he complimented her on the thing she despised the most about herself; her thought that, that emo complimented her on her forehead! How stupid! Really in his opinion, her forehead was cute and kissable, there were so many times where he would wanted to kiss that forehead. More times than he could count.

Naruto figured that this would be a perfect time to confess that back then it was him and that he loved the pinkette terribly. He had asked yesterday for Sakura to meet him here so they could talk. He gave her no further details. She said alright, but there was a high chance that she just said that to get him off her back. Now that Sasuke was back in the village… she was probably going to spend all her time with him, catching up with him. Naruto would be a forgotten memory of Sakura's. Would be? He probably already was. She was probably with Sasuke at this very moment. Who would blame her? She was in love with the guy.

He looked over at the flowers on the bench and the note inside. It was time to go with 'B'. He had already been waiting two hours. Naruto sighed and went on his way, leaving the flowers and note on the bench just in case if Sakura decided to show up.

Only a few moments after Naruto left, Sakura came running towards the bench shouting Naruto's name. She had been late meeting with him since she was needed at the hospital. Sakura stopped in the front of the bench and looked around for her blond friend."Naruto?" She paused and looked around a moment, "I thought he would wait up longer than two hours. Huh, he probably thought I stood him up."

Sakura walked over to the bench and sat down. She placed her elbows on her thighs and her head in her hands. Why did the hospital have to ask for then? When Naruto wanted to see her? She sighed, when she was younger, she wouldn't have gave a care about something so insignificant like Naruto wanting to meet up with her. She normally would have just blown it off, but when he came back and as the months passed, things began to change. She began to care more and more of what Naruto thought of her. From her appearance, to her strength, to the things she could do for him.

Sakura now cared very deeply for Naruto, her best friend Ino, began to declare she was in love with the knucklehead. Of course she denied it, she could never love Naruto, could she? But why did she feel the way she did when she was with him? Why did her heart pound? Why did her palms begin to get sweaty and her head feel like it was spinning? Could this be all really be the symptoms of love? She never really felt like that way or experience any of this when she was around Sasuke. Even now she didn't.

The pinkette's thoughts were suddenly disrupted by the scent of roses. She looked over and saw two dozen pink roses laying beside her. Her eyes made their way onto the folded paper and read, Sakura Haruno.

Her eyes danced with delight, she knew that this was from Naruto. She picked up the flowers and smelled them. Sakura smiled as she visualized Naruto going into the Yamanaka's flower shop and buying them for her. A big smile on his face. His smile… She loved his smile.

Sakura pulled the note out of the flowers and sat the flowers across her lap. She unfolded the note and began to read it,

Dear Sakura,

If you are reading this letter, and I hope it's you reading this letter and some nosy person, then you have finally arrived. I asked you to come today to finally do something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but haven't be able to. I told myself, that I wouldn't tell you this until I fulfilled that one promise to you. You should know what that promise is. You came to me crying, I hated seeing your tears, so I promised you, I would bring Sasuke back for you. I have finally done that.

Anyway, first off, I'd like to say, back when we were twelve, when Sasuke complimented you on your forehead, it was actually me. Yeah, I figured it would be the only way for me to connect with you and just talk to you for a moment. I have a few regrets, but one thing I don't regret was learning a little about you in that one moment. You can hit me if you want next time you see me.

The second thing, the second thing is very important. This is the thing I've always been wanting to do, but haven't felt I was able to. Confess my love for you. Yes, I love you, Sakura-chan. I love you with all my heart and soul. I love your smile and laugh, it always makes me want to smile. I love it when you fight and get feisty, it's-it's, very hot. I love when you make sure I'm eating right and all, it makes me so happy! I love it when you hit me, yell at me, support me, and cheer me on. I love everything you do for me and, I appreciate it more than you could possibly know.

I will never stop loving Sakura-chan, even if you don't love me. I can never love another girl. No one can take your place in my heart. You will always be my one and only love.



Tears dropped from Sakura eyes as she read the end of the letter. She quickly folded the letter and placed it back in the flowers. She picked up the flowers and went racing down to Naruto's apartment. Her heart ached with a great pain she never knew that she could have. She knew this was it, all those symptoms she had really were love towards Naruto.

When did it start? When did it begin? When did this love start to blossom in her heart? Did it start when he came back to the village? Or when she first saw him in the four tails mode? That didn't matter, all she knew that she was in love with Naruto and she needed to him that.

Luckily for her Naruto's apartment wasn't far from here, only a few blocks away. She ran all the way there without stopping for a moment, she approached the small apartment building and ran upstairs to find Naruto's room. Sakura approached Naruto's room and knocked on the door quickly.

"Naruto! Naruto please open up!" she cried. "I'm so sorry I was late! I was needed at the hospital and-and when I got to the bench, you were gone!"

She began knocking again, hoping Naruto would soon open the door. She hoped he wasn't angry with her now for kind of standing him up. Sakura waited a few more moments and then knocked again. But there was still no answer, she didn't even hear him coming to the door. She pressed her forehead gently against the door. All these feelings welling up in her, she couldn't take them. She needed to get them out.

"Naruto, I'm sorry, I wanted to meet with you! I read the note that you left with the flowers. I want you to know, I know that you love me!"

She closed her teary eyes and pressed her lips together, "I know I don't deserve you, but I love you too!"

Sakura heard a light thud behind her, she quickly spun around and saw that Naruto was now before her. His mouth a gap, his eyes wide with awe of what he most likely just heard, "What did you say, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura smiled gently, "Baka… I said, I love you!"

"Is-is this a dream?" he asked.

Sakura walked up to him and placed her hands on his chest, Naruto looked down at her unsure of what to do. His mind and heart were racing. His hands rose and was about to place them on her hips. But stopped in fear he may disrespect her.

Sakura looked up at him with a puzzled look, "Naruto you're supposed to put your hands on my hips. You want to kiss me don't you?"

"More-more than anything! Are you sure it's okay for me to touch you like this?"

"Of course it is," she replied, taking his hands and placing them on his hands on her hips.

Naruto blushed deeper, never in his wildest, okay maybe in his wildest dreams, that he would actually be with Sakura like this. In this kind of position. Sakura ran her small hands, up his chest and to his broad shoulders. She stood on her tip toes, leaned forward, and slowly closed her eyes. Naruto closed his eyes and leaned forward too. If this was a dream, he never wanted to wake up. The girl he loved, was finally returning his feelings, about to kiss him.

Naruto's lips finally touched Sakura's gently. How soft they felt, just like he imagined that they would be. He pressed his lips a bit more to Sakura's, he felt her immediately begin to return the kiss. Naruto's heart felt like it was going to explode, he was sure that Sakura could hear how loudly it was beating.

Sakura slowly pulled away, and looked up at Naruto, a deep blush covered her face. Naruto's eyes remained closed, he was probably trying to take what just happened all in still. He was probably in the frame of mind that this was a dream still.

"Naruto," Sakura said. "Earth to Naruto."

"Okay, I'm pretty sure I just died and went to Heaven or this a dream." he said, opening his eyes again. "Please, don't let this be a dream."

"I promise to you it's not a dream," Sakura took Naruto's hands in her's. "I love you, Naruto. I really, truly love you!"

Naruto smiled brightly, "I'll forever hold you to that!" he exclaimed, as he kissed her forehead gently.

Sakura just smiled.


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