Well, here's part 2 like I promised. This will have year 5 with lots of changes to go with it. The introduction is short, but I want to ge this up before the holidays are done.

As they stepped through the portal, Harry, Edmund and Lucy all looked around at the graveyard. Memories started flooding back to Harry as he stood transfixed and helpless to the onslaught. His eyes started to rapidly move as he remembered everything. The magic of Narnia helped block the trauma of the events but now that he was back again…

Edmund and Lucy watched Harry in concern. Edmund had seen this look too many times and Lucy was just very concerned for Harry now. Edmund grasped Harry's shoulders.

"Harry, look at me." Harry struggled to look at Edmund.

"You're safe, Cedric's body is at Hogwarts with his parents. There was nothing you could've done. We've been through this." Harry started calming down slightly enough to get a bearing on his surroundings and looked down. Edmund and Lucy did too.

When they left for Narnia, Edmund and Lucy were in school uniforms and Harry was in a ripped up competition uniform. Now, they all were wearing clothes that were close to what they were wearing in Narnia. Lucy was in a red dress that went to her knees (and was thankful it wasn't pencil straight), as the skirt flared slightly, with black shoes that were a cross between a formal pair of shoes and sandals with a strap going across the top of her foot. Edmund and Harry both wore black slacks and Edmund had a white shirt on with a dark blue sweater like vest while Harry just had a dark blue t-shirt and a dark green sweater pullover.

"Well, at least we don't look like we're going to a costume party or something," Harry said.

"Yeah," Lucy said quietly. She quite liked the fashion back in her old time though.

"Ok, now what?" Edmund asked.

"First, we need to figure out where we are and what day it is since that'll help a bit." Harry said.

"After that, I guess we'll find out." The three agreed and started down towards the village and out of the graveyard which had them all relieved. There was something about that hill that made them all shiver. Going down the hill, they all noticed that that the small village was dark. It wasn't like the bright and sunny London at all. Even at night, there was a sense of liveliness but here…it was all dark and dingy. The small (what looked like), bar was called 'The Hangman.'

"Well, that's friendly," Edmund said. Harry snorted.

"Yeah well, this is where Riddle Senior lived now, isn't it?" They all remembered what Harry told them about standing on Voldemort's father's grave. Lucy shivered.

"Come on, let's get inside." The boys nodded and went in. As they stepped through the door, they immediately got the feeling that they weren't wanted at all.

"Um, hello." Lucy said. A gruff barman from the counter was the only one of the staring people who talked.

"What do you kids want?"

"Well, we were just…"

"Just looking for a place to stay. Our parents were suppose to come and get us from a friends house and never came so we left this afternoon, looking for a place with a phone." Edmund finished quickly. He was just thankful that Harry could pass for a sibling. The barman stared at them suspiciously.

"Do you have any money?" The three looked slightly nervous when Harry spoke up.

"I have twenty pounds. Will that be enough to stay for the night?" The barman nodded, sullenly.

"Upfront though." Harry internally rolled his eyes as he quickly transfigured some string from his pocket into a twenty pound note using his hand. He's been practising for a while and can only do small things now. Harry took it out of his pocket and walked up to the man and put it on the counter.

"Satisfied?" Harry asked. The barman grumbled.

"One night."

"Thank you." Harry said with a little force. Edmund grabbed Lucy's elbow and took her to the back, following Harry and the barman. Harry took in the details, anything that would tell him about the town or the date. He was disappointed when there was nothing.

Going inside the room, Harry saw that there were two small beds and a chair.

"Goodnight," the barman said as he slammed the door shut.

"What was that about?" Edmund asked Harry.

"About the money? If you live with Vernon Dursley long enough, you do learn a trick or two. The most important one is that people are more then willing to talk if there's money involved."

"But we didn't have any money," Lucy said.

"Transfiguration anyone?"

"That's illegal Harry!"

"So?" Harry said to Lucy.

"We're kinda desperate and we have to get to London somehow. Forget Hogwarts, we need London. The banks there and we can exchange the money there. Plus, this guy here I bet loves overcharging people, whoever comes." Lucy deflated slightly.

"I still don't like it." Harry shrugged.

"Who ever said I did?" Edmund quickly drew them to an immediate problem.

"Um, guys? There's only two beds, and three of us."

"Share a bed then." Lucy said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Edmund and Harry gave her a weird look.

"Um, Lucy, I'll just take the floor." Lucy rolled her eyes.

"What part of, one of us will share a bed, don't you two thick heads not understand?" The boys held up their hands in defeat.

"Fine! But this will be awkward regardless." Edmund said. Lucy shook her head.

"You and me can share a bed, like we sometimes did when we were little."

"Yeah, but that was ten years ago!"

"Do you have a better idea then?" Edmund thought for a moment and shook his head in defeat.

"Excellent!" Lucy said in a chirpy voice. Harry just rolled his eyes at the display.

"Come on, lets go to bed and figure out what to do in the morning."

"Fine," Lucy said in a suffering sigh. Lucy wandered into the bathroom so the boys would have some privacy to change.

"I'd transfigure clothes but I doubt that it would last through the night. Plus the trace is still on this," Harry said, holding up his wand. Edmund just sighed and started stripping. Harry and Edmund took off their shirts and slacks, leaving only boxers underneath. They slipped into bed with Lucy calling out, "can I come in?"

"Yeah!" Edmund called. Harry turned away until he head Lucy get into bed in the dark. Aunt Petunia may not have liked him, but she did ingrain manners into him, even if it's not…proper methods. Sighing, Harry turned and looked up at the ceiling, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


Harry could almost not remember what a proper bed felt like. After sleeping on the ground for weeks, he forgot how much he enjoys the simple pleasure of a bed. Looking over on the other bed, Harry nearly snorted in amusement as he saw Edmund sleeping on the floor. Quietly throwing off the covers, Harry put on the clothes from yesterday and waited for the other two to wake up. Going into the bathroom to wash all the grim off, Harry couldn't help but look in he mirror.

Gone were his glasses and without them, his green eyes stood out even more then they use to. He looked less like his father and slightly more like his mother, making him happy, knowing he wasn't a carbon copy of his father anymore. Smiling, Harry went back into the room and saw that Edmund was stirring slightly. Climbing onto the bed, Harry sat cross legged and waited for the other two to get up.


Lucy moaned in happiness at the softness of the bed. Grinning, she rolled over and saw that the bed was empty and shook her head at Edmund's stubbornness. She looked over and saw Harry entertaining himself with some string by floating, twirling and transfiguring it into different things.

"Bored?" She asked Harry. Harry yelped and nearly fell forward off the bed. Lucy burst out laughing at that.

"W'as so fun'y?" Edmund asked. Lucy shook her head.

"Nothing, nothing."

"Right." Edmund said, obviously not believing her.

"She finds it funny that I almost fell off the bed." Edmund snorted in amusement as Harry scowled.

"I thought you were on my team."

"Nope. Not this time."

"I feel loved," Harry mumbled. Lucy just smiled.

"So, how are we getting to London?" Harry shrugged.

"Cab I should think. We just need one."

"Cab?" Edmund asked. He wasn't sure if he knows what he knew back in the 40's was the same thing in this time.

"Someone who drives you to somewhere and you pay them." Harry explained.

"If someone needed a ride, they just ask a neighbor to borrow their car," Lucy explained. Edmund nodded. That's usually how people did it after the war started and all the rationing started.

"Ah," was all Harry said.

"Well," Edmund said while getting up and stretching.

"I'm going to get dressed in the same clothes as yesterday and see if Harry can't get a cab." Harry shook his head.

"I need a number for that."

"Then ask." Lucy said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Harry just smiled and shook his head at this.

"Fine. Hopefully I won't need bribery." Lucy scowled at that. Harry just ignored it and left the room. Going out into the hall, Harry went down he corridor and saw the same bartender as last night.

"What the cabby numbers?" Harry asked. He just got a grunt in reply. Harry gave him a ten pound note.

"Will this help you remember?"

"Aye. Here's the number and address."

"Thank you." Harry said forcefully.

"Where's the phone then?" His answer was a point to the other wall. Harry just went over there and dialed the number.

He looked at the address that said 'Little Hangleton' which had Harry slightly confused. He's never heard of this place before. Hearing the phone picked up on he other end, Harry asked for a cab at the 'Hangman' and what the fare was to London. Harry's eyes nearly fell out when he was told it was 100 pounds.

"Thank you sir," Harry said as he shakily put the phone on the receiver. Going back to his room, Harry saw the other two looking at him.

"The cab will be here in an hour."

"How much?" Lucy asked. Harry just shrugged.

"100 pounds." Lucy nearly fell off the bed while Edmund looked at him in shock.

"I know of much more expensive things." Harry said.

"So do we but to get to London…that's expensive!"

"Well, the cabby is coming from London so we now know how far we are from there." Harry said. Edmund and Lucy agreed with him there. Harry looked around for some scraps of paper. Lucy knew what he was going to do and frowned at it but didn't say anything about t. She knew that he had no other choice, but it doesn't mean that she likes it.

The three lounged around for a while before deciding to go outside. The town looks slightly better in the daylight, but they all found it to still be creepy. Looking around, they spotted a small newspaper stand.

"I'll be right back," Edmund muttered. The other two nodded as they watched him jog over to the stand and grab a newspaper. They watched as Edmund's face turned into confusion. Harry and Lucy went over to him. Edmund looked at Harry.

"This says June 29th."

"That can't be right," Harry said while grabbing the paper.

"It was June 25th, when I left. How could that be possible? I mean, only hours past and you were gone in Narnia for 15 year." The other two looked at each other in confusion.

"We don't know. Maybe Aslan had a hand in that." Lucy said. Harry shook his head.

"We should still get to London first. The bank and then the Knight bus back to Hogwarts." They all looked at each all and agreed to that. They heard a car approaching and Harry had a small smile on him.

"There's our ride. Come on," Harry them remembered that the Hogwarts Express was arriving tomorrow. Maybe hey should just stay in London after all…

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