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As the three made their way through Perverell Manor, Lucy kept leaning on Harry as he was the only thing that's stopping her from crashing to the ground while Edmund struggled not to sway. Harry eventually got tired of their pride.

"Pinky, Dobby!" The two pops echoed through the room. "Can you take Lucy and Edmund to their rooms please?" Harry asked.

"We's can do that Master Potter."

"Harry please," Harry said tiredly. That was going to be a full time job in itself, trying to break the elves habit of saying master. He didn't want to be anyone's master as he knew what the flipside was like. Pinky and Dobby popped Lucy and Edmund to their rooms, leaving Harry alone for the first time in a while. He strode down the hall to the library and found a window seat under a large window that looked out onto the forest in the distance. He just sat there staring out the window, not really thinking of anything of importance, other then how to be productive for the next few days. They're tutor should be coming in the next few days hopefully and they can start getting caught up on magic. This will just be a refresher for most of what Harry already knew but it wouldn't hurt. Plus they're all getting etiquette lessons. He shudders just thinking of them. Resting his forehead against the glass, Harry let out a long breath, watching it as it fogged up the window and recede slightly as it evaporated. He stared into space for just a while longer before getting up and wandered around the library. He hadn't had a chance yet to really appreciate it just yet and was amazed at the size of it. He wasn't like Hermione who devoured books like food but he does appreciate the odd book or two. Looking at the titles, he saw that majority of them were spell books with the odd fictional book in there. He kept walking until he came across the title Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Intrigued, Harry picked it up, looked at the back and was now interested in it. He read the Hobbit when he was younger and would sneak over to the local library and was fascinated by the whole story. Going back to his spot near the window, he drew his legs up to rest the book on them and started to read.


Lucy just laid in bed doing nothing as her body was exhausted but her mind was going a mile a minute. She was excited that there was the possibility that she could see her brother and sister again. She wondered about what happened after they went back to 1941 and if Aslan did something to her parents to either make them forget that they had four children, or made it so they died somehow. Not liking the depressed feeling she was getting from that line of thought, Lucy tossed and turned on her bed before deciding to just get up and wander around the manor and see if she couldn't find Harry. She walked the massive halls before going to the library. Walking passed the massive rows of bookshelves, Lucy found Harry sitting on a window seat reading with the sun shining through. His black hair had dark red strands standing out where the sun was hitting them. He was so absorbed in his book that he jumped when Lucy came up to him.

"What are you reading?" Lucy asked curiously. Harry showed her the cover and she had a blank look on her face.

"It's the same author that wrote The Hobbit and takes place after it." Lucy looked at the book curiously now while reading the back.

"Peter read the Hobbit when he went to the library." Lucy admitted. "I didn't since I wasn't interested in it at the time and just wanted to play and wasn't interested in books like that." Not to mention she wasn't that old when the war started and when she was interested in the book, their mother got paranoid when the Germans started bombing the coast and was fearful that they would start bombing London she wouldn't let them go to the library. Just straight to school and straight back.

"I think that book should be around here somewhere." Harry said. He took out his wand. "Accio Hobbit." A book came zooming towards them with Lucy ducking and Harry catching it with his seeker reflexes. It was a much smaller book than the one Harry has right now. Lucy gave Harry a small smile and sat beside him and started reading.


They lost track of the time until Pinky announced that supper was ready. Harry and Lucy left their books at the window and made their way to the dining room where Edmund stumbled in rubbing his eyes. Supper was a simple meal of a small roast and Yorkshire pudding with steamed carrots with apple pie for dessert. Getting up (With Dobby's insistence that the elves can get the dishes and the three humans didn't want to test Dobby's patience after hearing from Harry what he did to his former master), the three sat in one of the sitting rooms that had a fire place. "Any plans for the next few days?" Lucy asked. Harry shook his head.

"Only that we'll be meeting our tutor. Ironhook will be owling us the information and when we'll be meeting them."

"This is going to be fun." Edmund groaned.

"I think we should also get your wands tomorrow and let you get use to them before you have to use them."

"Not to mention cram about four years work of classes in our heads. This is going to be a nightmare." Edmund said. Harry nodded.

"We'll cover all the essential things first and worry about the wand work after. Theory does help as much as I loathe admitting it, for you to understand why you're doing what you're doing." The other two nodded at him and stared into the fireplace.

"Something's going to happen this year." Lucy said. "Good or bad, something big will happen." Harry couldn't stop the cold feeling going up his spine when she said that. Lucy was right. Something big was going to happen this year at Hogwarts.


Getting up, Harry felt a small crick in his neck and winced when it popped. Getting up, he quickly got dressed and left for some breakfast down in the kitchen. Making a couple eggs, he was nearly beaten over the head by Pinky to get out and let the elves make breakfast. Stunned that a house elf nearly beat him over the head with a rolling pin, he quickly fled with his cheek burning bright red. When Edmund asked about it, Harry turned away and didn't answer with his face burning. When Pinky said that he can now have breakfast since Lucy was also up, Edmund almost laughed himself sick when he put the dots together.

"Laugh it up why don't you?" Harry grumbled while eating his eggs. Lucy had a small smirk while she ate, not wanting to get in the middle of this. "So wands now?" Harry asked. Lucy was nodding rapidly and could barely contain her excitement over this. It was the one thing she's been waiting for ever since Gringotts.

Dobby apparated the three to Diagon Alley and saw that it was already busy with witches and wizards strolling through the alley without a care in the world. When they past the Daily Prophet stand, Lucy stopped.

"Harry?" The boys stopped and turned to see what Lucy was looking at.

Boy-Who-Lived Still Missing

Harry wanted to groan. He forgot about the tournament to be honest.

"We'll deal with it after we get the wands." Edmund said. Lucy nodded and the siblings followed Harry into Ollivander's and looked around. The smell of wood and oil permeated the air.

"So the boy-who-lives returns with the help of old magic." All three of them jumped when Mr. Ollivander came out of the shadow. His silver piercing eyes turned to Edmund and Lucy. "And along with two children who are not really children from a different time period."

"How do you know?" Edmund asked suspiciously. Ollivander had a mysterious smile on his face.

"I have studied old and forgotten magics for years along with wand lores. Those who are sensitive enough could feel the slight shift in magic a few days ago that is a sign of change coming." Lucy, Edmund and Harry were now slightly unnerved from the old man. "But no matter." He said while straightening up again. "You are here for wands am I correct? You first my dear girl." Lucy looked at her brother and Harry, who looked at her encouraging. She stepped forward with caution before she was right in front of the desk.

"Now, what's your dominate hand?"

"I'm left handed." Lucy replied calmly. A tape measure suddenly popped up and started measuring her hard length, hand, torso, head and leg length. Her head reared back when it tried to measure her nose.

"Here. Thirteen inches Holy with a unicorn hair." Lucy took the wand before giving it a wave. As soon as her hand twitched wand boxes started flying off the shelves. Ollivander plucked the wand from her hand. Wand after wand she tried but none would work. Sometimes she'd get explosion and other times she would feel nothing. With one wand that was snatched back Ollivander had a sad look on his face. "I thought for sure this one would get chosen." He murmured to himself as he put it back. Pausing and lifting his hand a bit higher, he grabbed one box that had a thick layer of dust on it.

"I wonder…" He took down the slender box and carried it to the front of the shop. Harry felt a chill go down his spine at those same words that were uttered here four years previously. Ollivander opened the box and handed Lucy the wand.

Lucy had an apprehensive look on her face, unsure whether or not to take the wand. With her hand shaking slightly, she reached out and grabbed the wand by the hilt. The wand was a light brown, almost a chestnut colour and Lucy could feel a tingling travel up her arm when a shower of rainbow colour sparks came from the wand. Lucy could feel the warmth coming from the wand, accepting her as its master. Ollivander had a gleam in his eyes.

"12 ¾ inches rowan wood with a hair from a young female unicorn, springy." Ollivander looked at Lucy. "This wand was crafted a long time ago near the beginning of my apprenticeship. The unicorn who's hair resides in this wand only ever gave one. She was a spirited one." Ollivander chuckled. "I've never been able to match this wand with anyone before and indeed, I've never been able to match it with any wood except for Rowan, which is highly unusual as it's usually paired with a dragon heartstring. Wands can tell of a person's personality to some extent and you my dear, well, at least someone will keep these two in line." Lucy took back her wand before scrambling backwards trying to make some distance between her and the creepy wandmaker.

"Now you." He turned to Edmund. Hey went through the same process again with wands starting to stack up even higher against the desk as the shop was getting destroyed even further. "You siblings are tricky but no matter! We will have a match!" Olivander was getting excited again at having another challenge. "Here, try this one." Edmund took a hold of the handle. The dark brown wood looked non descriptive when a warmth flooded from his fingers through his body. Sparks came from the wand while Olivander looked giddy. "12 ½ inches of blackthorn wood and the heartstring of a Hungarian Horntail, slightly springy. A powerful combination." Edmund had a curious look on his face. "The blackthorn wands are usually found among warriors, excellent for combat magic. With it paired with the Hungarian Horntail, which Mr. Potter here can attest to, is a formidable creature." Olivander clapped his hands together. "Now that'll be fourteen galleons for the pair of wands."

"What about wand holsters?" Harry asked. Olivander raised a finger before turning around and going into a side room. He was back within a couple minutes holding what looked like really thick arm bands.

"These will prevent the most common wand accidents as you won't need to have your wand sticking out of your pocket." Olivander gave a pointed look to Harry's wand. "All of these have the basic enchantments of disillusion, anti-summoning charms and will re-size itself when you put it on. All you have to do to summon your wand is to twist and flick your wrist and your wand will come to your hand." All three teenagers looked eagerly at the holsters. Lucy got a dark blue one while the boys each got a black holster. They put them on and could feel it re-sizing itself. "Those will be six galleons altogether for the holsters." Edmund got out the money pouch and paid for everything, despite Harry protesting about his holster and how he can pay for it himself.

"We're staying at your house for no cost. Think of it as a thank you gift." Edmund said after they left the shop. Harry didn't try to argue knowing that it would've been futile to even try.

"We do have all the curriculum books at the manor right?" Lucy asked. Harry just nodded.

"I had Dobby double check it yesterday so we don't need to pick those up."

"Let's head back. I want to see the Ancient Runes books." Edmund said as he came up from behind the two. Harry just shrugged, not really minding it either way.


Edmund read over the beginner's book of Ancient Runes in fascination. Looking at all the symbols and what they represented was interesting in his mind.

Lucy stifled a grin as she watched her brother become completely absorbed into his book as she took her wand out again to just look at it. It looked simple and nothing special but she could feel the power hymning beneath her fingertips. Putting her wand back in the holster, she grinned at the charms book she was reading. 'Charms really are useful and the backbone of day to day witchcraft,' she mused as the book listed the different charms it had within the pages.

"And those are only the basic ones from first year." Lucy jumped when she turned and saw Harry grinning at her.

"Don't do that!"

"But it's so much fun!"


"Eh." He shrugged. "Anything interesting?"

"Other than the fact that eleven year olds can become very effective burglars? Not too much." Lucy said dryly. Harry just snorted at that knowing how much that was true. If he was allowed to do magic than his relatives would be broke.

"Have you looked at the transfiguration books yet?" Lucy hymned.

"Not yet. That's the one where you change one object into another, right?" Harry nodded.

"It's not my favourite subject," he admitted. "But I guess it can be useful since Hermione has been babbling about how once we master the basics we can start conjuring things from thin air." Lucy looked intrigued at that.

"Is there any limitations in magic?" She asked. Harry had to think about it.

"The only thing I know is that the dead can't be brought back to life. Other than that I honestly don't know." Lucy just nodded and dropped the subject.

"Hey Harry, is there any way we can get rid of the trace?" Edmund asked as he traced one of the runes on the page he was reading.

"Not that I know of why?"

"Just asking because once we go outside the manor the ministry will detect us. And speaking of the ministry, are you ever going to show them that you are alive?" Harry wasn't sure. On one hand, the goblins know but their bound by client confidentiality to stay quiet. He can let the ministry know that he's alive, get hounded to death, have Dumbledore find him, get sent back to the Dursley's for a summer of hell or, wait until the last week or so to announce his presence. When he put it that way there was no contest. "Not yet. We can decided closer to the middle of August." He decided. Edmund just nodded and went back to his book. "This is going to be a fun summer." Harry muttered to himself as he also took down a book to read.

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