He always knew it would end like this; back digging into the wet concrete with Shizu-chan glaring down at him. His blade was in his pocket. If he could free an arm that was firmly pinned above his head he might have a chance – one tantalising taste of his blade would surely shock Shizu-chan long enough for him to make an escape.

His thoughts came to a halt as the air was knocked out of him. He opened his eyes to see his enemy straddling his stomach, cigarette in mouth and looking annoyed.

"At least open your eyes while I'm trying to kill you, damn flea", he huffed. His hands were shaking and his face red. Amazing, even in what are bound to be his last few minutes on Earth he still had the ability to bring Shizu-chan to boiling point.

In hindsight, smirking at this thought probably wasn't the best idea. A growl escaped Shizuo's throat before he used his own head to slam Izaya's into the concrete. He really did wish Shizu-chan would move his face away from him; the blood dripping from Shizu-chan's forehead was tickling his cheek and with his hands pinned he couldn't wipe it away.

As though reading his mind, Shizuo's grip on his wrists started to lessen until Izaya could easily pull free. He threw a confused glance at his enemy while Shizuo just sighed.

Disappointment set in at the thought that maybe Shizu-chan was tired of this little game of chase they had been playing for years. As he was thinking of something to say that might provoke Shizu-chan a rough pair of lips pressed into his. Ah, Izaya thought, if I'd have known we were playing kiss-chase all this time I would have let myself be caught a long time ago.

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