Naruto Uzumaki: Eye of the Storm

Summary: What if Mizuki tries to trick Naruto several years earlier, unlocking a seal, unleashing Naruto's full potential, and his inheritance? Good Itachi, evil Fugaku, really strong/smart Naruto, Fuuinjutsu/Kenjutsu/Sharingan/Elemental Naruto.

Disclaimer: I own nothing from the world of Naruto

Chapter 1: Learning the Truth

Naruto age: 7, Night of the First year exam, Forest of Konoha

'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu'

Several hundred clones appeared and the forest was covered in a sea of orange jumpsuits and bright yellow hair.

Iruka and Mizuki sweated at seeing so many shadow clones, before the clones descended upon Mizuki in a huge mass.

12 minutes later the clones had all dispelled and only Iruka, the original Naruto and a now severely beaten and bruised, unconscious Mizuki remained in the clearing. There were a few moments of silence, before Naruto collapsed, orangey red chakra flickering around his body, and began to scream in agony.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, was watching the scenario through his crystal ball, ANBU on hand to intervene if necessary. However, when he saw the red chakra that was beginning to cover Naruto, he immediately shunshined to the area. Arriving at the scene, he ordered 2 of his ANBU to take Iruka to the hospital and Mizuki to the T&I Department, the others setting up a perimeter around the clearing. The Sandaime then tried to touch Naruto in order for him to try and assess his condition but when his hand got close the red chakra leaped towards it burning it slightly. The Sandaime sighed heavily, rose, and upon sending an ANBU to gather some of his most trusted ANBU, resealed the Scroll of Seals and settled down for a long wait.

In Naruto's Mindscape

All of a sudden Naruto felt cold water, but none of the blinding pain that he had felt moments before. He quickly stood up and realized that he was standing what looked to be a sewer like structure.

"How the hell did I get in here?" He thought, utterly bewildered.

He looked around for some sort of way out, and saw that there were three huge pipes hanging from the darkness above him. The one on the left was dark silver, almost grey, the middle was black with streaks of red flowing through it, and the third, on his right, was a bright pulsating red.

Slightly unnerved by the last one, but figuring that he didn't have any other ideas on where to go, he followed the pipes into the gloom.

Naruto soon arrived at a rather large open space, and as he moved further into the gloom he quickly came upon what looked to a series of huge vertical columns, continuing on further than he could see on either side of him. On the column directly in front of him was a large piece of paper with the Kanji for "Seal" on it. However what intrigued Naruto was not the meaning of the huge columns but what he could see on the other side of them. There were two women, both seated on a couch watching a television screen. They both looked almost exactly the same, both had flowing red hair, and were clearly women who had seen battle. However the second woman had two major visible differences compared to the first woman, in that she possessed 9 foxtails and had a pair of fox ears on the top of her head.

'Who are you?' The words leapt unbidden from Naruto's mouth before he could stop them. Both females looked up, the first in utter glee and excitement, the second in slight anguish and sorrow, but with both there was a vague feeling of apprehension. Naruto immediately started to cringe, now that he had drawn attention to himself, there was no way he could leave unharmed.

'Naru-kun!" The first woman had leapt up and was rapidly approaching Naruto, arms out wide, in a way the reminded Naruto of various people who caught him in order to let the others beat him. Naruto immediately backed away, trying to get away from the two women. The woman, seeing this, slowed to a stop, before tentatively reaching for Naruto's shoulder, and holding it gently. Once Naruto realized that the woman was not trying to harm him, he looked up and repeated his question in a hopeful tone.

Kushina was trying her best not to exude Killing Intent at the way her son reacted to the presence of another person.

"I knew that they hated him," she thought. "But obviously it has gotten worse over the years, to the point where he shuns human contact, what did they do to him?"

As she gently wrapped Naruto in a hug, she answered his initial question:

'Naruto, I am your mother Uzumaki Kushina, heiress of the Uzumaki Clan, and Konoha's Red Death. The other woman over there is Kyare, although she is better known by her title, Kyuubi no Yoko.'

'But didn't the Yondaime kill the Kyuubi 7 years ago?' Naruto asked, understandably confused.

'Naruto, Kyare is a Bijuu, and the greatest of the tailed beasts; it is impossible for anything less than the gods themselves to permanently kill a Bijuu. If she did "die" then she would just spend a period of time out of this world before coming back, so the Yondaime resorted to the last thing any parent would do. He sealed it within his son,' Kushina explained patiently, thinking that Naruto knew of his father at least.

'So…. If she was sealed within the Yondaime's son, then where is he and why is she in a sewer?' Naruto asked, not having made the connection.

'Naruto, this is no sewer, we are within your mindscape,' the second woman, Kyare, spoke up suddenly, seeing that Kushina was having difficulty saying it.

'But, if we are within my mind, then that means the Kyuubi was … sealed… within…. Me,' Naruto said, utterly relieved to finally know the truth behind why he was treated so horribly. It took a few seconds before the full import of his mother's words hit him, 'Wait, do you MEAN THAT I AM THE SON OF THE YONDAIME?' Naruto shouted, absolutely aghast with shock.

'Yeah, your Minato and my son!' Kushina exclaimed with glee.

'Why did no-one tell me this?' Naruto asked slightly hurt that his jiji, the Sandaime, had lied to him about his parentage

'Well I knew that it was necessary for your parentage and your ancestry to be hidden from the general populace, otherwise you would have had so many assassination attempts on your life, as Minato and I made plenty of enemies during the last Shinobi War, but I thought that you would know. When you meet Hiruzen can you ask him to come into the mindscape so I can beat the crap out of him for hiding everything from you?' Kushina asked with a manic look in her eyes.

'Hold on what do you mean my parentage and my ancestry? I can understand the parentage part, but do you mean to say that I am related to other great figures of history?' Naruto asked in a joking manner.

'Yep, on my side your grandfather was Uchiha Madara, relating you to both the Uchiha and Uzumaki, and your father, and therefore you, was a direct descendant of the Senju, with both the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokages being your great grandfather and great granduncle respectively. You also inherited the bloodline of each family.' Kushina listed casually, examining her fingernails

Naruto did the best thing he could upon learning his ancestry and the fact he had bloodlines, he fainted.

Waking up 15 minutes later, Naruto took several seconds to remember his conversation with his mother before he fainted.

"It's completely mind-blowing," he thought, "to think that barely 6 hours ago I was trying not to let my mask slip in front of the rest of the class when I failed the first year exam, and now I have met my mother and the Kyuubi, learned of my heritage and been told that I am directly descended from 3 of the Hokages."

Kushina and Kyare, seeing that Naruto had woken up, paused the recording that was on the television screen and moved towards him. Naruto, seeing the Kyuubi in human form coming towards him, was decidedly curious about the being. He knew that just because it looked like a girl, doesn't mean it necessarily was one.

'So considered how you have acted since I came here, I get the feeling the you aren't exactly the insane, bloodthirsty demon you're made out to be, are you?' Naruto asked, abruptly getting straight to the heart of the matter.

'Well, no I'm not. We Bijuu are almost exactly like humans except that we are immortal, use Youki and have several different forms,' Kyare summarized tentatively, before continuing, 'I also wish to apologise to you, seeing as I was the cause of your father's death.'

'Before we get round to that, can you perhaps explain to me why you attacked Konoha in the first place?' Naruto asked, eyes piercing.

'To do that we will need to start of at the founding of Konoha, at the battle at The Valley of The End between Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara, and an unknown assailant that managed to match both of them at once. The truth is that Hashirama and Madara were actually the best of friends, and as much brothers as Hashirama was with Tobirama, his biological brother. However due to the power that Madara had gained the Uchiha Clan Elders tried to blackmail Madara into betraying and destroying the Senju, but Madara refused, and was forced to flee. Hearing the rumours that the Uchiha Elders had spread, Hashirama killed them in his fury and went after Madara. Together they met before a man wearing a circular orange mask interrupted them, and together they fought against him. In the battle Madara summoned me to help them fight, but the unknown man had a method with which to control me, yet I am still unable to fathom as to what that is. Uzumaki Mito, who had followed her husband, saw me about to be turned against Madara and Hashirama, and using her skills at Fuuinjutsu, sealed me into herself. All three of them survived the battle with the man, although both Hashirama and Madara were left as merely shadows of their formers selves. Madara went into hiding, thinking that the man would come after him and not being able to return to Konoha, and settled down. The woman he married about 5 years later was and Uzumaki, as both the Uzumaki and Senju clans knew the truth of what happened on that day. This woman, Uzumaki Kirina, eventually gave birth to your mother 13 years later. Both Madara and Kirina were able to take on a Kage and defeat them easily, even though Madara never quite regained his former strength. Raising your mother in Uzushiogakure no Sato, Village Hidden in the Whirlpools, and the Uzumaki Clan home, she was a prodigy that had never been seen before, only later being surpassed in her earlier years by the Yondaime Hokage, Uchiha Itachi and Hatake Kakashi. However, when she was 8, a combined force of Iwa and Kumo Nin attacked Uzushio. Both of your grandparents fell in the battle for the village, which lasted for 2 weeks before it ceased. The attackers had been decimated, barely any of them survived, but the only survivor of the attack was your mother,' Kyare reminisced. Kushina then took up the story.

'I traveled to Konoha, seeing that we were allied with it at the time, and carried the secrets of Uzushio with me. The instructions on our secret Ninjutsu techniques, our use of Fuuinjutsu, and the scroll for our Kenjutsu styles, most of which rank among the deadliest styles known. When I arrived there it seemed a person or persons within Konoha saw this as an opportunity to gain power and poisoned Uzumaki Mito, who had outlived the majority of her generation. Over the next 4 years Mito was dying from the poison within her body, the only thing slowing it was her skill with Fuuinjutsu. Over these years she taught me everything she knew, especially Fuuinjutsu and Kenjutsu, to the point where my sealing was beginning to rival hers and I had become the foremost Kenjutsu student within the village. She also taught me politics and economics, even jutsu creation. Then she died, but before she did Kyare was passed onto me, as only the Uchiha, Senju or Uzumaki can control the power of Kyare; Uchiha through their eyes, Senju through Mokuton, although only Shodaime had the necessary affinities. The Uzumaki are able to control Kyare's chakra either through using their own, seals, or using an ability that all Uzumaki can learn called chakra chains. Thus it makes sense that we would be the ones to carry Kyare.

'Okay, so I know how I am related to the Uchiha, but how am I related to the Senju, specifically to the Shodaime and Nidaime, through dad?'

'Well, no one knows, but it is presumed that Minato's father was probably the son or grandson of the Shodaime, who died sometime during the gap between the 2nd and 3rd Shinobi Wars. After the 2nd Shinobi war he simply disappeared off the map.' Kushina answered in a rather annoyed tone.

'Okay,' Naruto said brightly before quieting once again. Both Kushina and Kyare simply waited, as they knew that Naruto would be in the middle of some heavy thinking right now, and would eventually have more questions to ask. The silence continued for about five minutes before Naruto spoke up once more.

'Eh, Kaa-chan,' Naruto started tentatively, 'if I am related to the Senju and Uchiha clans, wouldn't that mean I would have their bloodlines?'

'I was wondering when you would get around to asking that Naruto,' Kushina smiled at her son, ' as the answer to that is yes. In fact you have three bloodlines.'

'What?' Naruto was actually asking the question to try and dispute the fact that he was related to all these legendary people, but this made his mind crash to a halt.

'You have three bloodlines,' Kushina repeated, 'you have the Sharingan, the Uchiha bloodline from me.' Kushina demonstrated, activating her own three tomoe Sharingan. 'You have large amounts of highly efficient chakra, allowing you to spam high-level jutsus and have an insanely increased lifespan. This even allows us to create solid things purely from chakra, from shuriken and kunai to, if one has enough chakra, even a house. The final bloodline you inherited is from the Senju, and is the only known Skill bloodline. Usually bloodlines are categorized into three sections; Doujutsus, chakra bloodlines, and body bloodlines. However the Senju bloodline is none of these, although it is heavily related to a chakra bloodline. The Senju bloodline allows a member to completely master and take the field of Ninjtusu that they study to unprecedented heights. For example; the Shodaime chose elemental Ninjutsu to master and took his earth and water affinities to the point where he could combine them into his legendary Mokuton, while his brother also chose elemental Ninjutsu, he only had a water affinity but completely mastered the essence of water. Your father chose Space-Time Ninjutsu, but was also very good at chakra manipulation, while Tsunade of the Sennin specializes in Medical Ninjutsu.' Naruto's mind was in complete and utter shock at the thought of having such great bloodlines.

"With all of these three bloodlines alone, Naruto has the potential to be the greatest shinobi in history, discounting the Rikudo Sennin," both Kushina and Kyare had these thoughts running through their heads.

'Wait a minute,' Naruto spoke up once more, 'if I had these bloodlines, wouldn't someone have noticed by now, or something happened?'

'Ordinarily that would have been the case, especially with your Uzumaki and Uchiha bloodlines, but that damn seal that was on your back delayed the onset of your bloodlines and limited your capabilities to being pathetically weak. It even blocked off more than half of your brain's cognitive capabilities,' Kushina answered in a disgusted tone.

'Is there any way we can get it off from here?' Naruto knew there was no point panicking.

'We've already taken it off, that's what the pain was when you passed out, it was a real bugger too,' Kushina consoled understandingly, there no way she would want an unknown seal on her either.

'It seems we have strayed a bit off topic on how I came to be sealed within Naruto,' Kyare, it seems was a bit impatient to explain the truth to Naruto.

'So we have, well you can finish the story, as it is more about you and I can explain more about myself to Naruto later,' Kushina acquiesced to Kyare's request.

'After Mito died I was sealed within your mother, as she and the Senju agreed it may have been best to keep it from the Uchiha, whose ties with the Senju were starting to fray. Once I was sealed within Kushina, we became very good friends with each other, as I had with Mito. Skipping forward to the night of your birth, Kushina was in labor when a masked man assassinated the guards around the area, this masked man revealed himself to Minato and Kushina. He used you as blackmail to leave Kushina facing him alone, while your father was getting you to safety. This was more than enough time for the masked man to defeat and constrain her, and he began to pull me out of her body. Once he had he controlled me and forced me to attack Konoha, your father resorted to using Fuuinjutsu that he had devised to seal me within you. The seal he devised was the only of its kind, as it is slowly taking my Youki, and transforming into your Chakra, thus constantly increasing your chakra reserves. But the reason I explained earlier about the battle at the Valley of the End was because the masked man wore the exact same mask as that man did, so obviously it is either the same man or some organization.' Kyare looked down before continuing, 'It was due to me that you lost any chance of having a father, so I beg for your forgiveness.' There was a moment of silence following these words as Kushina had lost the ability to speak and Naruto was perplexed as to why she would ask for such a thing.

'Kyare-chan, there is no need for you to ask for forgiveness as you did not have a choice in attacking Konoha, the masked man is to blame for my father's death and the destruction it wrought on Konoha.' Naruto said, hugging the demon in human form. Kyare began crying as she hugged Naruto before smiling.

'Naruto, I promise I shall help you to the best of my abilities in whatever endeavor you make as long it is involved in fighting or training,' Naruto was shocked that Kyare had made such promise to him. However before he could respond he felt a tug, trying to draw him from his mindscape.

'Well it seems they are trying to wake you up Naruto. Okay when you wake up tell the Sandaime that you know the full truth about your heritage, parents and Kyare, he should know what to do. Also, know that the seal is gone we shall be able to speak to you while you are conscious, and ask if you can bring him and those he trusts and like you into the mindscape to make it easier to explain things,' Kushina said in a rush as Naruto began fading back to the conscious world

Konoha Hospital, One and a half hours later in Real world

Vibrant blue eyes blearily opened to see the masked face of the Dog ANBU shaking him softly in desperation. A few moments later the ANBU stopped, seeing that Naruto's eyes had opened, and stepped back silently. Naruto glanced around what seemed to be his bed within the hospital to see the Hokage, and Dog, Cat, Snake, Raven, Weasel and Turtle masked ANBU gathered around his bed. The Hokage, seeing Dog step back realized that Naruto had woken up and moved swiftly over to him.

'Naruto, I must know what happened,' Hiruzen said in a rather stern tone

'Jiji, I need to talk to you in private with those you trust and like me, which are probably only the six ANBU that are here,' Naruto said quietly. The six ANBU pricked up at this news. Before Cat ended up asking the question:

'How were you able to tell we were there? There's no way you should have known.'

'I don't know how I knew, I just did. It was like there was a an energy that I could sense within each of you,' Naruto explained apprehensively

"Ah, so it seems Naruto is a sensor ninja," Hiruzen thought with slight wonderment.

'Well, then, can you tell us if there are people eavesdropping on us?' The Hokage asked, although he was also checking with Snake, who also had a similar sort of ability. Naruto was quiet for a moment, before speaking up:

'Jiji,' he said quietly, 'there is someone using chakra two windows down, and directing the chakra to this room.'

Immediately two of the ANBU, Raven and Weasel, disappeared in blurs of speed. The Hokage, ANBU and Naruto heard the sounds of a light scuffle before they reappeared within a man, bound and unconscious between them. The Hokage, seeing the ROOT insignia on the man's blank mask, immediately ordered Cat to send for Inoichi, the best of the Yamanaka mind-walkers, and head to the Yamanaka clan. After Cat had disappeared with a shunshin, he ordered Raven, Dog and Snake to stay with Naruto, before he, Weasel and Turtle shunshined away as well.

Before long Naruto was fast asleep and the three remaining ANBU had dispersed themselves around the room. As Raven watched over the sleeping child she considered what to get Naruto for his birthday in a few weeks time, as October the tenth was rapidly approaching, but she and the ANBU guarding Naruto knew what a dangerous situation Naruto's birthdays were, so they got him presents a few weeks early. She, along with Snake and Weasel were setting the date to give Naruto presents as September the 29th, while Cat, Dog and Turtle were setting theirs for the 30th, a mere day later. Any later and it was October, the month where Naruto spent most of his time hiding out and scrounging for food, although the majority of the ANBU tried their best to help him, even giving rooms for the night. As Raven listened to the sounds of merchants plying their trades in the market, she realized that it was almost time for the traders to return to Konoha, as they came on a seasonal basis. Knowing that the traders adored Naruto for his sweet attitude, she came to the conclusion that she would be able to get Naruto something good and unusual, at the same time as making a bargain as they lowered the prices of their wares for Naruto. In fact, if she could get Naruto to come along with her and browse the wares for what he want himself. Conveying her plan to Dog and Snake through hand signals, they had to admit it was a good plan, and made a note to inform the others when they returned.

Around half an hour later and informed the ANBU of their results with the ROOT member; Inoichi had walked though his mindscape and found evidence of some of Danzo's dealings. They then had formulated an infiltration which revolved around Dog putting a hidden tracking seal on the man and erasing the man's memories of his capture and inserting false information. This was done to make it seem that there was only normal things that involved Naruto and allowed them to find Danzo's ROOT bases within the city. Hiruzen took this precaution, as Danzo had always been highly interested in possessing Naruto in order to turn him into one of his mindless automatons and gaining more power behind him. As he considered this he was overcome by anger at how far Konoha had descended from it original values and swore that it was time to regain control over the city. As the ANBU listened to their Hokage, they could see quite clearly that the Kami no Shinobi was back.

Early next Morning, Hokage's Office

Hiruzen frowned as he sent away two ANBU teams to send for his two students Jiraiya and Tsunade, to come back to Konoha immediately, even authorizing his ANBU the use of deadly force in order to retrieve them. He was planning to get them back into Konoha to replace his current advisors, as he knew that the Council Elders were the source of him losing most of his power after Minato died. After that goal was completed he was going to slowly regain most of his power, as with Tsunade and Jiraiya as his advisors he would have their support, and he would be able to rebuild Konoha to its former glory. His main concerns were the number of secrets held within Konoha, the running of the academy, and the descent of the hospital, along with the loss of many shinobi that specialized in areas outside of Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. He was also going to go over many of the laws regarding the shinobi bloodline clans, especially if they were down to their last few members, such as the Yuki clan survivors that teams of ANBU-and Naruto- had retrieved from the Kiri bloodline purge, along with other such clans. After scribbling down some ideas for the adjustments he was going to make to Konoha's shinobi system and filing them within a secret draw in his desk, he lit his pipe and leaned back in his chair to consider his most recent issue, Naruto.

If the boy had made contact with his tenant, then things were going to be a lot more difficult, both in getting Naruto to trust him and in keeping the civilians from killing him. Hiruzen also considered the idea of labeling Naruto as a flight risk if he had, much as he wanted to avoid it.

Hiruzen put his thoughts to one side as he heard clear knocks against the door, the knocks being in a slightly different rhythm that indicated it was the group of ANBU that was assigned as Naruto's bodyguard.

'Enter,' Hiruzen called briefly, mentally preparing for Naruto's loud entrance, as was usually the case.

'Hokage-sama,' the ANBU greeted as they entered the office, while Naruto greeted him the same as usual, just slightly quieter.

'Right, Naruto, I believe you have something to tell me,' Hiruzen said as he watched the boy sit down.

'And I will tell you, but can you send the other ANBU out of the room first,' Naruto replied evenly. Hiruzen did so as he would still have six ANBU in the room with him, and Naruto wasn't likely to try anything.

'Jiji, are you sure you have sent out all the other ANBU?' Naruto had sensed another person, who seemed to be in the air vents. The Hokage nodded slowly, and Naruto leaned over to Dog and said something to him quietly, who twitched slightly, showing her surprise before moving quickly. Reaching into the air vent, Dog dragged him out and knocked him out before he could react, revealing another ROOT member, clearly with the intention of eavesdropping on the Hokage's meeting. Hiruzen ordered Turtle to take the man quickly to the T&I department and repeating the same process as they had yesterday. After Turtle was gone the Hokage walked to a wall and activated a privacy seal to make sure that no one would be able to eavesdrop on them.

Naruto then began to tell the story of what had happened last night, from his desperation at failing the exam, up until he met his mother and Kyare in the seal. He then asked the six other people in the room to be touch a part of his head. They questioned as to why he wanted them to do this, unsurprisingly, before he explained that his mother and Kyare were going to bring them into the mindscape so they could talk to them. Although clearly rather apprehensive, they did as he asked, and there was a flash of light from each of their hands as they touched Naruto's head.

Within the Mindscape

Naruto and the others appeared within the same part of the mindscape that Naruto first arrived in, and all apart from Naruto felt a shard of sadness and guilt when they saw the state of Naruto's mind. Finally it made them all the more determined to help the blond. Naruto began to eagerly lead them towards Kyare's prison, as he had named that room-like structure in his mind, although in the beginning the others, especially the ANBU were rather grudging of their situation.

When they had reached the set of huge prison bars, though they were even more tentative, as each of them had rather vivid memories of the Kyuubi when it attacked Konoha. All of them were stunned as they beheld Kushina and Kyare behind the bars, apart from Naruto, who rushed forward, shouting:

'Kaa-chan, Kyare-chan!' Both women looked up eagerly at the boy who was racing towards them. They embraced him as he jumped into the arms of his mother before giving Kyare a hug and lying down on the now vacated sofa. After introductions and the briefest explanations as to Kyare's current form they turned to Naruto to find that he had fallen asleep.

'Poor boy, must still be exhausted from last night, the young do need a lot of sleep after all,' Hiruzen chuckled, and the others smiled at the sleeping boy.

'ANBU, I believe you can remove your masks here as we are among friends, and they can't tell anyone anyway, apart from Naruto that is, but he is going to know soon enough anyhow,' Hiruzen said cordially. The ANBU proceeded to slowly remove their masks, one after the other. Raven was revealed to be Yuuhi Kurenai, Snake was Mitirashi Anko, and Cat was Uzuki Yugao. Weasel then revealed himself to be Uchiha Itachi. Dog reached up ever so slowly to his mask, making everyone roll their eyes, before he removed his mask to reveal…another mask! Everyone face-faulted at the sight. He then introduced himself as Hatake Kakashi, before the Hokage mentioned something about his true self. "Kakashi" released a Genjutsu without any fuss, revealing a white haired version of Kurenai and twin 3 tomoe Sharingans spinning in either eye, as Rin had accidentally coded the Sharingan into Kakashi's DNA. "Kakashi" then reintroduced himself as Hatake Kanako. However, she didn't get the reaction of surprise that she wanted as het teammates and the Hokage already knew, she had told Kushina when she became part of Minato's genin team, and the Kyuubi knew as she used her sense of smell to determine her gender under the Genjutsu-Fuuinjutsu combo. And Naruto, the only person who didn't know, was still asleep. The seven humans and one Bijuu then began talking of what they were going to do with Naruto's training and the treatment in his life so far. When the subject of his treatment came up, Kushina looked close to beating the crap out of the Sandaime, but refrained, as she understood that as the Hokage, there were limitations as to what he could do for Naruto. They settled that, as the hope for Naruto having a normal childhood was already ruined, he would be trained in secret by the six ANBU guarding him, along with Kushina and the Kyare. When the ANBU and the Hokage learned the truth of what happened on the night of Kyare's attack on Konoha, they were disbelieving at first, but after Kushina showed her own memories of the incident, they quickly forgave Kyare. They concluded that Naruto would be trained privately by the ANBU in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Kenjutsu. He would also be training in his bloodlines with Itachi and Kushina, and he and Kanako would both be learning Fuuinjutsu from Kushina in the mindscape. They finally concluded that he would also be training in controlling Kyare's power with Kyare, although all the ANBU had to be present when he did, in order for safety reasons. They knew that once word got out of who Naruto actually was, and the fact that he had three bloodlines, he would be hunted for almost the remainder of his life, unless he was strong enough to defend himself from some of the strongest shinobi on the planet.

They then woke Naruto up and explained the situation. Although surprised that Dog was actually a girl, the fact soon paled in comparison of his emotions when he realized that he was going to be privately trained by his best friends.