~A flutterdash fanfic! Made by Julia~

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dashes wedding

Fluttershy: I do.

Rainbow dash: I DEFINETLY do! (:

Vows from Fluttershy: I will never give up my love for you. Our love will be forever and ever. The first day I met you in Flight School, it was love at first sight. I will remember that day forever.

Rainbow dash: I love you forever and ever. Nothing will ever separate us, and I believe we will be together in heaven. My sweet Flutterpie, I will love you forever. Nothing will tear us apart. I will ALWAYS love you. Don't you forget that, Flutterpie. 3

Minister: You may now kiss the bride.

A'wwdorable kiss

Fluttershy: Rainbow dash, this day is the best day of my life. I will never ever stop loving you, Dashie.

-Rainbow Dash blushes-

*Rainbow dash and fluttershy dance*

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy get back to the honeymoon suite, only to tell stories of when they first met.

Rainbow: Remember when we first met, and after you got your cutie mark, you introduced me to the animals?

When we celebrated our first Christmas together!

Rainbow: Our first kiss! 3 Oh, how that made my heart explode with love. You were too shy to tell me you loved me… and so was I.

Fluttershy: Oh... want to go see the others? They said they would be here.

Rainbow: I guess so.

Twilight: Hey, girls! We're all so happy you two are together.

Applejack: -Jealous- Ugh... Yeah.

Pinkie: Hey, Dashie! Want to do some pranks?

Rainbow: Not right now, Pinkie.

They all go to dinner –

After dinner, the others leave.

Fluttershy: I miss being with them everyday.

Rainbow: Me too, but now we have each other forever!

Fluttershy: Remember when we first met?

Rainbow: Yeah... it made me so happy to meet the love of my life. And I'm still with you today!

Both – Yeah... we were just fools in love… but now it's our 20-year anniversary of when we met!

Years later, when Fluttershy and Dash have a filly.

Fluttershy: Oh… I remember our honeymoon! And now, look at us… we have a baby together! I knew our love would last forever.

Rainbow: Yeah… I am so happy I'm in the Wonderbolts now! My lifelong dream, finally true!

Fluttershy: Yeah… I'm so happy for you, Dashie.

Years later, when Fluttershy and Dashie are still married, as they die together.

(FYI, I cannot find a Picture of Fluttershy or Dash when they're old.)

Rainbow: Remember our first kiss in the rain?

Fluttershy: Yeah... it was so romantic, Dashie.

Later, Fluttershy and Rainbow dash are in the hospital. They demand two hospital beds right next to each other. They hold hooves while they die in their beds…

Fluttershy: Our last breath…

Rainbow: …Shed together.

Later, they pass away, while holding hooves. Their love will be an example of the perfect marriage forever.