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"Yo" normal speech

"What the..." thought/mind speak/flash back

"I'll kill you!" demon/shadow speech


*Inaba, Dojima Residence*

Ryotaro Dojima was surprised to see his old friend, Jiraiya, but the surprise was short lived as the white-haired man motioned for him and his wife, Chisato, to the kitchen area. A small boy with sun-blonde hair walked into the living room and sat on the couch and began reading a scroll with a look of melancholy on his face. Jiraiya poured some coffee said, "It's been some time, Ryotaro."

Chisato looked at the boy and at Jiraiya with a slight smile. "He's their child, isn't he?" she asked as if she already knew the answer, "I can see Minato-kun in him." Jiraiya let out a sigh and place a file on the table for the Dojimas to look over. Inside the file were medical records, false report cards, and a birth certificate for a Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki.

As the Dojimas read the contents of the file, Naruto was remembering what all had happened; Sakura had beaten the crap out him for bringing a bloody and beaten Sasuke, Tsunade reluctantly telling Naruto of banishment and having his chakra sealed, and then Jiraiya telling him about both of his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, and how they had a backup plan if Minato's wishes were never fulfilled. The Dojimas were sickened of how Naruto was treated in his life.

Chisato rose from her seat and ran towards the blonde to give him a loving hug. "Naruto-kun," said Chisato as she cried into his shoulder, "Why does someone who is so kind gets such abuse?" By the time Chisato had calmed down, a little girl had walked down the stairs to investigate what had happened. "Why's Mommy crying?" asking the little girl viewing the scene. Ryotaro walked towards the girl and whispered something into her ears, which then brought a sad smile to her face.

"Naruto," said Jiraiya as he motioned Naruto to the table, "I need to tell you something."

After this, Naruto will be going as a different name and he will be speaking to the fox, Kurama. When the to are talking to each other, Kurama will have Fox before his name in order to hopefully avoid any confusion in the future.