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Chapter 35: The Villain Revealed!

*Dojima Residence*

Kurama had just arrived back home after the search for Teddie turned up empty when he saw Yu in the living area watching television…or at least had it on a game show as the silver-haired teen was asleep. He tried to wake Yu up, but the teen was completely out as he fell over on the couch. Yu must have worn himself out, Kurama thought as he looked at the television as the game show was one of Nanako's favorites before letting out a small chuckle. Kurama went to the supply closet and pulled out the spare blanket and covered Yu so that the teen could stay warm and comfortable. "Don't forget to toss that kotatsu out," Fox Kurama said as he eyed said kotatsu, "either that or find a good place to burn it." Kurama chuckled to himself as he was almost tempted to keep it as that table frame as a memento, but he knew that it was only going to end up cluttering the house so the teen wrote a small note to throw it away later and placed on the table before going to bed after a long day.


Kurama and Rise had arrived in Nanako's room to find the girl reading a small book while she was sitting on her bed. "Nii-san, Rise-chan!" Nanako cheered as the two approached her bedside. "Hey there Imouto…" said Kurama as tears formed at the corner of his eyes before he gently tackled Nanako into a loving hug and began to cry. Nanako quickly returned the hug as she knew that Kurama had to have been so scared when she had lost consciousness and dreamed that she saw their mother. Kurama then ended the hug as he kissed Nanako's forehead and said, "Please do not scare us like that, Nanako; you had us all scared to death!" Nanako's sweet apologetic smile caused Kurama and Rise to happily smile back at her.

"Your brother was pretty shaken up," said Rise as she wrapped her arms around the two, "but your new nee-san helped him get out of that funk." Nanako took glances between the two teens before her eyes lit up as she asked, "You two are married! I get to have Risette as a nee-chan!?" Kurama chuckled before he said, "Well, we're not married yet but yes, you can now say hello to your new nee-san!" The little girl beamed a great big smile as she hugged her future sister-in-law when her brother noticed that in the other bed was a person that was completely wrapped in bandages.

"Who's your roommate?" Kurama asked as he looked over the person. Nanako saw the person in the bed next to her and said, "I never caught his name as the nurse would take me to have lunch with her when a boy who looks like Big Bro would visit him. He got burned really badly." The two teens winced as they could only imagine what had caused the poor man's burns. Kurama stole a glance at the clipboard and saw that the man was scheduled to have his bandages changed soon. "Hate to run out on ya, Imouto," said Kurama as held Rise's hand, "but your roomie's probably going to need time to himself, but we promise to come back later."

Nanako watched happily as her brother and new sister headed out the door before a young man with silver-haired wearing glasses entered the room. "Why hello there," said the young man with a sweet smile, "I'm guessing that you're the sweet little girl that gave everyone here quite the fright." Nanako nodded her head, not noticing the person in the bed getting up onto his feet. "I'm Nanako Dojima," said the girl until she saw that the bandaged person was next to the young man. "Well it very nice to meet you, Nanako-chan," said the young man as a chilling aura oozed from his smile, "I'm Kabuto Yakushi and this person here…is Lord Orochimaru, someone that your brother knows quite well."

Kurama and Rise walked down the hall to see Yu and the others in front of Adachi with Ryotaro at their side. "Wonder what's going on?" Kurama asked as Adachi had an angered look on his face before a voice cried out. "Nii-san! Big Bro! Help!" cried Nanako as everyone turned to see a young man with Nanako held tightly in his arms as a man covered in bandages followed. "The hell?!" said Kanji as the two dashed away with Adachi following them, "Hey get back here you pricks!" Everyone then ran after the fleeing group, but as Ryotaro tried to pursuit, he fell to the floor clutching his injuries. "Adachi…urgh…Dammit!" the man cursed as he stared down the hall and roared, "ADACHI!"

The Investigation Team had followed the group to a room that had a large television. "Hold it right there you bastards!" roared Kurama as the silver-haired man held Nanako with his arms around her neck tightly. "Such language," said the man with a devious smirk as he looked at Kurama, "you should know better than that…Naruto." Kurama froze as he realized who the man was as he fearfully said, "Kabuto! What…What are you doing here?!" The bandaged man chuckled as he said, "Why Kabuto here is helping me get my new body…Naruto-kun." Everyone shivered at the man's tone as Kurama swallowed a lump of fear as he whispered, "Orochimaru!" Adachi then walked in front of the two and said, "I take it you know these two, Naruto? I'll just cut to the chase: you go with my…associates here and we'll let Nanako-chan go." Kanji glared at the corrupt cop and said, "Bargaining with a child's life to help a couple of sickos…you bastard!" Kanji was about to move when Kabuto tightened his grip on Nanako's neck. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" said Kabuto as deviously smirked, "One wrong move and the Dojima family will be one little girl short!" Dammit all! Kurama roared inside his mind with a small growl escaping his throat, Why did it have to be Pedo-maru of all people?! Why not Itachi or Kisame?!

"Teddie to the rescue!" shouted a voice as out of the TV, Teddie busted through and tackled Kabuto, causing the man to lose his grip on the little girl. Now free, Nanako quickly ran towards Kurama and the others before Adachi got a grip on Teddie's shirt. "You little shit!" Adachi roared as he threw the boy towards the group, causing them to fall back while he and his two associates dove into the television behind them. The group recovered and saw that the culprits had escaped during the confusion…but at least the Investigation Team knew where they were and Nanako was safe. All that's left was to go after Adachi and Orochimaru…

*Junes; Food Court*

The group sat at the picnic tables as the now present Teddie was with them. "The hospital thanked us for saving Nanako's life," said Kurama as he closed his cell phone, "but the thanks should really go to Teddie here; were it not for him…well…"

"Gosh thanks Kurama, but…" said Teddie as he let out a regretful sigh, "…but I have discovered something about myself while I was…gone. I'm…I'm a Shadow…I'm one of those monsters that we fight, but I never really saw myself like that. So I threw away my mask and adopted a likable form so that I could make friends. I'm…I'm sorry for deceiving you guys like that." There was silence until Yosuke said, "We sort of had an idea it was like that." The dumbfounded look on Teddie's face had sent unasked questions on the Shadow's face to the group as Yu said, "You were alone and you didn't believe in the path the others were own and by straying off that path, you were able to make friends and write your own path. You should be worried about how we feel; Kurama is from a far off country with people pulling off the impossible and has a demon sealed inside of him, but we accepted him for who he is. Just because you were once a Shadow, doesn't mean we will reject you because you are one of us." Teddie smiled as he saw everyone smiling at him and he had finally felt like he was welcomed…he was home.

"Thanks guys," said Teddie as he now had a confident smirk, "Now let's go get Adachi-baby!" Yosuke let out a sigh as he said, "Not today as there's a sale going on, but we will go tomorrow as today's the last day of the sale and…" A nervous tension filled the air as Kurama then said, "It's not going to be like the other times, even like when we went after Namatame. We are talking about one of the most feared and vile criminals in the Elemental Countries and a corrupt cop with a gun…and possibly a Persona. It's no longer just a simple 'go in and beat the Shadow' mission we're used to, but these are criminals! I'm pretty sure Orochimaru wouldn't mind raising the dead against us…he had done it before when he attack the village." Letting out a sigh, Kurama then said, "Let's have them wait as we spend one last day with our loved ones before we go in for what could be the last…especially with Orochimaru in there."

Everyone said nothing before they silently agreed and left the super store to spend what could be their last day alive…


Kurama and Rise had arrived were Rise's parents, Rise's grandmother, and Rise's agent were waiting for them. "Hey Rise, Kura-chan," said Rise's mother with a sweet smile that unnerved Kurama, "How was your visit with Nanako-chan?" Before anyone could say anything, Rise's grabbed Kurama by his shirt and angrily said, "Do you know how much you're in, punk! If the public learns that Risette was deflowered before graduating high school, her reputation will be ruined!" Rise tapped her agent's shoulder and when the agent looked at her, he was greeted with a fist to the face.

"Don't you dare threaten my BOYFRIEND AND FIANCE LIKE THAT!" Rise roared as the fallen agent rubbed the cheek where the girl had punched him, "Or do I have to tell Daddy and Foxy about how you wanted to have me pose nearly naked to promote a line of lacy underwear." The agent then felt a chill as he received dark glares from both Rise's family and Kurama with the girl's father looking more threatening. "You wanted my baby girl run around in nothing but lacy underwear in front of thousands of camera for filthy perverts to exploit?" Mr. Kujikawa said ominously with a murdering look in his eyes, "All I have to say about that is…YOU'RE FIRED! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!"

After the agent fled with a look of Hell after him, Rise's family then turned to face Kurama as Mr. Kujikawa calmly said, "So I heard that you and my daughter shared an…intimate moment." Kurama swallowed as he could see Rise's father pointing a shotgun at the back of his head on Rise's wedding day. "Y-Y-Yes, Sir," said Kurama as he could have seen a small bit of his life flash in his mind, "I-I promise you that we used protection and I promise you on both of my mother's graves that I'll treat your daughter as if she the princess of princesses as I-" The sound of laughter snapped Kurama out of his fear as Mrs. Kujikawa said, "You have nothing to worry about Kurama-kun, we're not upset with you and we now how much you both love each other." Rise's grandmother smiled as she said, "Of course Dear, Rise-chan wouldn't keep quiet about her magnificent boyfriend and I'm actually not surprise that she carries the family's Kujikawa Heart."

"Kujikawa Heart?" Kurama asked stupidly as Mr. Kujikawa slapped him on his back. "Yeah, she gets it from her mother," Rise's father said with a guilty grin on his face, "The women are sweet princesses until you mess with what they hold dear to them, then you get the fierce lioness in their heart as they aren't afraid to let it be known that you don't mess with them." Rise playfully wrapped her arms around Kurama's neck as she said, "I love you Foxy and that will never change."

"That is why we are allowing the two of you to get married once you finish high school," said Mrs. Kujikawa with a happy smile on her face, "You have made our daughter so happy, even during those three years the two of you were separated." Everything was silent until Kurama smiled and said, "I promise that Rise will be the happiest person as I will care for her as you have my word!" The rest of the evening was spent with Kurama heading out to the hospital after Rise had given him a deep loving kiss. "You sure picked a nice boy," said Mrs. Kujikawa as she winked at her daughter, "He's kind of cute and I can't wait to see the little grandchildren the two of you will give us."



Kanji walked along the headstones until he reached a specific headstone and sat in front of it. "Hey Dad," said Kanji as he spoke to the grave, "sorry if I haven't visited ya in a long while…or if I haven't acted like you wanted me to." Silence was heard as Kanji then said, "I'm not going to act like the punk that everyone had made me to be and it's thanks to my real friends…and my new girlfriend, Naoto. She's very cute and she has this strong aura about her…I can't stop myself but to fall for her…heh, even if she had everyone fooled into thinking that she was a boy." More silence as Kanji never took notice of Naoto arriving. "I had a hell of a time before we became a couple as I was feeling so awkward about my crush of a girl whose nickname was 'The Detective Prince'…but you know what…I think I still would have fallen for her even if she was a dude! Kurama once told me that love is crazy and unpredictable as the wind."

"Kurama-senpai's wisdom never ceases to amaze us," said Naoto as Kanji jumped a bit, "right Kanji-kun?" Kanji nervously chuckled before he asked, "Shouldn't you be with your grandfather?" Naoto sat next to Kanji as she said, "I have already spent time with my grandfather as he gave me his condolences and told me to be careful. So…" Naoto adjusted her posture as she asked, "You would have still loved me even if I were a boy?" The bleached-hair teen nervously chuckled before he confidently said, "Of course, Naoto-chan. It would have been awkward as hell, I'll admit to that, but I would have loved ya no matter what and if people don't like it then they could just mind their own damn business." Naoto chuckled at her boyfriend's unique charm before she said, "How about we visit your mother and have dinner with her?" Kanji nodded as he got to his feet and helped Naoto onto hers. "We'll see you later, Tatsumi-san," said Naoto as she spoke to the headstone, "and we pray for your blessings in the future."

The couple left as the spirit of Jericho appeared near his headstone with a smile on his face. "I'm so proud of you my son," said Jericho as he watched his son head out with his girlfriend following him, "and you and Naoto will always have my blessings…"


Kurama entered Nanako's new room after the doctors said that it was alright for the girl to have visitors. There he saw his sister looking through one of the children's magazines the nurses must have brought her. "Knock, knock," said Kurama as Nanako looked up and smiled. "Nii-san!" Nanako cheered as her brother approached the bedside and handed her a small pink book. "Thought you might like to read something else instead old hospital magazines," Kurama said as he handed the book to Nanako. "Thanks, Nii-san!" said Nanako as she saw a nurse walk in while pushing Ryotaro on a wheelchair, "Daddy!"

"Hey Nanako," said Ryotaro, glad that his daughter was safe once more, "How are you feeling?" Nanako smiled and said, "I'm alright thanks to Nii-san and his friends for saving me from the bad men." Kurama and Ryotaro hid their cringes at the thought of Adachi working with Orochimaru of all people. "That's really good to hear," said Ryotaro as he wanted to avoid reopening his wounds…again, "Say what do you have there?" Nanako showed her father the cover on the book and said, "It's the latest Magical Detective Loveline manga that Nii-san got me." Kurama chuckled as he pulled out another book and handed it to his father, "Anything for my baby sister. I also got you a book as well, Dad, since you're going to be stuck here for a while since your wounds opened up again." Ryotaro held the book in his hands and asked, "How did you know that my stitches reopened?"

"You just told me," said Kurama with a devilish smirk on his face, getting a laugh from Nanako as Ryotaro chuckled at his son pulling one over him. The nurse smiled at the sight before her at the happy family. I'm glad that I met you Yu, Sayoko as she felt pride at being a nurse after spending some time with the teen, you have helped me see the joys of being a nurse…to help keep people together.

*Shadow World; Unknown Location*

Adachi stood in the bedroom as Kabuto and Orochimaru sat and waited for the foolish brats to arrive. "Are you sure that they will be here?" Kabuto asked with slight impatience in his voice as Adachi turned to face him. "Of course they will," said the corrupt cop with a knowing smirk on his face, "Those brats are just biding their time to find clues as to where we might be. It shouldn't take too long considering how much time I've spent with them as well as what Naruto may tell them about Orochimaru."

"And once I have the Kyuubi Jinchuriki," said Orochimaru with a sinister chuckle, "I will be one step closer to having the perfect body so that I can achieve my ultimate goal!" Skeptical, Kabuto then asked Adachi, "Are you sure that you will be strong enough to handle Naruto and his friends?"

"What kind of question is that, Kabuto?" Adachi said as a figure wearing a black cloak, bloodied bandages, and chains that had two long-barreled revolvers holstered on its back, "We can handle a few brats and even if they defeat us…we still have what you have planned for them." Orochimaru smirk as he had them waiting should Adachi's friend fail to stop Naruto and his friends. "As long as Naruto-kun is still alive for me to have as I could experiment with the power that his little friends possess," said Orochimaru with a chuckle, "I won't mind having to get my own hands dirty. Science was never really a clean subject to work with anyway."

"Pardon me milord," Kabuto carefully asked Orochimaru, "but I thought you were after Sasuke for his Sharingan?" The Snake Sannin looked at his apprentice and said, "I was and I still am, but through my research I discovered the unique traits of those of the Uzumaki Clan; increased stamina and chakra, longevity to a near immortality thanks to the Kyuubi, and with the boy being the jinchuriki to the Kyuubi, all I have to do once I obtained the boy's body is get the Sharingan from Sasuke and I would have the perfect body!" Dude's a sick psychopath, Adachi thought before a smirk formed on his face, but he's making this even more fun than I had thought.

"I cannot wait to skewer that imposter!" roared a voice from inside Adachi's mind. Be patient my friend, Adachi thought as he had an evil smirk, one they arrive here…you and I will kill them and mail the brat's head to Ryotaro in a box! AHAHAHAHA! Adachi was still glad he had met those two after Saki had been found dead…this was going to be the most fun he had ever had in his life.

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