I didn't understand why I was feeling so strange; the day wasn't anything unusual. I ran through my ever-changing schedule without any incidents, but I couldn't wrench that bizarre feeling I had from my gut. Maybe I was just having post-dramatic stress.

I was shaken from my thoughts by three loud thumps on my door. I crawled out of my makeshift bed and opened the door to see a stoic face.

"Katniss, Coin's calling a meeting," Gale said with a tone that matched his expression.

I nodded and watched him walk away. I was in no mood to meet with any more drama.

I then ambled down the bleached-white hallway, deliberately taking my time. After several minutes I finally reached the meeting room. I saw the usual crew. Gale and Boggs were standing behind Beetee, who was sitting at the table with President Coin.

"I think you should come see this," Gale said.

I walked over to look over Beetee's shoulder. The diagram he was holding contained several pictures that were somewhat indescribable.

"What are these?" I asked.

"Snow's latest idea," Coin replied plainly. "You see, he's shifted his hobby of genetically mutating animals to genetically mutating people."

It took me a moment to process the news. "That's sick," I finally said in disgust.

"Yeah," Gale turned to me, "Like he's never done anything sick before."

"Why is he doing this?" I looked closely at the detailed pictures. There was a man with hooves instead of feet, a pelt on his back, and topped off with horns sprawling from his head. Lined up were several other pictures of variously mutated people. I was appalled.

"My guess is that he wants both the intelligence of a person and the abilities of animals combined to make one deadly weapon," Beetee replied.

"Wait, so he's going to have these attack us or something?" I didn't take my eyes off of the diagrams.

"It's presumable," Coin replied.

I thought for a moment. "How did you get these diagrams?"

"Beetee found them when he hacked into the Capitol's system."

"Look at these," Beetee said almost excitedly, handing me some other pictures. I trailed off into thought as he rattled on about the strange hybrids.