Germany's Family: Prologue

By SwitzyFangirl

AN: Redoing a few things, adding details, etcetera. New chapter soon!

Germany looked up at Prussia, who was currently celebrating his victory with more beer. The albino had been ignoring him for hours. Prussia should have known better then to leave a young nation unattended for so long, but he never noticed when Germany got in trouble until far too late.

Germany snatched up a beer, quick as could be, and walked out casually, as if nothing had happened. He walked into the woods, ignoring the writing on the trees. As soon as he deemed himself far enough from his brother to avoid any issues, he sat down and uncorked the beer with his teeth. Maybe now Prussia would pay attention to him. He took the first swallow, enjoying his first taste of something so bad he'd been told doing so was horrible.

He was too young, everyone said, to even taste what was more interesting to his brother then him. He'd drawn pictures, recited battle plans, even trained until he thought he would drop dead, and yet Prussia had still ignored him except for an occasional pat on the head. He would show Prussia. He would show them all. Spain with his "He's such a cute little kid!" and Romano with his "Bastard ass little brat! Stay away from my little brother!" even Prussia would put him down as a child sometimes. He was done being the little kid no one paid attention to. If this didn't work, he'd do something far more drastic.

France was on his way to Prussia's celebratory beer drinking contest after the Prussian's latest victory. He wasn't the biggest fan of beer, but he loved to see the look on everyone's face after he drank them all under the table. He spotted a figure he vaguely recognized as Prussia's younger brother Germany, chugging down a beer. His eyes widened and realization dawned.

No one really paid attention to Germany unless he was in trouble, especially Prussia.

"Bonjour, Germany!" France called.

Germany set down his now empty beer and looked up at France, eyes hazy. He hiccupped. "H-Hi France!" He called.

France approached and knelt down to Germany's level. "Are you alright?"

Germany shook his head, a look of irritation on his face. "Don't…Don't feel so good."

"What hurts?" France asked.

"My stomach feels weird…"Germany's face turned green. "I feel sick."

"We are in the woods, get it out of your system and I'll take you back. Then maybe we can play a game, after I drink your brother under the table." France gave him a soft smile.

Germany nodded and turned to nearby bush.

France walked into Prussia's, carrying a barely conscious Germany. He set the boy on a cot and walked over to Prussia, smacking him upside the head.

"Hey! What was that for?!" Prussia demanded.

"Leaving alcohol within the reach of a child!" France glared. "If I ever hear or see your little brother drinking YOUR beer again I won't just smack you!"

"I didn't-"

"No excuses! He's a child! It's your fault, now take responsibility for your actions! Yes he should know better, but it's obvious he wanted your attention Prussia! I have never seen you do more then send him a glance unless he did something wrong! You're teaching him that misbehavior breeds what he wants! You're undivided attention!" He smacked Prussia again.

"Okay, I get before, but what was that for?" Prussia asked, rubbing his sore skull.

"For your idiocy. Either you step up or my next visit will not be friendly!" France threatened.

"Are you done lecturing me?" Prussia asked.

France nodded. "Now I'm going to drink you under the table. How many have you had?"

Prussia smirked. "20."

"Bet you can't take another 40." France smirked back.

"Oh, you're on!" Prussia yelled, grabbing another beer in time with France.

Germany woke up, moaning. "Damn…my head hurts."

Moments later Prussia moaned much the same, France smiling down at the both of them. "I'll make you guys my hang over remedy and breakfast. Prussia, go change and wash, you look like hell froze over."

Prussia nodded, grumbled about "No such thing as Frenchmen with hangovers…" and walked out to the well.

France helped Germany up. "Let's get you to the table, okay?"

Germany nodded, tears welling in his eyes. "The light…it hurts."

France chuckled, setting him on a chair. "You sound just like your brother, such complainers. You want wurst1 and eggs for breakfast, I'm guessing?"

Germany nodded, shielding his eyes from the light.

France started boiling water, starting a fire in the fireplace. "Hang over remedy in ten minutes, breakfast in a half an hour."

Germany nodded, moaning in pain. Prussia walked in, hair still dripping and sat down. To lighten the atmosphere he joked "Women." and he and Germany both laughed weakly.

"Last I checked, I was not a woman." France replied, getting out the correct herbs for the hangover remedy tea. He didn't sound all that concerned with what Prussia had said, since he was twirling around cooking in a long shirt and leggings.

"How are the hangovers?" France asked, placing a plate and glass of milk in front of each Germanic nation.

"Better." Prussia replied before beginning to shovel food like he was starving.

Germany smiled weakly. "Almost gone…thank you France." He started eating, slower than his brother, but still faster than normal.

France smiled and sat, beginning to eat his own.

The three ate in silence.

"Big Bruder2?" Germany asked.

Prussia nodded. "What?"

"Why doesn't France come over very often?" Germany looked up at him questioningly.

"Already miss him? It's only been a day." Prussia replied, picking up his beer.

"When he's around the house is clean, we don't eat leftovers or that crap you call 'toast' that you burn beyond belief, you don't drink so much, and someone reads to me and plays with me." Germany replied, crossing his arms.

"Sounds like he's your mom." Prussia smiled. "That would be nice. Maybe one day we'll take him over and he'll never leave, 'kay squirt. Now I've got battle plans to make, go play for a while. Then we can train together if it will shut you up for a while."

Germany nodded, running off so his brother wouldn't change his mind.

Prussia chuckled, shaking his head. "Crazy kid. Like France would ever be tamed. Well…maybe."


1) Wurst: A German Sausage. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

2) Bruder: The German word for Brother