Past Related Future


Looking around the bend to make sure no one was coming or nearby, Vegeta walked around the corner that made his bedroom door disappear. He was thankful the castle was still in pretty good shape and no floorboards squeaked. It was also very dark going down the halls, considering the time of night, but since torches were lined up three feet apart from each other everywhere he turned, it lit up his walkway enough to see. It gave it that frightening look, but that was never a factor that would stop Vegeta.

He was heading towards the gravity room, where he knew his son was [probably] training vigorously. He would just quickly knock out whoever was in the area, get Trunks, go down to the dungeon, grab Bulma and Bra, quietly exit the castle where he saw they kept a spaceship at, and get the hell off the planet. Once they're already in the ship, there would be no way anyone could stop them.

Assuming, and hoping he was assuming right, they kept a large supply of food in the space vehicle, he hadn't bothered to gather up food from the kitchen to put in there, not wanting the risk of getting watched by someone.

Yes, he made this whole plan about ten minutes ago. And now here he was, standing right outside the gravity room's room. Not bothering to be nice about his entrance, he just kicked the door down, making the guard working the panel jump.

"Hey, what are you—!" Was all the guy got out before Vegeta punched a hole right through his stomach, making his eyes go wide before he dropped to the floor, dead within an instant.

Vegeta went over to the panel, pressed a few buttons, then the gravity room shut off and the hatchet opened, letting Trunks step out and beside his dad.

"What a dramatic entrance, Dad. It was like one of those James Bond movies or something," Trunks had to comment, grinning the whole time…yet still a little disturbed that his dad just killed a guy instead of knocking him out.

Never changing his hard expression, Vegeta walked out of the room, heading for the stairs, expecting his son to follow him.

Of course, he did, but that didn't stop him from raising an eyebrow and talking some more.

"So, what's the plan? We gonna jump off the planet?" Trunks joked, smiling and putting his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner.

Vegeta never even gave him a second glance. By this time, they just reached the bottom floor and were walking down the dirty hall until they came to the stall with red bars that held Bulma and Bra.

Immediately, Vegeta pushed the button on the key chain, making the bars disappear with a zap, waking the two females with a jolt.

"Let's get going," Vegeta demanded, but got interrupted by Trunks pushing him out of the way before he could say anymore.

"Mom, Bra!" Trunks yelled, just a little too loud for Vegeta's liking. He watched as his son hugged his wife and daughter, all three of them happy to see each other again.

Never thought Trunks and Bra would admit that they missed each other…

Bulma smiled happily before looking up at Vegeta, who was still standing impatiently in the cell way. Right away, her smile faded, as she knew she should be serious and cautious at the exact moment.

"What's going to happen, Vegeta?" she asked, taking a few steps towards him.

Vegeta nodded his head towards the way he and Trunks had just come; "There's a ship outside that will be good to get back to Earth."

Letting out a sigh of relieve that they were finally getting off the wretched planet, Bulma kneeled down and picked her camera off the ground and hung it on her neck again, "Great, lets get going."

"Right," the other three said in unison before they all began walking/jogging down the hall. Only problem about that was…since the bars disappeared, there was no light to go by. They all could still see, but it would help a great deal if there were torches down there also.

"Where do you think you're going?" came a voice out of nowhere, making all four of them stop in their tracks.

"Daddy!" came a loud scream, making Vegeta turn around and just barely see a Saiyan holding Bra in a neck lock. He could tell her nails were digging deeply into his skin, trying her best to get him off her. But she wasn't experienced on how to get out of those kinds of situations.

"Bra!" Vegeta and Trunks screamed at once before they both finally realized that another Saiyan also held Bulma in a similar position.

Before anything else was said, footsteps were heard behind them, making them spin around to come face to face with the king, who held a torch, so they could properly see. Of course, King Vegeta had his never ending evil smirk plastered on his face like always.

"What are you doing, Prince Vegeta? Playing a little game of Catch Me If You Can?" the king asked, finally stopping when he came within a couple of feet with the rest of the group.

Having a light made Vegeta realize that they were surrounded. He didn't know how or why…but he did not feel any of the Saiyans' energy levels. Even if they had the weakest ki on the planet, Vegeta was positive in his abilities that he should've felt them approaching.

"It seems we have won," King Vegeta said, raising the torch just a bit higher, "Your weakling mate and daughter have been caught. Do you admit your defeat?"

Vegeta was about to growl at his anger, but stopped suddenly when he heard the two females moan in agony as the Saiyans holding them squeezed them tighter, letting Vegeta and Trunks know that they really did lose and should give up before the women got themselves killed.

The king found this all amusing; however, he could stand there all night just looking at the horrified look on all their faces, "Well…?"

"Dad…what are we gonna do?" Trunks asked, getting into his fighting position just in case his dad suggested they fight. He noticed all the Saiyan guards were closing in on them, but wasn't about to attack if it meant making his mother and sister suffer more.

Vegeta himself could feel his temper, along with his power, rising. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to feel this, too, for Bulma's legs began to fail her. It was obvious her mind could go blank anytime soon, then she would be completely defenseless…not like she had any chance even at the moment.

"V-Vegeta, just…" was all Bulma could stand to say before her droopy eyes closed and her hand dropped to her side that was before reaching out for Vegeta. And it seemed Bra wasn't too far off…

"Stop!" Vegeta yelled loudly, making the Saiyans that were laughing shut up immediately. He couldn't take it anymore!

We got caught…we lost…

Nothing else was said for what seemed like hours. No one moved. Time froze…

"Put them back in their cell," King Vegeta ordered the Saiyans holding the women before turning back to Vegeta.

Vegeta could feel the eyes burning into him, but watched as his two prized possessions were put back where they just came from. He closed his eyes tightly to keep from going insane. He opened them back up slowly and turned to his side to give his father the most evil glare he could ever possibly give. He wouldn't dare speak, however. He knew he felt pain, and though he always had the will to control it, his steady voice didn't seem to be on his side at the moment.

"Give me the remote, Vegeta," King Vegeta ordered, holding out his hand for the object.

Eyes narrowing lower, Vegeta spit at the king's feet, "Go to hell, you—."

"The remote, Vegeta."

Without a second thought, Vegeta looked down at his hand, seeing the remote resting in the center of his palm, before throwing it down to the ground, making small pieces shatter to various parts of the room.

"There's your fucking remote, I hope you're—," Vegeta began his threat.

"Vegeta, why are you fighting it? You know yourself you don't want to leave here, your childhood home. Why don't you just face the facts that—."

"My childhood home?!" Vegeta screamed before laughing hard for a few moments, "This was not my childhood home! My home was with Freiza, not this…"

"Not this?" the king asked suspiciously before shaking his head, "Vegeta, I do not want this to happen again. From now on, you can only come to see your family twice a day, but I also have to accompany you on your visits. Is that understood?"

Vegeta's mouth was gaped open it astonishment. What was he becoming, some sort of criminal on the planet named after him because he was trying to take care of his family?

Yet he was in no position to fight. He lost this round and he had to accept that. These guys could kill Bulma and Bra with no problem.

Things weren't going to be as easy as he hoped they would be…


Vegeta was, once again, up in his room, lying on his bed with his arms behind his head, looking up at his ceiling.

It seemed like only yesterday that he was at his home back on Earth…staring up at the ceiling after having just woken up from a horrible nightmare of his past.

It was only yesterday…

How could things have gone so wrong? Was his life always meant to be this way? Where he could never rest even for five years? There was always a problem! He had no way to avoid it…

But things seemed to be going so well…he quietly walked out of his room, got Trunks, Bulma, and Bra…what happened?!

I know I should have been able to sense all those Saiyans! There was no way I could've missed them! Am I losing my powers?

Or just my mind?

Wouldn't be the first time that's for sure. I just wish I knew what to do…what can I do to keep my family safe?

Why worry about them, though? They're only holding me back…

Vegeta blinked about ten times before shaking his head angrily.

Stop thinking like that! I may not show my feelings too often, but I do know for a fact that I will always put my family before anything else! Always…


"Oh no…not this again…" Vegeta mumbled, closing his eyes, trying to calmly block out the voices.

No such luck.

"What has happened to you, Prince?"

"To just caring about yourself and no one else? Prince…wasn't that life so much simpler? And more…exciting?"

In his mind, Vegeta could almost see this voice smirking.

"Forget about those weaklings, Prince! You deserve better than them! You are the Prince of all Saiyans!"


Endless black orbs snapped open, staring up at the unmoving ceiling fan. He stood up from his be within an instant, walking over to the body-length mirror. A menacing smirk came over his face as he saw himself clad in official Saiyan uniform. Calmly, he exited his room and walked down the hall, heading to the training arena.


"Mommy? Mommy, please wake up…please…" Bra sniffed sadly as she sat on her knees on the ground beside her still unconscious mother. She kept trying to awaken her by shaking her shoulder, but it was no use. Bulma probably wouldn't be awake until the next day sometime.

"Would you stop your whining?!" the guard standing outside of their cell, leaning against the wall, yelled. He was hired to look after the two until another remote was made to put the red bars back up.

Bra quickly averted her eyes away from him, not wanting to get him upset. She would often let out little groans of frustration and fearfulness, and continued shaking her mother, but she stopped trying to say things to wake her up.

Please try to come back, Daddy…

The little girl closed her eyes tightly as tears began to stream down her face. She tried to hold back a sob, but it was unsuccessful. She was thankful the guard didn't comment on it, but…

She turned and sat on her bottom, bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her shins.

I don't feel good…


"Train, train, train! Train until you die, you worthless piece of garbage!" Yelled yet another guard, this one watching over Trunks. Once again, the lavender hair-ed boy was thrown into the gravity room, forced to stay alive within it.

However, he was getting punished this time, and he knew it. They immediately put the G's to 600, never giving him even the littlest chance to get used to the force.

Trunks wasn't training though, just walking around the gravity room. Knowing if he wore himself out too soon, he wouldn't have a chance for ten minutes later. But if he just sat on the floor, his body would try to relax from it, and that will result in the same end.

The gravity didn't stop at 600 G's, of course, so even walking around got very tiring. So exhausting in fact, that very quickly, his walk turned into a shuffling of feet, which then turned into just standing in the middle of the room.

His eyes once again became blurry. He looked around the small room blankly.

There's gotta be some way outta here…

"Oi, what did I just tell you!? Train!" the guard screamed angrily, pushing more buttons.

Trunks fell to his knees. He could feel his stomach tightening inside of him, his heart speeding up, and his breath coming out quicker then it ever had before.

This is déjà vu three fold…

He lifted his head up enough to push past his hair and see that the guard was still ranting and raving pointless things, but…there was no sound coming to his ears.

His heart jumped in his chest.


He fell to his chest, his arms straight down at his sides. That actually made it all the more worse…the metal against his chest made it even harder to breathe. It was like it was blocking his heart from beating like it should and making it impossible for air to get into his lungs.

Am I having a heart attack?

And that was his last thought…

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