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Vampireex's Challenge

Title: A Blessing In Disguise. (May change)

Summary: Harry realizes that love in his life was nothing but lie. But before he copes with it, other surprise falls in his already full plate. Is it a curse to ruin his already messed up life? Or is it a blessing in disguise.

Warning:Weasley Bashing, Dumbledore bashing.

Pairings: HP/DG. NL/HG. DM/AG. (May change but HP/DG for sure)


Lord Potter-Black, the boy who lived, the chosen one, the man-who-survived, the boy who conquered and many more enigmatic titles endowed man sat in his son's nursery with his head in his hands. The big names bequeathed almost did not suit him. He felt so small, so helpless... that he almost laughed at the titles endowed on him. He looked at his sleeping son.

His one year old had no idea what was going on. If not for those god-damned potions, James Sirius Potter would not exist.

It had all began when Harry had gotten his medical reports, which was the final piece of the Auror test. He had discovered that he had been heavily dosed with love potions. He had insisted on finding out who had done it...

Two Weeks Earlier

"Mr. Potter your report says you have been force-fed with love potions." The Head of the Medical Auror Department informed him.

"You sure?" Harry had asked surprised, wouldn't he himself realize if someone gave him love potions?

"Yes, I am absolutely sure." The Healer replied. "They are not the normal potions, which you can get in the markets; it is the most powerful version of Amortentia."

"Can you tell me who was it?" Harry asked pensively.

"We'll have to do some research..." The healer said, "We'll remove the effect from you and after two weeks, we'll consult a psyche and see what happens."

Two weeks later he had promptly arrived at the medical department again. He was sent to the psyche department. Within the last two weeks, he had realised that Ginny's small habits had began to irritate him. The kisses they shared weren't the same... It was almost as if that the love between them had dissipated... But he had dismissed it as tension of the latest revelations; he did not want to hurt her and hence, had not told anything about his findings to her.

Earlier Today

..."Who was it?" Harry insisted on knowing.

The healer looked solemnly at him, as if his puppy's died and somehow she was behind its death.

"It was Ginny Weasley." The healer replied. With those four words Harry's heart broke. The sad thing was it was not the first time it happened.

A while later...

Harry was never known for thinking over things and then reacting. With him it was, act first, think later. And thus, went to Ginny after knowing the truth.

... "You did it?"Harry asked barely controlling his temper.

"Harry please, I love you and I know you love me too, potions were just to push you in the right direction!"

"You cannot create artificial love Ginevra! I don't know whether I love you or not, but knowing the truth I can never trust you."

"Harry what about our son?"

"I will take care of my son. You get out!"


"Get out!"

"Harry please..."

"OUT! Don't ever show your face again."

"My family won't let it rest..." Ginny threatened.

"Don't you dare threaten me, Ginevra! I would love to know what your family will say when they realize what you have done? I realise four years of my life have been a lie!"

"They won't believe you..." Ginny pressed, hoping in vain that he will change his mind.

"OUT!" Harry said defiantly using his wand to force her out of the house and her things thrown out with her.





Harry sat there in the same position for hours, until he was disturbed by a consistent pecking on the window.

Sorry for the short length. Longer chapters later, I promise.

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