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Misaki was bored. And why is that so? Because Usagi-san wasn't bothering him. And why wasn't Usagi-san bothering him? Well, he wasn't sure of the answer to that.

He should be grateful. He always told the older man that he didn't want to be touched, but in truth, he did. Usagi-san's touch made him feel hot all over, made him feel precious and loved.

Everything was alright until a week ago.

While cooking, he expected a pair of hands to go around his waist, and a voice filled with lust saying, 'I need my fill on Misaki now…', but none of it happened. He expected the older man to follow him into the bathroom when he was going to shower as usual, but he didn't.

He didn't even kiss Misaki as often. Just maybe around one or twice a day. And those 'I love you's… He said them less and less now.

Misaki tried to convince himself that Usagi-san was most probably just busy with work, but even if he was, he would definitely make time for the younger teen.

He sighed, holding his left hand up high, as if reaching for the ceiling. The light reflected on the piece of metal wrapped around Misaki's ring finger.

It was a Christmas present from Usagi-san, the older man having a matching one. He had told Misaki that this ring would bind them together forever, that they would never be apart.

Misaki couldn't express how much his feelings were overflowing to Usagi-san. He could only hug the man, but that was enough. Just that simple gesture, his feelings got through.

But now…

Misaki dropped his hand back to his lap. Usagi-san at gone out, saying it was something important, but he hadn't told Misaki where he was going, or why.

Deciding not to wallow himself in self-pity and boredom, he got up, grabbed his coat and went out. Valentine's Day was in one week. He was trying to think of what to get for the older man.

Going from store to store, he couldn't find anything that sparked his interest. Until he entered a cosplay store.

Costumes of all sorts surrounded him. He was approached by a perky salesgirl, asking if he needed help in finding what he wanted.

He said no and proceeded to exit the shop when something caught his eye. It was a neko costume. It consisted of cat ears, a cat tail, and a pair of very tight black shorts.

Misaki remembered that Usagi-san had written about him cosplaying as a cat in one of his BL novels. Maybe he wanted Misaki dressed as a neko… It would be a nice present for him.

He stepped out from the shop, having purchased the costume. Yes, it was embarrassing, especially when the cashier had winked at him and said, 'So you like these type of play, eh?'

But, for Usagi-san's sake, he would do it. Since he never did anything for the older man, he would swallow some of his pride as a man and comply to the said man's desire just once.

Humming the tune of a song softly to himself, he turned around and was going to head home when he saw something. Something that made his heart drop.

Usagi-san was with Sumi-senpai. His Usagi-san. With his senpai. And they looked like they were very close, Sumi-senpai holding onto Usagi-san's arm.

And Usagi-san did nothing to push him away, just following him.

Misaki couldn't believe his eyes. He turned quickly before either of them could spot him. So this was what Usagi-san was doing…

No, he wouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe they just happened to meet each other on the street and decided to hang out together.

No matter how much Misaki tried to make up a story, telling himself that it was just nothing, he couldn't believe it.

When he got home, he immediately went to his room. He hid the cosplay away, in the back of his cupboard. And he lay on his bed, just staring at the ceiling.

He didn't know when he fell asleep, or for how long, but when he woke up, the sky was already beginning to get dark. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, getting out of bed.

Opening the door softly, he saw that Usagi-san had already come home, as his coat was thrown on the sofa. But where was the man?

Misaki soon found an answer to that. He heard low voices coming from his boyfriend's room, but it was too soft so he couldn't make out any words.

He walked slowly, so to make sure the floor did not creak. He didn't know why he did that.

What he saw, shocked him to the core. There, in Usagi-san's room, was the owner sitting on the chair at his desk, while Sumi-senpai, was standing up.

And they were kissing.

Kissing… Only that one word resonated in Misaki's mind. Misaki couldn't think straight. He slumped down to the floor, pupils still wide with shock, hands gripping his hair.

This isn't a dream, right?

If it is, it still hurts.

This feeling, it hurts.

So much.

Hearing the floorboard in the room creak a little, he quickly scampered to his room, where he locked the door behind him.

He could hear faint voices coming from behind the door, but it soon passed. And then, the apartment was silent.

He unlocked the door with trembling hands and peeked out. Usagi-san's coat was gone, and so were his shoes. Misaki sighed.

He knew… Usagi-san wasn't his anymore. He had seen it with his own eyes.

There was no need to feel so sad. He knew…

Misaki packed all his necessities into a backpack and a black bag, leaving behind stuff which Usagi-san had bought for him. He couldn't bear to bring them along. He'd let his senpai have them instead, since he was Usagi-san's new lover.

Making his way down the stairs, he spotted a piece of paper on the glass table, where they usually would sit together and talk.

Sitting down on the couch where his ex-lover had first made love to him, he held the note in his left hand, thinking the worst. It said :

To Misaki,

I'm going out again, and I'm not sure what time I might be back. You'll have to eat dinner by yourself tonight, and please don't wait for me to come back, as I'm sure I'll be quite late. Sorry.

From, Usagi-san.

That's it. No 'I love you', no 'To my cute Misaki', no 'With love'. No sign of affection at all. Just a short note. It was as if his caring Usagi-san had been replaced with a cold stranger.

Fine. If he could do that, Misaki could too.

Flipping to the back of the note, he searched for a pencil in his bag and scribbled down :

To Usami-sensei,

Don't worry, I won't be waiting for you to come back, because I'll be long gone by then. I'll make sure to get out of your sight, since I'm such a hindrance. And also, we won't be eating together anymore. There's no need to apologize, since you're not sincere, so what's the use of saying it?

Also, if you wanted to go out with senpai, you should have just told me. I would have understood and got out of your way immediately. But you just had to avoid telling me, didn't you… You didn't care about how senpai would feel if he found out… How I would feel… Heh, but I guess you wouldn't care, would you? To you, I'm just a toy, something to play with.

I don't want this anymore. Those kisses, those 'I love you's, did they mean nothing at all to you? I guess not. Well, anyways, I'm going to stop writing. I wish you a happy life with senpai, and I hope you wouldn't treat him the way you did to me. Don't bother coming after me. Bye, Usami-sensei.

From, Misaki.

That was when, the tears couldn't stop flowing. He didn't bother trying to get a grip of himself, trying to stop the tears. He knew it was useless. He couldn't stop crying once he had started. Only that time… when Usagi-sa-, no. Not Usagi-san anymore. Usami-sensei.

Only that time when Usami-sensei had kissed him, was he able to stop crying.

The young teen thought back to that time. It was most probably then, when they were embracing, that Misaki had started feeling this feeling for the man.

And it hurt. It hurt to think that Usagi-san didn't need him anymore.

Please… Take this feeling away… So that I'll never be able to experience this pain ever again… Please…

For the last time, Misaki took one more look around the place he had grown so used to already. He smiled, yet his tears still flowed. There were so many bitter-sweet memories here. He would lock them all up, treasuring them forever.

'Goodbye…' he whispered.

Placing the note on the table, he dug out the house key from his pocket and placed it on the table, on top of the paper. Lastly, he took off his ring, and placed it next to the key.

Before he would regret anything, he rushed out of the house, tears still spilling over. Entering the lift, he rubbed at his eyes, hoping they weren't red or puffy.

He heard the lift's 'ding' and proceeded to go out of the building, without glancing back even once. Once the building was out of sight, he took out his cell phone, and rang his brother.

Takahiro picked up after 3 rings, with a 'hello, Misaki?'

'Ahh… I'm sorry, nii-chan… But do you think you could pick me up? And could I stay over at your place for a while?'

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