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As soon as they had reached back to Usagi-san's apartment, not even waiting to actually be in yet, they were already feverishly kissing each other. They just couldn't seem to get enough of each other. When Usagi-san finally managed to unlock the door and get them in, he began undressing Misaki.

Misaki's clothing were discarded onto the floor, so quickly that he didn't even have time to think. With the older man leaving kiss marks all over his small pale body, he was in a daze. This was all too good to be true. Red splotched dotted his body, as its pain yet pleasure made him come back to reality.

The brunette pushed his older lover away slightly. The pushed man frowned a little. Why was his Misaki pushing him away now, of all times?

But instead, Misaki blushed, and positioned himself of he was sitting on the lap of the older man. He blushed even harder, had that been possible, when he felt the grey-haired author's hard member poking through the thin fabric that separated them both.

With trembling hands, he undressed his boyfriend. Usagi-san stared at him intently, until Misaki grumbled a 'what?' to him. Then he just smirked and shook his head. He loved it when Misaki took the initiative to try to pleasure him. It wasn't all the time that the brunette did it so he always enjoyed it. But he needed it urgently now.

He picked up his lover, put him over his shoulder and brought him upstairs. His bedroom door being kicked open, he dumped the brunette on the bed and crawled on top of him.

Bending down to hug his lover, he whispered 'I love you' into his ear. He stripped himself of all his clothing, including the piece of cloth binding him down. No matter how many times Misaki had seen his member, he always marveled at how huge it was.

His quivering cock didn't go unnoticed by the older man. Taking it in his big hand, he slowly stroked his lover's hard member, earning delicious moans from his uke. Misaki squeezed his eyes shut from embarrassment, and covered his red face.


Usagi-san tried to pry away the hand, but it wouldn't budge. Leaving Misaki's still hard cock, and moving it to his entrance, he inserted 2 digits. Misaki let out a little gasp, as the grey-haired author moved it in a scissoring motion.

'Misaki… look at me… please…' Usagi-san begged his boyfriend.

The brunette shook his head. As he reached his hand to Misaki's hand to try and pry it away again, he was shocked to feel his face wet. Misaki was crying, but why?

'Misaki… What's wrong? Is it painful?' he asked, worried.

Misaki shook his head yet again.

'Then what is it?'

'I-it's just that… I'm so happy… that you… you want me…'

Yes, he was embarrassed to say it. But since it was Usagi-san, it didn't matter.

Usagi-san's purple hues widened in shock, before it then turned to relief. He smiled to himself.

'I would always want, need and love you, Misaki. Just know that. You are the only one for me.'

Hugging the boy, he whispered again, 'I don't think I can hold back anymore' before he thrusted into his lover.

Misaki's eyes widened with shock from the sudden intrusion. As the older man thrusted in and out, he whispered sweet nothings into the brunette's ear.

'Please, Misaki… I want to see your face…'

Misaki shook his head.

'Please… Do it for me…'

Slowly, Misaki lowered his hand and dropped it to his side. Seeing his lover's face, the teen couldn't help but smile.

It wasn't long before they both came, Misaki first, then followed closely by Usagi-san.

Collapsing on the bed, they lay side by side, just embracing each other. Both their bodies were covered in sweat, but it didn't matter to them. They had each other, and were bound together.

The older of them pulled the blanket, covering their bodies from the cold air.

'I love you Misaki.' He said, pulling the boy closer and hugging him even more tightly.

'I… love you too…' he mumbled into the broad chest.

'I couldn't hear that. Can you say it again?'

Misaki paused before distancing himself from the chest and shouting with his eyes closed tight, 'I LOVE YOU, USAGI-SAN!'

The famous author chuckled and ruffled his hair.

'Thank you, Misaki.'

Misaki could feel his eyelids getting heavier. He tried to stay awake but failed. It wasn't long before sleep enveloped them both.

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