Sunny stood at the stove in her kitchen, cooking breakfast for herself, Jacob, Lily, and Mason, as well as Leah and Moira when they arrived. The redhead hummed cheerfully as she prance around the kitchen, much to Jacob's amusement, who was watching her from the table where he was sitting with Lily and Mason.

"How much coffee did you have, Sunshine?" The werewolf asked amusedly as he watched his imprint practically bounce in place as she cooked the bacon she had just retrieved from the fridge.

"None." The Irish girl replied indignantly as she turned to pout at her wolf.

Jacob quirked a brow at her and she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Fine, two cups." She mumbled and she huffed again when his brow rose higher, "Alrigh' maybe 'twas three or four."

Jacob chucked quietly and got to his feet, walking over to the pouting redhead. He plucked the mug of coffee off the counter and moved it away from his imprint, grinning at her irritated look.

"I think you've had enough, hun." He commented playfully as he wrapped an arm around her waist, "If you drink anymore you'll bounce right out of your skin."

Sunny scrunched up her nose and stuck her tongue out at him in reply, though she willingly leaned against him when he pulled her closer to him. Jacob chuckled again then he ducked his head and pressed a warm kiss to her lips. The Irish girl sighed quietly through her nose and kissed him back, her arms unconsciously coming up to wrap around his neck.

"Ewww…" Mason whined and he wrinkled his little button nose in disgust as he watched his adoptive parents kiss each other.

Lily swatted him with a giggle, giving him a stern look, "Shush up, Mace. They're in love, they're s'possed to kiss, dummy."

"So? It's still gross." Mason replied with disdainful sniff he no doubt learned from his Aunt Rosalie, "This is the kitchen, we eat in here."

Lily stuck her tongue out at him in retaliation and the little hybrid boy made a face at his adoptive sister and rolled his eyes, the action looking slightly odd with his eight year old appearance. Sunny giggled quietly and broke the kiss with Jacob as she turned to look at her two kids, her cheeks slightly flushed.

"Sorry, Mace." She apologized with a grin, "No more kissing in the kitchen, promise."

The green-eyed boy nodded with serious expression, "Okay."

Jacob sighed in mock disappointment then he grinned at his imprint and quickly pecked her lips, laughing at Mason disgruntled groan.


"Alright, alright." Jacob said and he moved away from Sunny, allowing her to continue cooking breakfast, as he sat back down at the table and ruffled Mason's wild brown-bronze curls, "No more kissing in the kitchen… At least when you're in here."

Sunny and Jacob laughed when Mason groaned and buried his face him arms. Lily giggled and patted her brother's back with mock sympathy. The Irish girl shook her head fondly and went back to cooking the bacon.

Thirty minutes later, the mismatched family heard the front door open and two people walk inside, the door closing a moment later.

"Sunny?" They heard Leah call out questioningly, "Mo's here!"

An excited grin appeared on Sunny's face and she almost started bouncing again.

"In th' kitchen!" She called out only to curse a moment later when some hot bacon grease landed on her arm, "Bleedin' hell! Stupid bacon grease!"

Sunny glared mutinously at the bacon frying in the pan, her spatula held almost threateningly in her hand. She glanced over her shoulder quickly and saw Leah walk into the kitchen with Moira lingering behind her. The female werewolf dropped a kiss Lily's and Mason's heads then she sat down behind the four year old girl and across from Mason. Sunny noticed Moira hovering in the doorway, her ice blue eyes looking first at Lily, then Mason, and finally coming to rest of Jacob sitting calmly in his own chair and the redhead turned slightly to look at her friend.

"Ye can sit down, Mo." The Irish girl stated with a small smile and she gestured towards her wolf and kids, "I promise Jacob doesn' bite, th' kids migh' be a gamble though."

"Mama!" Lily protested with an indignant look at her surrogate mother, "I don't bite people!"

"That's what I'm supposed to do!" Mason quipped a moment later with grin and a snicker.

Sunny's eyes went wide and she choked back a laugh at her adopted son's somewhat accurate comment while Leah and Jacob stared at the little hybrid boy with dumbfounded expressions on their face. Mason looked back at them with innocent green eyes and a mischievous smile playing at his lips, Lily giggling quietly beside him. Sunny looked away from her son and saw the confused expression on Moira's face, her dark brow quirked curiously. Thankfully though, she didn't ask what Mason had meant as she took the open seat beside Leah and across from Jacob.

"Alrigh'." The Irish girl coughed as she hid a grin by turning back to the stove, taking the hot pan off the burner then she pranced over to stand behind Jacob, putting her hand on his broad shoulder, "Moira, this is me boyfriend, Jacob Black. Love, this is Moira Seeker, say hi."

"It's nice to meet you, Moira." Her wolf said with a polite smile as he held his hand out to the tattooed woman sitting across from him.

"You too." Moira replied just as politely as her tattooed hand was dwarfed by Jacob's large one, then she turned her attention to the redhead's children once he had let her hand go, "And what are your names?"

Lily smiled sweetly at the older woman, "I'm Lily. This is my brother, Mason, though me and Claire call him Mace."

"Hi." Mason greeted Moira, waving slightly with a shy smile on his cherubic face, "You have pretty eyes Miss Moira."

Sunny grinned to herself when she saw her sometimes taciturn friend's glacial blue eyes soften considerably as she looked at the two. Apparently, the rough-and-tough bartender was no match for Lily and Mason's cuteness, not that Sunny was surprised. They could make a grizzly bear fall in love with them if they had a mind to.

"Thank you," The bar owner said in a gentle voice, "That's very nice of both of you to say. You two can just call me Mo, okay? None of that Miss Moira nonsense."

Lily and Mason nodded eagerly and Sunny smiled happily, glad that they seemed to like Moira already. Humming quietly to herself, the redhead bounced back over to the stove to finish breakfast, listening contented as her kids happily questioned Moira about her tattoos and piercings, Jacob and Leah occasionally throwing in a comment here or there.

Sunny gathered the dishes after breakfast, dumping in the sink and mentally telling herself that she'll do them later when she got back home. Whistling a jaunty tune to herself, the redhead shuffled down the hall toward Mason and Lily's bedroom to check to see if they were both ready. It had been decided over breakfast that it would be best to introduce Moira to the rest of the pack at the beach, since the sun was out and it was a surprisingly warm day for the middle of December in Washington. She waved slightly to Jacob, Leah, and Moira, who were waiting in the living room, talking quietly to each other.

"Loves? 're ye two 'bout ready t'go?" Sunny asked as she poked her head into her kids' room, stifling a smile when she saw Lily sitting on Mason's back with her thin arms crossed over her chest and an annoyed look on her elfin face, "Everythin' alrigh' in here?"

Mason lifted his head and gave his mother an exasperated look, both of them very aware that if he wanted to, he could have easily tossed his much smaller and weaker sister off him without any trouble. Sunny smiled at him, proud that he hadn't used his super-strength to push his sister off his back. Though how she managed to get him flat on his stomach in the first place was a mysterious to the redhead.

"No," Lily huffed and she uncrossed her arms to poke the back of Mason's head, a scowl on her face, "Mason took my sand bucket and wouldn't give it back."

"So ye decided t'sit on him?"

"Well, no," The little girl mumbled and she scratched her head lightly, "I tackled him when he turned around first, then I sat on him when he didn't give me my bucket back."

Sunny looked down and spotted the bucket resting on its side near the door. Shaking her head slightly, she plucked it off the ground and held it out to her four year old.

"Well, I have th' bucket now, an' if ye two want t'go t'th' beach then ye better get off yer brother, missy." Sunny stated with mock sternness, stifling a smile when Lily jumped off her brother's back and snatched the bucket from her hand with a gleeful smile, "An' ye, Mason, stop antagonizin' yer sister."

"Yes, Ma." Mason mumbled sheepishly, rolling his eyes with fond exasperation when Lily stuck her tongue out at him.

The little girl quickly pulled her tongue back in her mouth when her mother cuffed her gently upside the head.

"None o' tha' now, girlie. Don' be instigatin' trouble, ye hear?"

"Yes, Mama."

"Good." Sunny said approvingly and she patted Lily on the top of the head lightly, "Finished gettin' ready then come in t'th' livin' room so we can go."

"Yes ma'am!" The two chorused and Sunny chuckled quietly as she walked out of the room, back towards the living room.

Jacob smiled and pulled her into his lap when she walked over to the couch. He pressed an affectionate kiss to her cheek then rested his chin on her shoulder contented as she leaned against his chest.

"Kids ready yet?" Leah asked from her spot in one of the armchairs in the living room, Moira sitting casually on the arm of the chair with her arms crossed loosely over her chest.

"Almost." The Irish girl replied and she grinned in amusement, "There was a brief altercation involvin' a sand bucket an' Lily tacklin' Mason t'th' ground then sittin' on him, but it's all cleared up now."

"Er, what?" Jacob asked in bemusement and he looked at his imprint with a quirked brow.

"Mason took Lily's sand bucket an' he wouldn't give it back." Sunny explained nonchalantly, the smile still on her lips, "So, Lily tackled him t'th' ground when his back was turned an' she sat on his back when he still wouldn' give her th' bucket back."

"Atta girl." Moira snickered.

"She takes after me," Sunny stated with a proud grin and she pointed at herself with her thumb, "Scrappy little thing tha' she is."

Before any of the other three adults could answer, Lily and Mason raced into the living room, their small beach bags in their hands and eager expressions on their young faces.

"We're ready, Mama." Lily chirped as she rocked back-and-forth on her heels impatiently, "Can we go now? I wanna see Embry!"

Sunny laughed and got to her feet, Jacob standing up behind her a moment later while Moira and Leah stood as well.

"Alrigh', kiddos, go get yer coats from th' closet then wait by th' door, aye?" She stated, smiling in amusement as the two kids gave gleeful shouts and raced towards the front door then she turned to look at Leah and Moira with a curious expression, "Ye two goin' t'ride in Leah's truck or do ye want t'ride wit' us?"

Leah and Moira looked at each, the tattooed woman shrugging one shoulder to expresses that she didn't care which vehicle they took.

"We'll take the truck, that way we don't have to make two trips." Leah replied and Sunny nodded in assent.


Sunny chuckled at Lily's impatient shout from the door, sharing an amused look with her wolf as the four adults walked towards the front door.

"We're comin', loves!" She called back as she grabbed her purse and keys from the small table in the front hallway, then she grabbed her coat from the closet, "Go get in th' car, 'tis unlocked."

Lily and Mason were already running towards the van before Sunny had even finished her sentence, causing the redhead and Jacob to laugh at their excitement.

"I'll call th' others an' tell 'em t'meet us at th' beach, alrigh'?" Sunny suggested as she walked towards the truck with Leah and Moira while Jacob went to get the kids settled in the van.

"Sure." Leah agreed with a nod and she hugged the redhead quickly, "Thanks for helping with this Sunny, you really didn't have to."

The Irish girl waved her hand dismissively when Leah let her go, "Don' mention it, lass, yer my friend an' I try t'always help me friends out."

"That's what makes you such a great friend, Daffy." Moira stated fondly as she hugged the tall redhead then got into the van with Leah, "See you at the beach, babe."

Sunny waved as Leah pulled out of the driveway and drove in the direction of La Push. Once again whistling happily, the redhead skipped over to the passenger side of the van and climbed in, Jacob pulling out of the driveway as soon as she was buckled.

"I have bet this is goin' t'be interestin'." She stated with a gleeful grin and Jacob chuckled quietly, reaching over to take her hand in his as he drove.

"I'm taking that bet."

Jacob parked the van in beach's parking lot thirty minutes later and Sunny eagerly hopped out, throwing open the side door for Lily and Mason.

"Embry!" Lily screeched and she took off towards the laughing werewolf as soon as she was out of the car.

Mason giggled quietly as he stepped out of the car and he took Sunny's hand in his. Jacob made an irritated noise as he walked around the van, the duffel bag full of their beach supplies in his hand, and he glared over at Embry, who was twirling Lily around in his arms.

"Oh stop it." Sunny chided playfully and she nudged him with her hip as they walked over to their friends, Mason happily swinging their hands as they walked, "He's not goin' t'hurt her, ye oaf."

"So?" Jacob huffed, but he smiled ruefully at the stern look she gave him, "Fine, fine."

"Good boy."

Jacob snorted quietly as he followed his imprint and adopted son over to their friends, dropping the duffel bag on the blanket that had been spread out by Emily.

"Is Leah coming?" Sam asked as soon as he walked over to the redhead, causing her to roll her eyes at him.

"Gee, it's nice t'see ye too, Sam." She drawled sarcastically then she smiled at his sheepish expression, "Aye, she an' Mo 're on their way here. 'm goin' t'assume tha' they stopped by Leah's house so she can change or somethin'."

Paul opened his mouth, no doubt to make a perverted comment since he and the rest of the pack knew about the relationship Leah had with the mysterious Moira.

"Don' even think 'bout it, Lahote." The redhead stated threateningly, giving him a look that had him shutting his mouth with a soft click.

The temperamental wolf huffed and crossed his thick arms over his chest, almost pouting as he glared at the ocean. Sunny gave him a cheeky smile then she turned her attention to the rest of the boys.

"Now, ye lot be nice." She said with playful sternness, "'m not goin' t'protect ye from Mo if ye piss her off."

Paul scoffed and rolled his eyes, but he didn't say anything as he continued to sulk. Jared chuckled and slapped his friend on the back.

"Don't sulk, man, we all know nothing's scarier than Sunny."

Paul growled and tackled his best friend, the two wrestling around on the beach while the other boys and Sunny cheered them on, Emily and Kim laughing from the blanket and Lily, Mason, and Claire giggling quietly as they played in the sand. None of them noticed the two woman walking approaching them from the parking lot.

"Kick his arse, Jared!" The Irish girl hollered with a laugh and she punched her fist in the air as Jared pinned Paul.

"Get off me, you fucking asshole!" Paul shouted in annoyance as he struggled to get Jared off his back.

Jared laughed and kept Paul pinned to the ground, laughing harder when Paul began cursing him out.

"Wow, he seems like a jackass."

Sunny yelped loudly and whirled around, her green eyes wide as she looked at Leah and Moira standing behind the group, identical bemused expressions on their faces.

"Ye scared th' crap out o' me!" She squawked indignantly and she pointed at the two women accusingly, "How long were ye two standin' there?"

"Long enough to realize that you don't have as much of a potty mouth as I thought." Moira replied with a smirk, one brow lifting slightly in amusement.

Sunny opened her mouth to retort, but clicked it shut a moment later when she couldn't think of anything, her brow furrowing in agitation.

"Yeah, well…" She huffed, crossing her arms and pouting slightly at the amused look on Moira's face, "Shuddap, Mo."

"The fuck is going on?" Paul demanded, unable to see anything since Jared still had him pinned to the ground and his head was facing the other way, "Jared get your fat ass off me!"

Jared shook his head quickly and jumped to his feet, still unable to tear his stunned gaze away from the tall, copper-skinned, tattooed woman standing beside Leah. Sunny noticed the way Moira looked back at the boys with a mocking expression, her lips pulled into a sardonic smile and her blue eyes cool as ice.

"What the hell are you guys staring at?" Paul grunted in annoyance as he got to his feet, a scowl on his face dusted the sand off his body.

"That would be me." A sensually husky voice drawled drily and Paul scowled harder in annoyance.

"Who the fuck are…" Paul started to snarl only to trail off in shock as he got his first look of the woman that had spoken.

Dark brown eyes met ice blue and Paul suddenly felt like he'd been sucker punched in the stomach, the breath his lungs in a quiet whoosh. The world seemed to shift and all he saw was the woman standing beside Leah with her arms crossed and a sarcastically pleasant expression on her beautiful face. Paul stared at her, his brown eyes looking her over, from head-to-toe. She was tall, probably only two inches or so shorter than Sunny's six-foot-three, and she had crow black, pin-straight hair that fell all the way down to her mid-thigh, forming a silky curtain around her curvaceous figure. Her copper-skin was almost completely hidden by the intricate tattoos that adored her body, from her neck all the way down to her feet.

Paul slowly lifted his eyes from her feet all the back up to her eyes and he once again felt like the breath had been punched out of him when he met those startling glacial blue eyes that looked wrong and somehow utterly right in that oh-so-Native-American face, eyes that were staring at him like he was a rather interesting insect. Realization of had just happened slammed into Paul so hard, his knees actually went a little weak.

"Son of a mother fucking bitch!"

Sunny and the rest of the pack and imprints looked between Paul and Moira in shocked silence, unable to wrap their minds around the fact that Paul Lahote, womanizer extraordinaire had just imprinted on the woman Leah had previously been in a sexual relationship with.

"Mary Mother o' God!" The Irish girl squeaked quietly and she clasped her hands over her mouth, having to stifle the urge to jump around excitedly, "Oh my God, oh my God!"

Paul was still staring at Moira like she was a gift from the Lord himself, but suddenly his eyes went wide and his slack-jawed expression changed to barely suppressed rage.

"Son of a mother fucking bitch!" Paul swore loudly and violently, his body beginning to tremble.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Moira snarled in response, her ice blue eyes flashing dangerously as she took a step towards him.

"Oh no." The Irish girl gasped and she lurched forward, grabbing Moira by the shoulders to keep her from tackling Paul to the ground, "Jacob! Sam! Do somethin' ye bleedin' idiots!"

Sunny's nervous shout seemed to snap the boys and Leah out of the daze the had been in and suddenly they were all rushing towards Paul, who's trembling had gotten worse, his dark eyes shifting wildly and burning with anger.

"Get him out of here!" Jacob roared, moving unconsciously to stand protectively in front of Sunny and, inconsequentially Moira as well, "Get him to the forest!"

Jared, Quil, and Embry scrambled to grab Paul and drag him towards the woods that lined the edge of the beach several yards away.

"Seth, Brady, and Collin, you three stay with the girls and kids." Sam barked as he turned towards the woods, just as Jared, Quil, Embry, and Paul disappeared into the trees, "Jacob, Leah, come with me, now!"

Leah ran after Sam without a thought, still slightly surprised at what had just happened. Jacob hesitated a moment, staring worriedly at Sunny.

"Go." The redhead ordered urgently as she kept Moira from storming after the boys and Leah, "I'll take care of things here. Go help Paul."

Jacob nodded once and ran after his other pack mates, leaving Sunny in charge of the other girls, the kids, and the three youngest wolves.

"Son. Of. A. Bitch!" Paul snarled and slammed his fists into a tree with each word, his mind still a whirlwind of conflicted and pissed off thoughts, "Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!"

"He seems to be taking it well…" Jacob commented drily as he, Sam, and Leah walked over to stand beside Jared, Quil, and Embry, who were watching Paul beat the crap out of the defenseless tree.

Quil and Jared snorted with laughter and Embry just shook his head, staring at Paul with a slightly worried expression. Paul was temperamental and violent pain in the ass at the best of times, but right now he looked downright pissed off and Embry was worried about his imprint, despite the fact that she was far away from the violent wolf.

"Calm down, Paul." Sam ordered steadily as he watched the most volatile wolf in the pack continue to punch the tree.

"This is fucking bullshit!" Paul shouted as he stopped hitting the tree and clenched his fists at his sides, still trembling slightly.

"Why?" Embry asked warily, "Imprinting is a good thing, Paul."

"Oh yeah, being pussy-whipped like you idiots seems fucking awesome."

"Don't be such a dick, Paul." Quil remarked lightly with an impish grin, "From what we know about this chick, you're not going to be getting any type of-"

The stocky werewolf's comment was cut off by his laughter as he was forced to duck and dance when Paul lashed out at him aggressively.

"Knock it off, Quil." Sam ordered and he cuffed the younger wolf upside the head then he turned to Paul, "You need to calm down, no doubt she's freaking out and demanded to know what just happened."

Suddenly, Leah, who had been quiet throughout the whole episode started to laugh madly. Sam, Jacob, Jared, Quil, and Embry looked at with confused and curious expression while Paul snarled at her in annoyance.

"Why are you laughing?" Jacob asked, tilting his head curiously at her as she continued to laugh.

The female werewolf smiled smugly and gestured towards the still fuming Paul, "He just imprinted right? I'm not going crazy?"

"Well…" Jared quipped and he and Quil snickered together, quickly sobering at the irritated look Leah gave them.

"Yes, he just imprinted on your friend Moira." Quil replied, stressing the word friend with some amusement, "What's your point?'

"Paul Lahote, womanizer extraordinaire, just imprinted on a bisexual bitch that currently hates anything with a dick." Leah explained with a wicked gleefulness, "Am I the only that sees the irony in that?"

She started to laugh raucously all over again when all the color drained from Paul's face and he stared at her dumbly.

"Well shit." Paul groaned and began slamming his head against the tree he'd been using as a punch bag earlier, "Fuck my fucking life."

Quil glanced over at Jared with an impish grin, "So much for him becoming pussy-whipped then."

Jared choked on his laughter, nearly doubling over along with Leah. Jacob crossed an arm over his chest and bit his fist to stifle his own laughter, while Embry pursed his lips and looked off the side to avoid looking at Paul. Sam sighed and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose when he felt a tension headache beginning to pound behind his eyes. As if the pack's life hadn't been complicated before.

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