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Finding You

Chapter 1 – The Not so Original Sin

I can't believe this. What an ass I made of my self yesterday. Hi. For those of you who don't know me yet, my name's Davis Motomiya, the World's Biggest Jackass as of today. More like yesterday afternoon. But what does it matter? Why should anyone (except my family and my Digimon partner, Veemon) care? My love life is dead, so is my heart; my poor and shattered heart.

Here's where my story begins. When I was chosen as a child destined to save two worlds, I was ecstatic. One reason was that I would join the ranks of my idol Tai Kamiya, leader of the eight original Digidestined and great soccer player. Then the other reason was Kari Kamiya, sister to Tai, also one of the original DD, the Child of Light, and most importantly, the one who ran away with my heart.

Ha! Did I just say that? No surprise there I hope. Everyone at my school knew I had the biggest crush on her since the first time we met. And everyone that knew that fact knew something a little more too go with that – there was no hope in the two of us coming together. Reason? T.K. Takashi, another of the original DD, Child of Hope, and my rival. But worst of all, Kari's eye catcher. I always thought of him like that. And every single time I'd get a chance to better him at anything, it'd always backfire.

And for this, everyone laughed at and ridiculed me. And you know what? I think I deserved it. Every single eye roll shot at me, every joke made of me, every time Kari mentally slapped me silly in the face; yes, I deserve it all. So what'd I do wrong? That's where the base of this thickening plot begins.

Plot - that one word that's ruined my reputation thus far: a plot to break T.K. and Kari's friendship for good and to get her to like me after. O sure, it's not like I've tried to do this before. God knows how many times I've tried, and how many times I've failed. But that was child's play. This was the big one, the mother load of all plans. If you're wondering what the plan was, here it is in short detail: get another girl to seduce T.K., get them to fall in love, have Kari witness this, and lastly comfort her when she comes crying to someone (besides her family). It worked, for a time being anyway.

But wait! Even this plan, just like all the others, once again backfired on me. How? Well, someone found out, namely, Kari herself. She found me with T.K.'s 'distraction' (as I liked to mentally nickname her) behind our school after the day had ended, evilly conniving our next move. I'll admit, this girl was a hottie, much better than Kari's physical features in that sense. But this girl was a pure slut, which kept most of the guys (including me) in school away from her. So why did I pick her? Just like me to Kari, so was she to T.K. She was the fly that buzzed around him, trying to get his attention but actually annoying him. A quick slap from Kari's hand to my face surprised us. And what came next was not pretty at all. After driving the 'distraction' away, threatening to "deal with her later", she pulled me at the ear right to the front of our school so that everyone boarding the buses to go home could hear the venom she would spit at me. I begged her not to break me in front of all my classmates, friends, and worst of all, the other DD. But my pleas were met with more slaps to the face.

And after all was said and done, with her running home in tears and fury spelled out across her face, I looked around - looked to see the damage that was done. People began pointing fingers at me, calling me a 'bastard', saying things like 'How could you?' and 'Why?'. And what did I do? Look down at the ground and take it all. I knew what I had done. It was wrong and immoral. I'd go through so many lengths just to make Kari say sincere, loving words to me; but never in my life did I think I'd go this far. So far to hurt my friends; wait, what am I saying? I don't think I'll have any by the time the weekend is over. A few seconds after Kari left, Yolei, Cody, and T.K. approached me, ready to spit the same venom as Kari had done.

"You son-of-a-bitch."

This was accompanied with frowns and ugly stares from Yolei and Cody before the three of them left me.

"And don't even come within 10 feet of us or I'll kick your ass, you understand?" T.K. quickly but forcefully said turning around to put more salt in my wounds.

I took to the park after this, thinking about what I had just done. Three hours later, I came home and told my family about it. I broke down and cried, telling them that I was sorry with all my heart and promised to make up for what I had done. Both my parents scolded me and made me explain why I had done it. But then again, they were pleased that I saw the errors of my ways in such short time. And my sister? Just sat there shooting the same looks Yolei and Cody had given me, saying nothing but "You'd better patch things up soon." after my sermon from my parents was through.

That night, I locked myself in my room. It was late when my talk with my family was done and they had already had dinner. I wasn't in the mood for food anyway. I guessed that by then the rest of the DD gang's already heard about what I did - all except Ken since he was a long way's from our town. I decided to call him up and get his thoughts on what I should do next. He was more forgiving of what I had done and helped me figure out a good way to make it up to Kari and T.K.

"You just have to have faith that your friends will stick by you, no matter what you've done." he told me. "Just like me, Davis.".

That was all I needed to hear. My friend, my best friend in fact. He was right. Being the Digimon Emperor and trying to kill us every chance he would get was bound to cause much hatred between him and the rest of us DDs. But even though, I was the first one to welcome him into our group and stuck with him 'til he finally opened up to us. That was something that I needed right then and there. I bade him good night and hit the bed, his words still lingering in my mind.

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