You used to make me laugh and smile

Twirl and dance and stay for a while

I finally began to fall

Then you wrecked it all

Darkness fell on that blasted night

War would be raging at mornings light

I sat on my bed, crying

I had grown tired of all the lying

I was not free and I was not safe

At last until I reached heaven's gate

You came in my room without a word

I almost died when I saw your sword

Sword and gun

Your eyes gleamed with evil and fun

I stood up ready to run

"Where are you going hun?"

You've snapped, its official

Your brother beside you, not so little

I clutched my heart, wishing to die

As I stared straight into the devil's eyes

You drug me away

And made me stay

A wife to you

And a mother to him to

On this night

I will fight

One last time

As I sing this rhyme

You're a bloody demon now that's all I can say

While you stand over me and make me obey

I do what you want no matter what

It hurts worse with every bruise and cut

I've done all I can

I even ran

But you found me

The devil has found me

I was rescued by another

Though he will never be my lover

You were my one and only

You and he were all to me

But you snapped

The devil awakened from his nap

And my love for you died

Every time to myself I lied

I stare into your devil's eyes once more

Fear has faded and is replaced with the friendship of before

I will never give you my heart

For it was yours from the very start