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Hi everyone! Its me Selene! Well I just got done writing the first chapter of my new obsession, that's right Magic Knight Rayearth. It's a bitter sweet story of our two most kawaii couple. Ferio and Fuu. Since I've just gotten the manga of MRK I've been in love with it! Anyway the title for this fic is the main reason why I wanted to write this fic. If anyway has heard it then you will know what I mean. Its Fuu's image song. Its also rather beautiful. I would also like to add that I have alter the plotline of the Magic Knights, so its kind of my creation, but I still don't own them! Anyway if your wondering Guru Clef isn't that cute little adorable sorcerer, but the one form the OVA mk! Okay enough with my talking enjoy the fic.

Sonatine of the Wind.


A faint breeze hit his darken yet young face. His mind wondered onto the window seal, as the wind gracefully danced with the sheers of his window. The room was dark, but in the corner lied a warm light giving the room its peaceful attire. Since his beloved sister, the Pillar had vanished it was now up to him to see to Cephiro's needs. He wanted to continue and seceded on making Cephiro just as his sister once did, but he couldn't, only she could. He wasn't capable on doing a wondrous miracle that his sister did. He couldn't. He didn't know why? Was it because his sister was more innocent and more pure hearted than him? There was times that he would think about his sister and wonder why she has just vanished. Cephiro was going through major and inverting changes after he had taken over. With Cephiro not having a Pillar to pray for its safety, everything was drastically changing. He had also begun to change. He became more distance, more silent. Cephiro wasn't as it once was. For a new breed of evil as risen, more powerful than he could imagine. Just as the princes' thoughts grew deeper, there was a sudden knock at his door.

Guru Clef, the wise sorcerer, had entered his room with a pale stricken face. It seems that he had spent almost eternity in his study to find a way with the becoming problem that was now rising in Cephiro. His tired light blue eyes showed countless works of reading, his messing yet well placed hair showed no sign of distress, yet something bothered the wise sorcerer.

"Prince Ferio, Cephiro is indeed in great danger, the power that is overtaking us is located in the far north, I haven't the slightest idea who would behind it. I fear it must be one of our enemies awakening, but I'm not positive." Ferio just sighed. "We know were its located, but we do not know who it is exactly. Clef do you think it would have something to do with Emeraude?". Clef knew Ferio would ask something of that. Everyone included himself was worried sick, no one knew nor knew why the princess had vanished, he had used almost every ounce of his magic to try and find her, but it was all in vain, for he would never find her. There was talk of the people that some would say that the princess was dead, and Cephiro would fall. Everyone in the castle had change after that incident, happiness and warmth was now filled with gloom, sadness, unhappiness. Everyone felt it.

"I don't not no my prince, but for now we must concentrate on the problem of hand, Emeraude would of wanted Cephiro to come first. Tomorrow I have arranged a meeting with the court of the castle at mid noon, I would like for you to attend it Ferio, for I have found a way to save Cephiro" Ferio just sighed loudly . Clef noticed this and added "As prince of Cephiro its your duty to take place in these important meeting, Ferio, and Ill have you know tha……" Clef was cut off as Ferio turned around softly gazing at Clef. "Don't worry Clef I'll be there." Clef had just nodded whiles pieces of lavender fell down upon his face. Ferio turned around now facing the outside once again, her heard a soft click of his door shutting, indicating that he was once now alone.

The cold breeze caressing his cheek made him close his eyes. It felt as if someone was there reassuring him, comforting him. The cold breeze seemed as its invisible hands brushed his deep forest green hair. On instinct tried to gently grab what ever was caressing him, but only found emptiness in his hand. He looked up at the full moon that shined its brilliance upon Cephiro, the once paradise land filled with happiness and joy, was now almost a myth, but soon he will make it so, just as the princess of Cephiro, the pillar, his sister did.


As the tired Sorcerer opened the door of his elaborate study. He had finally found something that would be a great help to Cephiro and its people. A legend of the 3 elemental maidens. These maidens were the most pure at heart beings in Cephiro. There pure souls make them unbeatable. Fire, Water, and Wind, the 3 maidens lived in the deepest and most sacred places that lied in Cephiro. Of course it was only a legend. Many had sought for them but all was in vain. Many also believed that there were just a story for young children, a simply fairy tale. A drowsy Clef and sat himself on a nearby chair.

"Tomorrow is a new day and everything will be revealed. Cephiro will once be as it once was" and to that the sleepy sorcerer closed his eyes with the spell of sleep taking over him. The softness of his lavender hair falling, caressing his tired face. A pool of the moon's beams silently entered the room, making it seem as a midnights summer evening. Outside you could hear the soft crashing of the waves as inviting the castle to join it, under the gracefulness of the seas waves. A soft voice was calling out under the seas blanket.

Deep into the darkness of the ocean lied a crystal blue sphere , yet the sphere was so transparent you could see where or what it barricaded. It gleamed as the moonlight hit it slightly. A young face came into view, her saddened sapphire eyes showed sympathy, and shielded love. Her long blue hair showering over her bare shoulders, gracefully spread around her figure. She pressed her pale hand against the barrier that had trapped her under her home for so long, yet she had no intention of leaving it nor thought of it badly. She loved being her, even if it meet barricaded from the world above. A piece of her hair slid past her face as she tucked it behind her ear.

"Something is amiss, Cephiro is in peril my friends" she whispered letting the ocean take her words. As understanding her feelings the ocean had claim down from its previous form. It now softly made waves as to not hurt the land. The water maiden, now waiting.


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