My first CS fic. I need to write something to remove writers block!

It goes away from all the spoilers we have in regard to how people get to Neverland. It's how I imagined it a few weeks ago.

Enjoy! Find out what happens with Hook and Emma finally meet up next chapter! Reviews would be lovely!

"We have to take him Emma," Neal said gruffly, as he pushed past her with Henry in his wake.

Henry walked behind his father, his eyes shining in the way Emma was used to them doing so at her. It hurt to see him look that way at someone else, and for the briefest of seconds, she could relate to Regina, she could understand what she had felt, she could even hear Mr Gold's words from back in New York. Then she gave her head a shake. She was nothing like Regina. Henry had promised to let her in. She had to remember that.

Still, watching her son idolise a man who had run away from her was not sitting well with Emma. The way Henry had spoken to her was not good. Still, Emma fought to stay with him. She fought for that part in him that she used to have. She wanted that back, and she would have it. Mary Margret had spoken of her walls once, and this was when Emma knew that with Henry, she had no walls anymore. She was as vulnerable as she could possibly be with him right now, watching him walk to the docks.

"You don't have to come," Henry said barely looking back enough to actually focus on her.

"Course I do kid," she said, beginning to walk, pretending like that comment had not stung.

So she followed Neal and Henry to the dock, until she was faced with a ship she'd already been on more times than she'd ever believe. The Jolly Roger.

"We're going to steal this?" Emma asked, stopped dead on the wooden dock.

Neal turned around with a hesitant and very guilty look on his face.

"I don't do that kind of thing anymore Neal," Emma said firmly, her eyes moving to Henry, who was looking up at his dad again.

"We're not stealing it Emma, we're borrowing it," he said, taking Emma back eleven years with that same mischievous smile on his face. "It's for Henry's safety remember?"

Even though she knew he was searching for an excuse to make it all okay, he was lucky enough to have found the correct one. She relented with an exhale of breath.

"When we get back, you're going to have a talk to your son about right and wrong," Emma told him with a very motherly stare she didn't know she had in her.

Henry bounced on his feet with excitement, rushing forwards and scaling the ship's steps. Neal gave a half smirk to Emma and almost looked like he was going to turn back to the ship before Emma had a thought, and it wasn't evident to her yet why she thought of a partner when looking at the Jolly Roger.

"What about – "

"Tamara," Neal called, cutting her off and finishing her words.

Emma was about to tell him not to speak over the top of her, when she realised he was looking behind her. She turned around and found the woman she'd met in Manhattan strolling toward them.

"You got my message," Neal said, stepping away from Emma and greeting his fiancé with an awkward kiss to her cheek.

Tamara didn't look impressed at being here still. She had arrived not too long ago, and she didn't seem happy then, and she certainly didn't seem that way now. Her glare could rival Emma's, or Regina's.

"I'll explain on the ship," Neal said tentatively, trying to smile at Tamara.

Tamara eyed him for a long while, before slowly walking forwards, offering a stiff nod to Emma as she passed. There was something about her recent stares at Emma that just didn't make Emma feel right.

"Are we going or what?" Henry called loudly from way up on the deck of the ship.

Emma trudged forwards, leaving Neal to the ropes as already agreed upon. The problem was, once she was on the ship and it was pulling away from the dock, she realised that once again, she was running.

She was running from the family she didn't know she wanted yet, because she had the family she knew she wanted beside her, Henry. She didn't feel right leaving Mary Margret and David behind her, somewhere in her she felt it hurt, but she just told her self otherwise. She was good at that.

She watched as the boat slowly climbed toward the horizon. On Henry's other side was Neal, steering, with Tamara next to him. It was a moment in which Emma seemed to notice the gravity of the situation. She'd had a lot these moments lately, and she thought that was due to where she was these days.

If it wasn't battling for a son she never thought she'd see, or battling ogre's whilst walking through an enchanted forest chased by an Evil Queen, though she supposed even here in Storybrooke she was chased by an evil Queen. If it wasn't those things, it was that now, more than ever, she was being faced with choices she never thought she'd have to make, and having faith in things that in her logical mind should not exist, but did.

She felt like Alice having tumbled into Wonderland, and the truth of it was, Alice was probably on the stretch of coast behind her. Emma nearly laughed at that idea. Neal's idea for Henry's safety was ludicrous, but only at first, which showed just how much Storybrooke had grown on her.

She had no idea what awaited her. Sword fights? Fairies? Hopefully not Ogres. She felt a stab of guilt at the thought of Mary Margret and Ogres. Maybe there would be Indians. She'd read about this place for her entire childhood and Neal said something about this place lying off the edge of earth.

No orphan, or abandoned child could deny the pull of this place. Every one of them wished it were true. Emma more than any. Now she'd be going there. Maybe she'd meet a Pirate.

At that thought, her skin grew cold, and she gave an strange shiver. Henry looked up at her curiously, but Emma faked a smile and patted him on the head. All her sins with the kid seemed forgotten at the prospect of adventure. She turned back to look over her shoulder. He was somewhere there, on that piece of land fading in the distance, and that was the other thing she was running from. Sure, she hadn't chained him to a pole, or a radiator, but she'd as good as done it. He couldn't reach her where she was going. She was standing on the deck of the only way he could.

"Everyone ready?" Neal's voice came, interrupting her thoughts.

She felt Henry's hand slide into hers, and she squeezed it back, she hadn't quite thought about this part, and now she was slightly scared of what was going to happen. Not that she'd show it. Neverland. That's all she said to herself. Neverland awaited her, and that was the way she could protect Henry.

Killian Jones stood on the Dock in Storybrooke; in fact, he stood right next to the pylon his ship should have been tied too. He stood next to that pylon watching his ship sail towards the horizon. He could think only one thing. Damn that Lost Boy! He had taken far too much that mattered to Killian; little did he know the full extent of the truth in that statement.

He stared unblinkingly at his ship as he tried to formulate a plan of some description. Revenge could take a backseat until he got his ship back. Footsteps roused his attention away from his thoughts, and he turned to see Snow White and her Prince Charming almost running toward the dock, their eyes worriedly scanning the horizon.

Hook turned back to face the ship in the distance, his lip curling. Now he knew who else stood on that ship. That damn Lost Boy had his ship, and his girl. Not that she was his, but as he had once informed her, he liked a challenge, and she had become his. He turned on his heel, his plan cementing in place, and began to storm off, in his usual single-minded manner.

"Hook," Snow called, but he kept walking, not even hearing her. "Hook!" She said louder this time, but still, he paid no attention. Where would that damn giant be? The dwarf had mentioned that he had planted the – before Killian could finish his own thought, a hand was around his throat, slamming him against the wall of the bait shop.

"David," Snow said instantly, her voice somewhere between shock and indignation.

Hook took in his surroundings, finding the hand around his throat belonged to Charming. What was it about him and his family that found him constantly undermined? The truth would be, he was constantly beaten by him and his daughter, but Hook would not admit that. Snow had caught up to David's side, and glared at him. Hook noticed she seemed to have an air of restraint about her too, as if she was holding back. Even physically holding her hands behind her back.

"You answer my wife," Charming said in that commanding voice of his as he let him go.

Hook narrowed his eyes on the blonde haired git.

"I didn't realise she asked a question," he growled, before sending his eyes quite deliberately toward his wife, Snow. He had pride to retrieve now that David had bested him. He looked back to the git with a delicious smirk. "And I dare say I'd notice anything she did to me."

David reacted exactly as Hook expected him to, which made it all the sweeter. David swung at his head, but Hook ducked, pushing the git sideways with his body's own momentum. It sent him forward a few paces, and left Hook looking at Snow, with a victorious grin this time.

Snow was quick to catch David, before looking back to Hook. "We need your help Hook," she said genuinely. "You know who's on that ship, and we need to know where it's going."

She was playing on his kindness by mentioning the girl, but Hook didn't wonder why she knew to mention her. She was obviously perceptive this Snow, something her daughter had inherited too he noted. His eyes fell to Charming, who was straightening up and trying to regain his dignity.

"I won't take the Prince, or his whistling band of midget followers," Hook said flatly, with a roll of his eyes.

"David, apologise," Snow said sharply, with eyes full of fury at her husband. It was abundantly clear to Hook that this woman would do anything for her daughter, and that was something he'd never encountered in his own life. It was an odd thing to witness.

"But he – " Charming started; in his own defence, but Snow silenced him was another glare. David looked back to Hook, who'd crossed his arms, feeling incredibly smug, with a smile to match.

"'I'm sorry' is general term used Prince," Hook said, his glee terribly hidden in his voice.

David looked to Snow as if this was proof enough that he shouldn't have to apologise, but her look was stern. David turned to Hook, his lip twitching.

"I'm sorry, Pirate," he said, as if the words were acidic to his mouth.

"It's Killian," Hook added with a tilt of his head.

"I'm sorry Killian," David finished through gritted teeth.

Hook smiled as he looked between the two of them and then nodded with that same arrogant air about him before turning and continuing on his path.

"Where are you going?" snapped Snow's voice behind him, more venomous than he'd ever heard it before. "We need to get Emma."

Despite her tone surprising him, it didn't stop him walking.

"I am," he called back, his eyes scanning the surroundings for that diner.

"You're going the wrong way," came David's voice from behind him.

"That I am not Prince."

"Then what are you doing?" David asked starting to follow Hook.

"Finding something," Hook called as he spotted the right street.

"What?" Snow asked, her voice slightly breathless now that she was following too.