If looks could kill, Alice would currently be turned into ash. I had told her multiple times that I didn't want to have a stupid birthday party. I hated them with every fibre of my being, especially after the last one she tried to throw me.

"But Bella, this is going to be the first proper party we've had since Emmett joined us. Your eighteenth can't be counted. So please, I am begging you here."

I rolled my eyes as Jasper shook his head at her useless pleading before he answered for me.

"Alice, honey, I can tell you just from her emotions alone Bella isn't going to be budge this time. So, why don't you honour her wishes and go to the movies with her instead?"

"Fine, you win this time."

I couldn't stop myself from laughing as she stormed off, muttering under her breath too fast for my human hearing to actually workout what she was saying.

"Thanks for that Jasper. I don't know if I could take that walk down memory lane again."

Jasper nodded before leaving me to go and comfort Alice. It had almost been a year to the day that Edward attacked me, all because of one stupid little paper cut.

I couldn't stop myself from reaching up to the long, ice cold, jagged scar that run down the left side of my neck as that night flashed before my eyes. The snarl that left his mouth as my finger sliced against the thin wrapping paper, exposing just a drop of blood to the air. The sound of breaking glass as he threw me into the small table Esme had just bought to replace the one he had broken the day before. The sound of my flesh being ripped open as he attacked me before anyone could stop him.

I had no idea how long I sat there letting that night replay in my head over and over again. It wasn't until I found myself being hugged by Rose, who was cooeeing at me, did I even realise that I had started to cry.

"It's okay, Bella. Just let it all out, Honey. You're perfectly safe now, he can't hurt you again. I promise."

I wanted to believe her, I really did but in the back of my mind I knew that the only way I was truly ever going to be safe from him was to be changed. Something that Carlisle refused to do. I dried my eyes on the sleeve of my top before looking up into Rose's concerned face as the sound of breaking glasses filled the air followed by Alice screaming my name. Ignoring her, I did the one thing I swore I would never do;

"Rose, I need you to take me to Italy."