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The storm that kept my mate grounded in the New World meant it took them another two days to finally arrive. I all most felt a little sorry for the boy as I took some of my anger over their delay out on him, that didn't mean I still wasn't pissed at the photo the Major sent me of my mate or the conversation that followed it.

I had spent the better part of the morning getting both my mates and Carlisle rooms ready for them though only one of them would enjoy what I have planned for them. I knew the very moment they arrived as the most breath taking sound filled the air. My mates heart beat filled my ears causing me to let out a low growl of pleasure causing my brother and guards that were present to let out a low laugh, though that ended when I let out a warning snarl causing Caius to shake his head at me.

"Relax Marcus; it has been a long time since any sound of pleasure has left your mouth in front of the guard. Now remember as much as you want to kill Carlisle, Aro has asked that you don't do it in front of your mate, he doesn't think in her current state she'll be mental fit enough to deal with it."

Just as I was about to let out a snarl the door to the main throne room where thrown open as Aro strolled in with my mate, who was listening to him with a semi bored look on her face. I didn't blame her really after being trapped with my brother for the last three days with no escape I felt sorry for her. By the look on Jane's face as followed I wasn't the only one.

I allowed my eyes to take in her appearance and found myself having to swallow the venom that started to pool in my mouth as my anger grew. I now understood why Esme begged me to send some of my mating venom to her. I swore it was the only thing currently keeping her alive. It was a good thing I had a year to not only get her back to a health weight but to also bend her into my perfect mate.

I was brought back to my current surroundings by Aro who was introducing my mate to Caius however the blush that covered her face as he kissed her hand something told me she had been informed on not only who we where but who she was to us. The moment Aro turned her towards me; I couldn't stop the smirk that crossed my face as I was hit with the smell of my mate's sudden arousal.

Not allowing Aro any time I stood, sweeping down the three steps before stopping in front of mate before leaning down and skimming my lips across the soft skin of her check. I slowly moved my lips up to her ear, smirking as her arousal became stronger before whispering

"Hello my unam dilectam. Expectantesque diu sum vobis*."

I am not sure if my mate understood what I had spoken only that one minute she was standing then next I found myself holding her up as she fainted. Looking down I couldn't stop myself from growling as my eyes landed on the boy's scar that graced her neck. He was lucky that once she was changed it would be replaced by mine.

My eyes turned black as Carlisle started to move closer to us muttering something about needing to check on my mate something I would never allow to happen again. Passing the only thing that mattered in my life to the Major I let my anger out on Carlisle.

I wasn't planning on destroying the idiot because I had plans for him but the fact he dared to even think about touching my mate ever again let alone when she was in my arms meant he had to pay.


I have no idea how long I allowed the darkness of my subconscious to keep me company but at some point I heard the most hideous sounds followed by the most breath taking one moment later. It was the same voice that reached deep into my soul and not only spoke to it but captured it as well. I allowed it to float through the darkness as it spoke to me, slowly destroying a year worth of pain and fear.

The moment I felt my body being lowered into steaming water did I start to allow myself to come back to the real world. I couldn't stop the gasp that left my mouth as my eyes landed on the god that looked back at me with pitch black eyes. A part of me was scared at the meaning behind them as the last time I had seen a pair of eyes that colour had belong to Edward just before he attacked me.

"Shh my dear you have nothing to be scared of. Let me bathe you, and then we will talk. Just know that no one but me will ever be allowed to touch you any way ever again."

I nodded my head a little worried about what he meant by that but I knew there was no use trying to argue with a vampire male. Living with Jasper had taught me as much stubborn little ass that he is. I found myself a little bit weirded out by the fact I was being bathed by someone who wasn't a parent because that was the last time it had ever happened. I think I was two years old at the time.

I got lost in his graceful moments and soon found myself blushing as his fingers teased my intermit areas causing him to let out a laugh that caused shivers to run down my spine.

"Your blush is breath taking little one. Something I am going to enjoy for the next year."

I couldn't find anything to say to that so I stayed silent though something told me that I now looked more like a tomato than anything. I stayed silent as he dried me before placing me in a cotton night dress that fell down to my ankles before sweeping me up into his arms.

"I know I said we would talk my little one but I have much to do. You are in need of some sleep that is uninterrupted. I will come to you in the morning. You are perfectly safe here; no one would dare enter these rooms."

I nodded my head but there was one question I really wanted to ask before he left.

"You may ask me anything you wish little one."

I nodded my head before I whispered hoping it would at least hide it from over sensitive ears

"Since I was a child you have been in my dreams, how is that possible?"

*beloved one. I have been waiting a long time for you